The Conquests and Happenings of the ZORG

From classrooms and friendships to battlefields and aliens, the ZORG will prevail. Gazumph!


3. Life Lessons

“Today we’re going to start a new project.” The teacher looked around the room at the less-than-excited students. Literacy projects pretty much meant something lame or a paper, neither of which were very enjoyable. “We’re going to make collections of small pieces of advice. You’ll all go around to your classmates and family members, collecting a small sentence of advice from each. When you have between forty-five and fifty pieces, you can type them up on the computer and make a poster of them, as colorful and whimsical as you like.”

Some students rolled their eyes while others seemed slightly interested. In reality, most thought the project seemed cool, but naturally they could show no positive emotion as they all needed to appear “cool”.

Seventh graders are rather stupid in that way, and Zee knew it. Which is why she rolled her eyes. Not because she didn’t like the project, because she felt it necessary to document how idiotic her classmates were in her muscle memory.

As previously stated, seventh graders are rather stupid.

Anyway, Mrs. S. gave the students the rest of the class period to collect sentences from each other as she sat at her desk reading some battered romance novel and applying the shiny lip gloss she was never without.

Jacob turned to Zee expectantly.

“What? You think I have some kind of life-changing advice for you or something?” Zee raised her eyebrows. “‘Cause I’m not one for life-changing advice.”

“C’mon, you really have nothing?” He was obviously expecting some form of witty or funny response. Zee rolled her eyes (again) and thought for a moment.

“Life is improved greatly by the presence of a personal army, no matter how fictional the presence of the aforementioned personal army may be.” She said, feeling rather proud. Jacob laughed.

“Can you say it slower?”

“Nope.” Zoelle looked over at his paper, where he copied the quote down slightly incorrectly in his terribly messy handwriting.

“That’s wrong.” said Zee.

“Oh, yeah? Then say it again.”

“Life is improved greatly by the presence of a personal army, no matter how fictional the presence of the aforementioned army may be.”

“Slower.” Zee glared playfully. Apparently it was still frightening because Jacob flinched. “Just kidding, I got it.”

The glaring ceased.

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