Best Friend (5SOS's Fanfiction) (Complete)

An average Australian/British 17 years old girl, Kaitlyn Wilson, had one boy best friend, Luke Hemmings, for six years on Australia High school. You know why? That she's half Australian and half British? Her mother is full Australia, and her father is full British. But when Kaitlyn was 13 years old, her parents told her they moved out to London. Does she want to see Luke again? Kaitlyn hated to say goodbye. But she has to.

"Goodbye, Luke!"

But now, Luke has forgotten about her only best friend and Kaitlyn still remember about Luke. Luke is in the band 5SOS. Kaitlyn wants to go to One Direction's concert because of opening act..! is 5SOS!!! So, she went to that Concert with her friend, Melissa. Melissa's a fan of One Direction. When they met, face to face, will Luke remember Kaitlyn in his past?
Let find out to read!!! :)

Before Luke is famous..!

A fantastic cover made by @Zireee


1. The Day I Left To London

Chapter 1.


The Day I Left For London





That's how the story starts.

The story started when I was thirteen.

Here is it.


I can't believe I'm leaving my hometown in Australia to rainy, depressing London.

But also, it's a shame to leaving my best friend, Luke Hemmings.

I know him for six years, and I hate saying goodbye, but I have to.

“Kat!” A boy called my name with his Australia accent.

I was walking to my locker, but I jump when someone calls me, and I was worried about leaving Luke.

I turn around to see a beautiful blue eye, blonde hair boy and he was talking to his friend.

It was Luke Hemmings, my best friend.

Luke started to walk toward where am I stood here and smiled friendly.

I'm not sure what or how to say to Luke.

It was hard! 

I wish it could easy to tell him, but it wasn't.

I smiled back when I see him, and I was nervous.

"Luke!" I said with my sad voice.

I felt like my heart was breaking down into the piece.

His smiley face fade, turn into the confused look when he notices my voice.

"What's wrong?"

"I need to tell you something." I said. 

He stood in front of me and his arms crossed as he made me more nervous.

"About what?" He asked.

I sighed sadly, and I got a feeling the tears' building up my eye.

Here it goes. 

"I'm moving." That was all I said.

Luke drip his jaw, and I look down on the floor for a while.

"Wait! What?!" He yelled.

I let the tear roll down on my cheek, and I look up at him when I say something.

"I'm moving to London." I answer.

"No! No, no, no! Hold on! You're moving?! And you didn't tell me before!" He yelled.

I was staring at his brilliant spark blue eyes.

"It was my parents. They told me yesterday when I was happy and then when they told me I felt like my heart was breaking." I explain.

"I was so happy to see you here but you're moving. Why did they do it?" 

I could tell Luke love me, well not that way, as sister/brother because I was so upset and he loves me.

"They having a new jobs in London." 

I wiped the tear away from my face and sniffed my nose, but Luke stops me from cleaning the damage from my face as he grips my hand.

I walked back slowly and looked at eye to eye.

I turned around to see the other side and walked away to get my locker.

"Kat! Wait!" Luke called.

I walked toward my locker, and after that, I went to my class. 

As time as it passed by, I was walking away to get to it, I felt a tight grip on my wrist, turned around and saw Luke holding it, and I didn’t know what to think at this moment.

"I wouldn't forget you." Luke said sollowfully.

I turn to see his face with my sad face, and everything went silent.

Luke hugged me, and I hugged him back for a while.

He broke the hug and pulled away as I want to look at him.

"So... I guess this is it, right?" Luke said.

The 'Hometime' bell rang loud.

I nodded slowly and looked down at the floor.

Luke hugged me again, and I hugged him back.

I broke the hug, and I pulled away from the moment as I ruined it.

"Goodbye, Luke." I said as soft.

Luke shook his head, and I nodded. We stood in the front of the English class.

"Don't. Don't say that!" He said in hurt.

I turned around to see my locker, and I walked away to get to it.

"Please... Don't go!" He said in hurt.

I stopped to walk away to stood here next to English classroom, Biology classroom.

"Please..." I pause. 

I closed my eyes to hold the tear, and I breathe in as I hold my breath.  I don't want to cry in the front of Luke, that's why.

"Don't follow."   

I remembered that time he always wanted hang out with me. It was because I was a fun person. Here am I, moving to London.

"But... I-I-I..." Luke said in hurt.

I opened my eyes when I let the tear roll down on my face, and I sighed out of heaviness.

If he follows me, then I run.

I continued to walk away without looked back, and I can hear that he called my name.

"Kat! Kat!"

When I reached my locker, and I picked my stuff up and put it in my large bag.

I closed my locker when I had done with this.

Then someone suddenly stood behind me and then I felt a tight grip on my waist.  

“I miss you!” A boy whispers in my ear with his Australia accent.

It should make me giggle and get this to my body to feel tight, but it wasn't. 

I get it off of me. I turned around to not look at Luke, and I walked away from him.

I felt like it was slow motion..!

I want to see him again, but I can’t because London is too far from here.

As I was leaving my house and headed to the airport, I could remember the day I told Luke that I was going.

Which wasn’t long ago and how his fantastic smile turned into a sad frown, I wanted to cry, but I let my tears in, I couldn’t believe I was leaving him.

All these memories I kept having just made me depressed, I wanted to talk to him, but I felt like if I did it would make the whole situation worse.

I wanted to hug him and tell him it’s going to alright, that we would talk every day but that didn’t happen.  

I was watching the cloud all the way to the airport.

Dad looked at me in the mirror and on the road at the same time.

“Kaitlyn?” Dad called.

I turned away from the window to see him in the mirror, and I sat up straight.

“Hm,” I said.

“Are you alright?” Dad asked worriedly.

I nodded.

“Yeah.” I lied.

I lied because I don't want my parents to worry about me at all.

 Mum turned around to see me, and I turn my head to see her face.

“I know, honey. But..! I promise..! You could make a new friend in time.”

 I looked at the window again, and I sighed sadly.

I know my parents were talking about ‘IT’, but I ignore it.

Maybe making new friends is a superb idea.

When we arrive there, we got out of the car.

Grey and white were on the wall; the road was dark grey with a white line on the grey road.

It smelled like petrol.

I walked back to the boot and helped my parents with our boxes and suitcase.

It was a massive box that I carried with that.  

“Dad! I can’t do it!” I yelled.  

I walked behind them, ahead of them.


How could my parents do it, a far away from me?

I huff, and I pant when I put the heavy box down on the ground.

My parents turned around to see me, and they give me a sweet smile.

Then my parents turned around and continued to walk away.


Suddenly, someone stood behind me and then a hand place on my shoulder. 

“Need help?” A boy said with his Australia accent.

 I was frozen, and I turned around to see him as he smiles nicely. 

Why does he doing here?

It was Luke!  

“Luke! I told you! Don’t follow! What are you doing here?!” I shouted.  

I mean...

I seriously need to know!

Again, why does he doing here, helping me or see me for the last time?  

“Your parents called me... So, blame it on your parents later.”  

Luke gave me his charming smiles, and his cute dimples show off to bright out.

I forget about his smile.

When he smiled like this, his smile gives me a warm body and calm my nerves.  

“Really? Hm.”  

When I said ‘Really?’, he only nodded.  

I don’t understand..!

Why does he agree and just arrive here?

I was confused.  

“Can I ask you something?” I asked.  

He nodded.  


I asked him that same question.

“Well... It looks heavy. Let me help you.” He changed this subject quickly. 

He grabbed the box and walked away from where I was here.

“Luke!” I moaned.

I saw him walked like a nervous person and I was confused when I turn around.

“What?” Harry stopped to walk away. 

He was only further away from where I was here, and he heard me.

I sighed out of heaviness, and I stroll toward where Luke stood there.

I stopped to stand in the front of him, and everything went silent, but I was the one who broke it down.  

“I want to tell you something. But I can’t.” I moaned.  

I was so stupid more than he is!


Don’t tell him!

I wish that I couldn't say that to him that and I should be shut my mouth..!  

“Tell me what?” Luke asked when he turns his head to see me. 

I sighed sadly and looked down on the floor as he turned away from my face to made sure he didn't see me. 

No, No, No!  

“I love you. You’re my best friend.” I answer.  

...But it's too late!


Now he knows!

I love him as a best friend.

Luke sounded shocked, and I looked up at him as he didn't look at me.

“Me too,” He paused.  

I was surprised and looked down slowly on the floor.  

As for what?

I wonder what if he loves me for me, not this friendship.  

“But it’s too late.” Luke continued.  

I looked up at him and nodded slowly with my forcibly smile.  


There was an awkward silence between us; I heard my Mum yell at both of us, and she gave us a little jumpy.  

“Oh, we have to go,” Harry finally turns to see me.

“Mhm.” I nodded.

I walked in first because Luke was such gentlemen.

Then he walked behind me, and we walked in together.

I turned a little to see him, and he spun away from my eye as it looked up slowly.  

He’s so strong that he was weak when I met him.

I didn’t know he works out front of who?

Maybe he was trying to impress the one who is it he like in reality.

I wonder who this girl is?

When we enter the airport, Dad already checked the passport and stuff.

“Hey, honey!” Dad greets.  

I gave him a head shot 'Hey' when I saw my dad, and I turn away from him to see Luke who holds this box.  

“Well... It’s time! Thank you, Luke!” He said and thanked him as he gave Dad our box.  

“Dad, Mum, can we have to talk for a couple of minutes?” I asked.

 My parents were confused at first, and then they realised that this was the last time.  

“Oh! Sure!” Mum said.  

They walked away from where we stood here, and I walk a little by little, an inch further away from where Luke stood there.

I turn away from my parents to see him and look at his face.  

“I guess that's it!” I said. 

We embraced each other, and everything went silent.

I broke the hug moment and pulled away from it as I look up at Luke's sad face.  

“I’ll miss you,” I said.  

He laughed a little, and he shook it off at the same time. 

“I know, I'll miss you too.”

I sighed out of heaviness.

“That's why I hate to say goodbye!” I complain.

Luke shakes his head and grips my both hands as I look down on it.

 “No, No, No! That's not saying goodbye. Just say..! See you later?” Luke said. 

He held it tightly, and I look up at him.

Maybe he’s right.

I shook my head while I smirk a little and he loses his hands down.

How could he so wise?

I laughed a little, and I looked down at the floor.

“Yeah! So..! See you later!”

I looked at his spark blue eyes, and he looked at me. 

I wonder what he saw in me?

I felt like it was going so fast.

Soon, he’ll forget all about me.

“Promise me you wouldn’t forget about me?” I suggested quickly.

“I promise!” Luke said confusingly. 

I gave him a loving smile, and he still looks confused. 

“Pinkie swear?” 

I put my pinkie in the air and wait for him to take it.

He gave me a charming smile, and he laughed.  

“Pinkie swear!”

He wrapped his pinkie around my pinkie, and I look down at our pinkie. 

We look like brother and sister.

I broke our pinkie swear, and I pulled away.

I looked up at Luke and gave him an uncomfortable smile.

Everything went silent, but Luke was the one who broke it down.  

“See you later!” Luke said.  

He gave me a sweet smile, and I giggled a little when he looked down on the floor as he put his hands into his black jeans pocket.

I wish I want to hold him, but I couldn’t.

I stared at his eye for a while, and he was staring at me too.

There was silence moment until Mum called my name to come with them and we went jumpy.

I wave my hand toward him, and I was walking backwards slowly as he was looking at my eyes.

I turned away from his face and walked away with them toward the plane.

I’m going to miss him.

I wonder what he gotta to be doing while I’m not here?

Making a new best friend or Luke forces on the work?

I don’t know!

I think he will make new friends, right?


It has been four years that I haven't hear from him or called him, but we lost in contact.

It's a good thing that I don't want to call him anymore, but it's not good to hear his voice, and we just lost in contact.

I’m now seventeen, well, I’m indeed sixteen.

Soon it’s my birthday.

What I have heard about Luke is in the Band called 5 Second Of Summer.

I know right?!

I can’t believe they are in here, London.

Oh! Hi, everyone.

You didn’t know me, right? 

My name is Kaitlyn Wilson.

The Day I Left For London was hard.

You remember Luke, right?

He was the lovely and caring person.

He was my only best friend I never forget about because he had his warmth and his sight of my view.

But now, he looks so much different and so handsome than I met him in a long time.

I don’t think he could remember me.

I hope so..!

Anyway, I love to listen to the music, and I still love 5SOS as long as it's Luke Hemmings.

Jazz, Country, Pop, Rock, etc..!

I have one friend, Melissa Lane.

It becomes excellent because making a new friend is natural that I thought so.

She also loves Luke Hemmings and Harry Styles too.

I like Luke, again, not that way. I meant as a fan. 

But I like Harry Styles.

I want to go to One Direction’s Concert, but I can’t; my parents need to save money.

I heard London raise the money.

I hate London.


My parents force me to go to school.

When I was thirteen to sixteen, I hate school. 

I go to college now.

Melissa and I have a fun time while we have same classes.

By now, we go to the same school.

Oh, I have to go.



See you later.

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