Best Friend (5SOS's Fanfiction) (Complete)

An average Australian/British 17 years old girl, Kaitlyn Wilson, had one boy best friend, Luke Hemmings, for six years on Australia High school. You know why? That she's half Australian and half British? Her mother is full Australia, and her father is full British. But when Kaitlyn was 13 years old, her parents told her they moved out to London. Does she want to see Luke again? Kaitlyn hated to say goodbye. But she has to.

"Goodbye, Luke!"

But now, Luke has forgotten about her only best friend and Kaitlyn still remember about Luke. Luke is in the band 5SOS. Kaitlyn wants to go to One Direction's concert because of opening act..! is 5SOS!!! So, she went to that Concert with her friend, Melissa. Melissa's a fan of One Direction. When they met, face to face, will Luke remember Kaitlyn in his past?
Let find out to read!!! :)

Before Luke is famous..!

A fantastic cover made by @Zireee


12. The Song That We Used To Sing

Chapter 12


The Song That We Used To Sing






I wonder if Kaitlyn would be here because I already miss her and she knew my past as she knew everything about my life.

Of course, I knew part of my life with my family but the past of my life with Kaitlyn, no, I don't know.

I was standing in the front of the window and look around in this area.

I want to make sure that I wouldn't feel pain if I knew this place before I come here but I felt sore in my head, and I was staring at the area with the pain.

I groan in pain as I put my hands on my head and I fell to the ground.

With that, I heard the front door of my room open itself, and I was busy to close my eyes as the door closed.

"Luke!" I heard it was a young lady's voice.

That's all before I faint.



"Kat!" I call out to her when I saw her, walking down the hallway.

She stops to walking away, and I run down toward where she stood.

"Sing this song!" I shouted in the front of everyone.

She sighs annoyingly. 

I want to listen to her voice again, and her voice sounds fantastic!

"Look, I know you were listening when I was alone in the room and I was-" I cut her talking.

I gripped her hand and pulled her away to the Music room.

On our way, I grip my guitar case on the table and left her to stood in the music room of the door with a confused look on her face. 

"What are you doing?" She asked confusedly.

"I'm doing this right way for you!" I explain shortly as I set up on the chairs and guitar as well.

She looks confused when I look up at her face, and I sat down on the chair.

"Sit!" I order as I point at the opposite of where I sat.

She didn't realise that I want her to sing until now she looks panicked, and she was about to walks away, but I stopped her by calling her real name.

She turned around to see me with her sacred face, and I was serious.

"It'll be you and me, no one will listen to you if you want to close the door and..." I paused.

I looked down at my set guitar, and I stood up as I put it away.

I know she wouldn't do it-

With that, she interrupted my thought by close the door as it makes me jumpy and I turned around to see her, walked toward where I stood.

I gave her a grinning face, and I picked my guitar up as I was about to close the case.

"What? You say 'It'll be you and me.' So, I closed the door because you say so..." She moans.

"Stop it!" I order.

I walked around her as I set it up again and I left her confused look on her face.

"Stop what?" She asked confusedly.

"Stop doing it like a kid moans!" I tensed her as I chuckled a little.

I turn around to see her when she let sighs out of happiness while I already sat down on the chair and she sat down opposite of where I sat down.

"Are you ready?" I asked as I saw her hand getting shaking so nervously.

"No." She says while she was thinking at the same time and she stood up. 

I sighed out of sadness.

I could tell that she prefers to sing alone like last night and she might have stage fright.

"It's okay! Just imagine I'm not here, okay?" I order.

"No! I mean yes, I'm ready!" I can hear her voice cracked by nervously.

"Okay... Whenever you're ready..." I cleared my throat.

I started to tweak soft music, and I looked up at Kat's face as she began singing.

That song belongs to Rihanna, and the title is California King Bed.

"Chest to Chest, Nose to Nose..." She sang smoothly.


I wish I could sing this way...

I opened my mouth to sing with her.

Flashback end


I sat up quickly and woke up at the same times as I was shocked.

I sigh out of grief, and I was confused at the same times.

Because I was on the bed and I wasn't on this but standing by the door. 

I wonder how did I-

The door opens as it makes me jumpy and I look up at whoever is it paves the door as someone already looks at me.

"Kat?" I was confused when I call her nickname quietly.

She looks shocked when I call out to her, and she closes the door behind her.

There has a silent moment between us until Kaitlyn breaks this moment.

"Feel better?" She asks.

I shake my head, and she let sighs out of sadness when she walks toward my bed. 

"Actually..." I pause.

She was about to walks toward me, but she stops stand by me and looks down on my face as I look up at her.

I can't tell her about this memories.

If I told her, then she wouldn't sing with me, and she refuses like last time when I see her!

"Can you give this guitar to me?" I order as I point at this acoustic guitar.

I know that I lied but it's good for me to rest on it and it may remind me of our song.

"Sure!" Kaitlyn says as she went to grabs my acoustic guitar.

No asking.


I was surprised to hear that at first, but she didn't do anything as I order her. 

Kaitlyn walks back toward me with my acoustic guitar on her hand, and she gives me this guitar.

"Thank you!" I thank her.

"Look, I know it's wired. I just want to help you-" I interrupted her talking by playing my guitar.

I was starting to tweak this soft music before I could remember this music with my guitar and I can hear her shocked sound as I look up at her face when I smile friendly.

"Sing this song!" I remind her to say this line.

With that, she looks down at the sheet and sits on the bed.

Then she starts to open her mouth and..!

Sing louder!

"Chest to Chest, Nose to Nose..." She sings quietly.

I sigh sadly.

Maybe I force her.

With that, when she sings 'inside of a rose', she raises her voice and her voice went smooth like last time.

"So, how come when I reach out my finger, it feels like more than distance between us." She sings smoothly.

This chore is now up to us to sing together. 

I open my mouth as I remember this memory that we sing a song and it doesn't hurt at all.

"In this California king bed, we're ten thousand miles apart..." We sing together.

It's a good memory.


*After this song*

"... My California king." Kaitlyn sings ending.

"It's really good! Why are you singing this song for four years ago to enter X-Factor?" I ask.

She looks sad, and she looks down on the sheet.

I wonder what's wrong?

"I'm sorry to talk about this X-Factor thing." I apologies softly as Kaitlyn shakes her head.

"No. Don't be sorry!" She orders as she looks quickly up at me.

She stays in silence, and I saw that she got tears in her eyes as I was shocked.

Of course, I hold her hand in mine.

Kaitlyn looks shocked, and she looks down on our hand.

"Sorry... I'll pull away from your hand."

I was about to pull away, but she grabs my hand and looks up at me.

"It's okay! I mean-" Kaitlyn was about to say something but something like my memory interrupts what she about to says something.

I remember this one.

When I grab her hand, that makes her feel better when Kaitlyn feels down or sad as she already knew that I'd be there because I was her best friend.

I squeeze back in her hand.

"I get it! The one who will make you feel better is me..." I say happily.

Kaitlyn looks shocked and speechless as well.


I was about to ask her, but she gives me a tight hug, and I was shocked.

"Thank you!" She says with her tear voice.

I smile at it and hug her back.

I wonder what if I have everything in my memories?






I can't believe that Ashton was worried about Kaitlyn and talked about her a lot.

It does make sense to me.


Because Ashton dated Kaitlyn in secret and I think he's jealous because Kaitlyn was in our room alone with Luke.

Luke's lucky as he got her!

I'm a bit jealous of her beauty and her perfect height but, oh well.

"Ashton?" I call out to him as we walk fast.


We walk fast and faster.

"Would you calm down?" I order as I have a breathe problem and bend down on my knee.

"Are you okay?" Micheal asks as he bend at the same time.

I look up at him and put my thumb up in the air as I say yes.

"We're almost there... Are you sure you're okay?" Micheal asks worriedly.

I nod as I say nothing and were about to sit up properly but I sit down quickly.

I wonder...

What is it about hurrying him to come back to our hotel room and check them if they're okay?

I sigh sadly, and I look down on the ground.

"Calum?" That was Micheal calls my name.

I look up at him.

"I'm okay..." That's all I say.

I tried to get up, and then Micheal caught my arm before I was about to fell.

"You're not okay, right?" Micheal asks worriedly.

The only reason that why I have a breath problem is I have Asthma.

I did check myself out after Luke had has taken to the hospital.

I didn't tell them, but the only one knew that I had it is Micheal.

I breathe in, and I sigh out of exhausting when I count 10 seconds each time.

"Okay... What's going on?" That was Ashton asks confusedly.

I look up at his confused look on his face.

"Ashton... Micheal?" I call out to Micheal's name when I turn away from Ashton's face to see him.

He already looks at me and gives me a 'What' look on his face.

"Tell him!" I whisper weakly.

Before I knew what's happening next is everything went blank.

Yeah, I know it's sound like the girl thing, but I fainted.






Before I saw her thinking face because I knew something's up with Kaitlyn's life and I was the lonely girl.

Every time, I ask her to come with me to Lunchtime and go with me to classes that we went to the same grade as I kept to cover on her as she asks me.

It'd been a month.

Right now, I haven't seen her a lot, not many time like before and I barely saw her in the same class.

Like I said something's up with Kaitlyn's life, so, I decided to become a stalker to follow her.

Once again, when the bell rings, I have to follow her. 

"Hey, Katie!" I call out to her.

But it's a shame because she doesn't see me but a lot of girls come around her, and they only talked about Ashton Irwin.

I sigh out of depression, and I look outside of the room.

I wish I knew what's going on with her life but-

Everyone went silent and went back to their seats as I kept staring at Katie's same spot, but she's gone.

Great, I guess I have to take cover for her.

"Hey!" That startled me by the book is on the desk behind my desk.

It sounds Katie's voice.

"Hey!" I greet back with my annoying voice.

"Wha- What's up with your annoying voice?" She asks.

"'What's up?!' Seriously?!"

Inside, I was embarrassed, but outside of my body, I was showing her my angry face.

I shouldn't do it to my best friend, Katie.

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