Best Friend (5SOS's Fanfiction) (Complete)

An average Australian/British 17 years old girl, Kaitlyn Wilson, had one boy best friend, Luke Hemmings, for six years on Australia High school. You know why? That she's half Australian and half British? Her mother is full Australia, and her father is full British. But when Kaitlyn was 13 years old, her parents told her they moved out to London. Does she want to see Luke again? Kaitlyn hated to say goodbye. But she has to.

"Goodbye, Luke!"

But now, Luke has forgotten about her only best friend and Kaitlyn still remember about Luke. Luke is in the band 5SOS. Kaitlyn wants to go to One Direction's concert because of opening act..! is 5SOS!!! So, she went to that Concert with her friend, Melissa. Melissa's a fan of One Direction. When they met, face to face, will Luke remember Kaitlyn in his past?
Let find out to read!!! :)

Before Luke is famous..!

A fantastic cover made by @Zireee


18. Weird Feeling

Chapter 18


Weird Feeling






I want to tell her that ‘I love her’ alone but the guys, they were watching us and they finally had my support to engorge me. 

But Ashton didn’t seem like he doesn’t help me and he looks like still love her. 

Then, I have no confidence to say that!

I sigh sarcastically, and someone patted so gently on my shoulder as I stood in the Kitchen room.

I’m only getting my water bottle from the fridge, and I just have a wired feeling for her. 

What am I doing out there, frozen out by myself? 

I want to say it in the front of her, not her scary parents. 

What am I doing in her house? 

Well, I’m in there because I want to explain things to her parents, not kissing pieces of stuff. 

No matter how much I like her, they cannot part us from our special relationship and friendship.

I sigh out of grievously, and I got annoyed when I turn around to see Calum, who’s the one putting his hand on my shoulder, with his worried face.

“What is it, Dylan?” I ask.

When I look at everyone behind Dylan to stand on the outside of the kitchen, and with their worried face, I was standing here.

I get the water bottle, and I want to go outside as I always wanted to.

“We were worried that you might be doing reckless!” Mikey starts to make conversation.

“I’m not doing something reckless or going somewhere. Look, Mikey...” I pause as I sit down on the kitchen counter.

“I understand that you were worried if I’m going to my best friends who were...” I pause as I look down on the floor.

Then they still look at me with smirk and grin look on their face when I look up at them as I was confused. 

With that face, I realised that Ashton, Mikey and Calum want me to tell Kaitlyn how I feel! 

I shake my head, and I jump off of the kitchen counter as I start to walk toward them.

“No, no, no! No!” I shout while I walked toward them.

I scoff, and I turn away to see the floor from the smirk look on their face.

That’s right, and the answer is going to be no! 

I wouldn’t do it in front of Ashton because of their relationship, he would be feeling confusing, and he also was my best mate!

look up at Ashton as we all look at him and he looks confused.

The reason why did I look up at him as I felt guilty for him, and he and I know that Ashton has done nothing wrong.

“You know what, guys? I can’t possibly tell her how I feel.” I finish my sentence.

I sigh sadly and start to walk toward the living room with the water bottle.

I was going to tell Kat how I feel when I will be going to her house.

One more time to say something about this or I could run away from them.

Mikey, Calum and Ashton follow me to enter the living room after they look confused. 

We look at each other and then I drop the water bottle on the floor, and I start to run outside of this hotel.

‘Never look back, always look forward.’

This words that what’s Mum says to me before I went to tour and after I have memories. 

I’m going to Kat’s house and tell her how I feel. 

I wonder how it’s going with her life?






I want Luke to tell us how he feels around Kaitlyn, and around her, all he does was nervous and speaking like a shudder person, but he doesn’t. 

He runs away from us to go somewhere, or to someone's house, he likes to go. 

Luke’s always shy, nervously when around the girl, and we were only concerned because Luke never gets a serious girlfriend. 

After he dumps a lot of his girlfriend, he feels sorry and so did we. 

Because Luke Hemmings isn't good at keeping the relationship to him but at friendship, you can see them, he seems reasonable at this.

I sat down on the sofa and relaxing in here with the cup of tea.


Can I speak British too or do you want me to talk with an Australian accent?

“Calum!” That was Mikey call out toward me.

“What?!” I shout back.

He was at upstairs, in his room, and we were living in large, extensive suite. 

I sigh out of annoyingly and put my cup of tea down on the coffee table.

We want to follow Luke, but we stop because he wants to be alone for one hour. 

So, we let him. It has been one and half hour. 

Ashton and I look at the new on the Television, and Mikey, well, was looking for a clue from Kat!

I sigh out of gloomily, and I stand up from the sofa.

I want to watch tv with Ashton and relaxing on the lovely, warm couch. 

I got a weird feeling that Mr Luke Hemmings got at Kat’s house, and see her as he was nervous and being cute.

I sigh out of dismally, and then I got a stomach as I got a weird feeling.

And I’m getting weirder that Kat likes him back.

“Come upstairs!” Mikey shouts as I stand in the front of the stairs.

You know what?

I feel guilty and inadequate for Ashton! 

That’s right! 

I already knew when he looks at Kat in the way he loves her before they break up. 

That way, I have never seen it before.

With that, Mikey starts to call my name and shout like ‘come on’. 

I begin to walk up the stair and enter his room.

“What, Mikey?” I ask sarcastically.

He looks at me and looks down at his hand as he holds the letter on his fingertip.

Whoa, shouldn’t we read it?! 

Because it’s private business of Luke's and it’s a letter on his hand.

“What is it?” I was confused.

“That address goes to Kaitlyn and... I opened it. Is it wrong?” Mikey says and asks trembling as I give him a death glance.

“What do you think, I don’t know, is it?! Yes! It is!” I shout.

I grasp it harshly, and we stand here in his room. He gives me a facial expression, anxiety, and I still give him a death glance.

Mikey, sometime, was a dumb person but he was a caring person. 

I wish he could stay away from this private of Luke's and leave it alone, but he didn’t. 

He should listen to obey that I order him, but he didn’t, and I don’t want to read or listen to it or anything.

I sigh out of grievously, and I look down at the letter as I walk down the hall slowly.

“Well, Mr Letter! Let you belong to wherever you are in.”

After all, I put it under Luke's bed, and I walk downstairs as I grasp Mikey’s arm when I see him in his room. 

I saw Ashton in the kitchen when I went to TV, and he let my grip go.

“I know what happens when Luke and Kat are together, Jack!” Mikey shouts at Jack.

I groan when I palm my hand on my forehead, and I move a little when Jack stands up.

Not this time!  I want this have to leave it down, and I don't want to be in more significant trouble or anything I don't want!







I want to say something to Ashton when I see him watching the TV and know that he’ll be angry when I say something about Kat to him but I can’t.

I shouldn’t say something about this, but I want to!

I was dragging by Calum's hand and managing to take his hand off me when we passed by the kitchen.

“I know what happens when Luke and Kat are together, Ashton!” I shout at him.

With that, I heard Dylan stands behind me that he groans and I can listen to that he palms his hand on his forehead.

Jack turns around to see us, and he looks confused.

He deserves to know about this, but I can’t believe that Ashton fondly loved Kat.

Am I at the right time?

With that, I start to walk toward where Jack stands there, but someone grabbed my arm, and I turn around to see who’s this, that was Calum.

“Calum! Please! Calum! He deserves to know what’s going on. At least, let me the one who tells him and you know it, right? That’s the best way!” I confine him.

I look at his hand to lose my arm to let me go very slowly, and I start to walk toward where Ashton stands there when I turn away from Calum’s face.

“What-what was that?” Ashton asks confusedly.

“We know, especially for Luke, that you loved Kat in the way that you look at her. You’re fondly fallen in love with her when she agreed to help Luke and decided to go out with you, is that right?” I say and ask at the end of the sentence.

With that, he silences his sentence down, and he looks down at the floor as he feels sad.

Then Ashton looks up at me with his angry, and he was looking at Calum.

“Did Luke tell you?” Ashton sound jealous!

“No. But Luke told Mikey in the letter. Which were we supposed not to tell you, Ashton!" He explains short as he looks at me in behind.

I wonder what if Ashton will be jealous of the lovebirds?

I'm such in lousy timing!

I sigh out of dismally and look down at the floor as I frown.

“Mikey?” He calls out to me.

“Yes? I read the letter.” I look at his angry face with my nervous face.

He crosses his arm, and we stand here as Calum walks to stands beside me.

I wonder if he read it, but he didn’t because I know this look.

“Look, he was an idiot but hear him out. I knew that you two, Kaitlyn and you, were dating before that ‘Breakup’ look take over our concern. Is that true you two were dating?” Calum explains.

When he says ‘idiot’, I give him a quick, worried look and when he finishes his sentence, I smile charmingly.

He supposed to deny it, but he didn’t and together, we could do it!

Ashton uncrossed his arm and Calum looks at me.

He nods to make me say something, and we see each other as I turn my head to see him.

“We’re sorry to tell you that he also liked-” Ashton interrupted me.

“Kaitlyn, I know. I knew the timing is right now. Luke was about to say he love her more than a best friend.” He chuckles sadly.

Ashton was crying and laughing at the same time as we look each other in shocked.

He palms his hand over his eyes, and I walk toward where he stands there as I give him a tight hug.

I didn’t know if this upset him and Ashton needed it for right now.

“You don’t understand how hurtful it is if they are together...” He interrupted by crying.

As you can see, Ashton needs to feel hurtful because he never has experience, but he did.

He sobbed and cried at the same time.

“I wish, Mikey, that you wouldn’t be brought it up, and I wish I wouldn’t take her with her help to Luke`s memories, and we wouldn’t have to be here. And I wish Luke would love to get her as his girlfriend!” Ashton sounds complaints but he didn’t complain, and he wants to.

“Actually... If she wouldn’t be here because she didn’t help us a lot, especially Luke, and she liked you as you were treating her nicely and kind. That’s what she liked about you. So, we would like to say thank you.” Calum says.

“Why? For what? All I ever was done is never take her out to where a real date is.” Ashton says.

He looks like he was blaming himself.

He pulls away from my hug, and he walks back to his room.

He slammed his door hard, and I was about to walk to where he heads, but Calum grabs my arm.

“Leave him... He deserves to be alone.” He orders.

I wonder what if he’s right?

I wouldn’t be brought it up because you see how much pain he is.

With that, we heard the front door closed harshly by startled us to death, and we look each other in shock. 

Calum looks away to see the kitchen door, and he seems shocked and nervous at the same time. 

I sigh out of sadness and look away from his nervously smile to look at the kitchen door.

That was Luke who shut the front door and stands there as he seems angry.

I was shocked and chuckle nervously.

I was wondering what if he heard us? 

Oh, man!

I’m in more significant trouble, not Calum!







I was angry and disappointed in myself because I still liked the girl who used to love me.

I was yelling, sobbing and crying on the pillow as I was hurting.

I hate heart-breaking!

Do you remember our first meeting, don’t you?

I like her the way she is.

She is so beautiful, easy to talk to and to care, and she’s not-so-wealthy girl are so much better than other girls that I used to date.

I like her personality.

Of course, I locked up my bedroom when I entered the room and ended up on the bed, crying.

Suddenly, someone knocks on the door, and I’m on the top of the pillow.

“Go away!” I mutter under the pillow.

“Ashton, it’s me!” That voices belong to Luke.


What does he do here?

Please don’t tell me that you two are officially dating, aren't you, Luke?

“Look, I know what you are thinking, but we’re not official together, and we told each other how to feel around us. That doesn’t matter if we have a friendship. A relationship always ruins our lifestyles, and I know that you were hurting. Being locked up don’t help you anymore, so, you should have known that!” Luke explains.

I knew that Kat couldn’t make me sad because I taught her to keep a bigger secret that’s when we were dating, but the truth is they are dating.

At least, I sit up to see the shadow of the light under my door, that was Luke, and I stand up as I walk toward the door.

I slide down, and I put my arm on my kneecap as Luke might hear me, and he does the same thing.

“I’m sorry to not telling you what to say. I kept it in my heart, but now are you okay to not know it?” Luke asks.

I said nothing to him but sat here, and I can hear his heavy sadness sigh.

I was wondering what if he told me the truth and I want to say something to him, but I stop myself from letting him speak it.

“When you two were secretly dating, I admit that I was jealous of you the way she looks at you and I’m so sorry to hear that you two broke up. I felt happy when you two broke up. I’m actually cruel right now!” Luke paused when he chuckled slightly.


I wonder what he tried to say something this weird feeling.

I put my chin on the arms of mine, and we sat here.

“That’s what I didn’t say to mean this way. What I’m trying to tell you that I also felt guilty when you two broke up and I want to say thank you because you were the one who brought my dear best friend, Kaitlyn, back into my life!” He finished his sentence.

Was it compliance or is it the truth?

I sigh out of grievously, and I put my hand on the key to unlocked the door.

With that, I start to stand up, and I twist the doorknob after I unlocked the door as Luke quickly stands up.

I look up at his face and have his happy facial expression.

“You look horrible. These puffy eyes and the red colour is in your eyes as well.” He teases as he points at my eyes.

He tried to cheer me up, huh?

I smile wildly and chuckle a little as he gives me light in his body.

“There it goes!” Luke says.

“What up with the secretly dating? Uh-huh! Don’t deny it because I’m already there!” I ask him and then I used my finger on his lip, distant from it.

“You knew it?! Oh, Right!” He half questioned confusedly.

I nod, and I smile wildly.

I walked and passed where Luke stand downstairs as I was hungry.

I feel a bit better when Luke was here, and honest, I’m happy to have this experience than before

I wish it could be over between all of us!

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