The Conquests and Happenings of the ZORG

From classrooms and friendships to battlefields and aliens, the ZORG will prevail. Gazumph!


12. Great

The rain that the Almighty Z requested beat against the windows. The only light in the room came from the violent flashes of lightning and the dim glow that radiated from the ZORG drones lining the walls.

The Almighty Z was seated at her throne in queen attire, as opposed to her usual skinny jeans and hoodie. She was wearing a nearly knee-length black dress that made her look even skinnier than she already was with entirely black Converse that laced up to just below her knee. On one side of her throne stood ZOK, gleaming as always, and on the other stood a ZORG guard, who, while you couldn’t tell by looking at him, was decked out with enough weapons to wipe out the entire StarFleet Federation in less than the time it takes to travel a light-year at warp nine.

Multiple other drones like this were stationed about the entire castle, invisible intangibility abilities activated, so they were virtually undetectable as long as they were quiet and not shooting anything. Alongside them were multiple tangible ZORG drones.They were all under orders to send telepathic reports directly to the Almighty Z and only take orders from the same.

The heavy security was necessary.

Two carbon-based life forms have arrived outside the main entrance,’ came a report.

Z straightened her posture and replied, ‘Escort them to me. Keep lasers locked on them at all times.’ Ten seconds later the black double doors thirty feet from Z swung open and two figures walked in, a ZORG on either side of them. They were silhouetted in light from the open doors, which swung shut with a dull, ringing thud. The shorter of the figures approached. Lightning flashed, revealing a mop of brilliantly blue hair.

“Almighty Z,” sang an obnoxiously lilted voice.

“Greta.” Z said with slow venom.

“I go by Greta the Great now, you know.”

Z’s harsh laugh reverberated off the stone walls. “You mean that’s what you call yourself,” she said, voice heavy with sarcasm.

“Like you call yourself ‘Almighty’”

“Touché. Who’s your companion?”

Greta genuinely smiled now. “This is my, ah, ‘sidekick’ if you will. He designs weapons.”

“Does this ‘sidekick’ have a name?”

“He likes to be called TK.”

“Which stands for?” The tall boy stepped forward.

“Turquoise Knight,” he said.

The Almighty Z scoffed. “That makes no sense at all. Night is dark blue, not turquoise.”

“No, knight, not night.” corrected the guy.

“I’m going to call you Night anyway.” said Z.

“Have you forgotten the golden rule, Almighty Z?” Greta’s painful voice jumped in, “Or did you learn nothing in preschool?”

“I see you’re still clinging to your backhanded comments. Such a shame, you could be so good at real insults if you tried.” Z said dryly, turning her attention back to Greta.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The Almighty Z rolled her darkly-lined eyes. “Right. Why did you request this meeting? What do you want?”

“I just wanted to see this alleged army of yours. The Great Teal tells me you are incredibly frustrating.” Greta batted her blue-coated eyelashes, even though nobody could see due to the dark (aside from the ZORG drones, due to their perfect vision, of course).

“Greta the Great? The Great Teal? Am I sensing a pattern here?”

“Oh, have you not heard about the Great Alliance? We have combined forces.” The girl said this as if it were significant.

The Almighty Z laughed derisively. “Great,” she said, “Just GREAT,” and burst into more peals of laughter, joined by the electronic giggles of the ZORG. Everywhere, across the galaxy, the ZORG laughed for an eternity and a half until they were cut off.

“The Great Alliance will destroy the ZORG if it’s the last thing we do, Z.” The blue girl spat. The smirk was wiped off The Almighty Z’s face immediately.

She spoke in a measured voice, “ZOK, was it wise of Greta here to call me ‘Z’?”

“It is not advised.” ZOK replied.

“And why not?” The Almighty Z continued.

“Careful analysis of the past reactions of the Almighty Z to being called anything but her given title indicates that the perpetrator has a fifty-three point eight four six one five four percent chance of being maimed, ruptured, insulted, dismantled, or turned to stone.” ZOK rattled.

“Thank you, ZOK.” The Almighty Z said sweetly, turning to Greta. “Now.I will crush your beloved Alliance, and I will be the one to destroy you.”

Greta smiled, “I hope you have a good day,” she paused for effect, flipping her long blue frizz, “Z.”

Get them off of my planet. Now.

The ZORG complied, to say the least.

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