Best Friend (5SOS's Fanfiction)

An average Australian/British 17 years old girl, Kaitlyn Wilson, had one boy best friend, Luke Hemmings, for six years on Australia High school. You know why? That she's half Australian and half British? Her mother is full Australia, and her father is full British. But when Kaitlyn was 13 years old, her parents told her they moved out to London. Does she want to see Luke again? Kaitlyn hated to say goodbye. But she has to.

"Goodbye, Luke!"

But now, Luke has forgotten about her only best friend and Kaitlyn still remember about Luke. Luke is in the band 5SOS. Kaitlyn wants to go to One Direction's concert because of opening act... is 5SOS!!! So, she went to that Concert with her friend, Melissa. Melissa's a fan of One Direction. When they met, face to face, will Luke remember Kaitlyn in his past?
Let find out to read!!! :)

Before Luke is famous...


7. The Bracelet

Chapter 7


The Bracelet






I feel like I got a spark with the girl who knew me well from thirteen years and I don't know her very much, but I remember a little by little.

I wish I had known her before the guys came along!

I sigh sadly.

Kaitlyn, or something like this, I remember she always wore the bracelet that I gave her on her sixth birthday.

Do you know what happens after we kissed?

She ran away!

Here's what happening!



I could feel a spark is everywhere in my body because I feel jealous inside my body, which was strange, and I was confused at the same time, so I kissed her.

I pulled away from our kiss moment to see her beauty confused face and I looked down on her left wrist.


Something pops up in my mind.

Oh, no!

I groaned and panted heavily.

I remember she wore a bracelet with my name on it and I helped her to put it on.

I remember she looked happy.

I sigh calmly, and I shake it off.

It's painful.

I can feel that she just stood up quickly.

I looked on it, and I sighed sadly.

It was nothing on her left wrist!

I looked up at her beauty worried face, and I grabbed her left wrist quickly.

I feel wired, but it was a good thing to do it!

"Ow! It's hurt!" Kaitlyn, or something like this, whined a little with her cute British accent.

I love the British accent...

I used my finger to point at her left wrist.

I was serious outside of my face, but inside, I was angry.

"Where is the bracelet that I give you?" I ask.

She looked shocked when she looked down on her wrist and then she looked up at me.

She was about to say something, but she lost her word.

I knew it!

"Luke! It's not nice to grab her wrist!" That was Ashton came toward where I sat and shouts at me.

I looked away from her confused face to see Ashton's angry face, and he turns to see Kaitlyn when he turns his angry face into his smiley face.

"I'm so sorry! Here... Let me take it off for you." Ashton apologises with his soft voice.

Did I tell them that she was my only and one old best friend before them?

Because they seem like they didn't know who is she to me!

With that, Ashton put his hand between on my hand and her wrist. 

I looked down on my hand, and I let it go.

Because of this, I didn't know since when did I grab her wrist?

I looked up at her worried face, and I was confused.

"Remember me, Luke! I'm your best friend!" She cried with her cute British accent.

I sighed sadly, and I closed my eyes.

I knew it!

She was my old best friend, wasn't she?

Because I was confused.

"Fine! Have it in your way! Because you already hurt me!" Kaitlyn sobs with her cute British accent.

I was about to say something when I opened my eyes, but she interrupted me, and she slapped my cheek when I move my head to turn.

I was shocked at first, and I can hear my three mates sound like they were shocked at their first time to see me like this!

"Woke up, you idiot!" She cried with her trembly voice and her cute British accent.

Kaitlyn runs away as far as she could from me, and I can hear the rain coming down.

It was worst.

Suddenly, something pops up in my mind!

I grunted and groaned at the same time.

I remembered that I ran after her when she...

Left on The Day Kaitlyn Left to London!

Or the way that she was so sad about something like a prank or else, that's when I chased after her in the rain. 

"LUKE!!!" That was Michael shouts.

It was so painful!

Everything went blanked.

Flashback end.


Just then I wake up by Calum shakes me off because I was out in like two hours as Calum told me and I was in the hotel room.


What's happening with the concert?

I was confused.

"Are you okay?" Micheal asks worriedly.

I nod.

"Ah... Good! You awake!" Ashton came in and he looks at me in surprise.

I sigh sadly.

What happens to me?

"Guys! What's wrong with me?" I ask sadly.

Everyone looks worried when I look at them, and I was confused.

"What?" I ask.

"Remember what did the doctor says to you before you go home, don't you?" Ashton asks seriously.

I don't remember!

"Yeah!" I nod.

"You don't remember what they say to you, doesn't you?" Micheal asks confusedly.

I sigh annoyingly.

I say nothing but shake my head.

"Well... Your memories come back from your brain. Also... Everything that you see is true! No matter how did it happening to you or the Kaitlyn girl, the memories always come up in your mind... So, I check her out on the internet and explain everything to her when I found her. She can help your memories. And no respond from her!" Ashton explains as he looks down on his phone.

I was shocked.

"Why?" I ask angrily.

We didn't discuss this, but I guess they did make her come in my life again like old time.

I was so angry! 

"I'm sorry! But Kaitlyn knows you more than us and yeah, I'm sorry about that... We were discussing that she has come here to help you from now on until you will remember everything..." Ashton explains as he put his phone away.

I sigh sadly.

Only if she's okay with that...

Sound like they force her to come here and can help me with my memories.

It's a good idea, but at the same time, it's not a good idea because she would feel sad like upset over I don't remember about her what she was about to say something that might help me.

I sigh sadly.


Why not?!

"Okay!" I nod.

I hope it could be work!

If not, then I'll give up!

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