The Conquests and Happenings of the ZORG

From classrooms and friendships to battlefields and aliens, the ZORG will prevail. Gazumph!


13. Interrogation

After class, Zee managed to sneak out of the Science classroom while Gabriella was thanking the teacher and Jacob was teasing her for it, a conversation Zee was usually more than happy to participate in. She, in fact, made it all the way to her desk in math before they caught up. She didn’t know why one or both of them had to be in what seemed to be every class she took, but they were.

Jacob stood on her left, raising an eyebrow and shaking from the effort he was exerting in his efforts not to laugh. Gabriella slid into the not-yet-occupied desk next to Zee’s, giggling. They were obviously having way too much fun, so Zee decided to play dumb.

“What’s up, you guys?” She blinked innocently.

“You can’t just completely avoid a question and expect us to forget about it.” Jacob said.

“And what would you know about my expectations? Maybe I was counting on you not forgetting.” Zee said.

“Why would you do that?” Gabriella asked. She actually seemed to be following along, but, then again, Zee knew that she was smarter than people gave her credit for.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” said Z nonchalantly, flipping through her binder to find her math notes.

Jacob crossed his arms. “Never mind, actually. Why do you hate Greta so much?”

“First I’d like to point out that I could easily end this entire thing right now.”

“Really?” Gabriella leaned in, “How?”

“Really, it’ll all end when Jacob here laughs, because he won’t be able to maintain this straight face approach he has going here.” Zee whispered back. Jacob twitched.

“Oh, so you just have to make him laugh!” Gabriella murmured, “You can do that.”

“I know, watch.” She’d been avoiding a smile for this whole conversation so far, because she knew what would happen. She turned to Jacob and smiled. He laughed. The bell rang. Zee had avoided the question yet again.

Situations very similar to this repeated themselves again and again as the day went on. Zee didn’t let anything slip despite the multiple tactics and approaches Jacob tried to take, backed by Gabriella. They seemed to be hoping that they would wear her down, but they were forgetting Zee’s manipulative nature. See, she was immensely enjoying slithering her way out of these interrogations, which were getting more and more complicated, and, in turn, more and more fun.

Anyway, if she'd told them then, they’d think she was making up something lame to get them off her back. 

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