Best Friend (5SOS's Fanfiction)

An average Australian/British 17 years old girl, Kaitlyn Wilson, had one boy best friend, Luke Hemmings, for six years on Australia High school. You know why? That she's half Australian and half British? Her mother is full Australia, and her father is full British. But when Kaitlyn was 13 years old, her parents told her they moved out to London. Does she want to see Luke again? Kaitlyn hated to say goodbye. But she has to.

"Goodbye, Luke!"

But now, Luke has forgotten about her only best friend and Kaitlyn still remember about Luke. Luke is in the band 5SOS. Kaitlyn wants to go to One Direction's concert because of opening act... is 5SOS!!! So, she went to that Concert with her friend, Melissa. Melissa's a fan of One Direction. When they met, face to face, will Luke remember Kaitlyn in his past?
Let find out to read!!! :)

Before Luke is famous...


2. Party!

Chapter 2.







"But I don't want to go!"

I complain to my friend, Melissa.

"Please. Some guys in uni ask me to pick my pretty friend to go their party. Please!!"

She begs me.

I groan as soft.

She’s begging, ask and beg.

"Fine!" I roll my eye. 

"Yay!" She claps her hand.

I sigh sadly, and I roll my eye.

Should you know about that?

I'm not a type of the party.

She may be my best friend, but Luke was my old best friend.

I wonder what he was doing now.


That is interesting!


You ask for it.

Because I just saw him on Youtube. 

He's in the band. 

His band called 5SOS.

I only know Luke...

But other, I don't know them.

How come he kept his secret? 

I mean...

I didn't know he can sing. 


Where am I? 

Oh, yeah!


"I'm going." I moan.

"Stop moaning! You scare the people." She said.

I can't believe she forces me. 

"Okay!" I'm slamming my locker and about walking to the class. 

I forget about something. 

I stop.

I realise something.

"What?" Melissa asks. 

"Oh! I forget! My parents didn't want me to go the party." I said. 

I wish I could hang out with Melissa.


Not the Party. 

"Come on! The party is on tonight!" She yell.

"Sh! Quiet!" I whisper.

"Sorry!" She said shyly.

Melissa looks down. 

"Wait! The party's on tonight?" I yell/ask.

"Urm... Yeah?" Melissa answers with scared look.

I groan annoying.

Today is Friday. 

I turn around.

"Look, I do want go. But I have nothing to wear."

I look down on my clothes when I say 'Nothing'.


I turn back to Melissa.

"Don't worry; I got a thing for you." Melissa continues.

"You mean I can borrow your dress?" I ask in confuse.

"Yeah... That is what I mean."

I sigh.

"But my parents..." I moan.

"Then, lie to them." She said.

My eyes go wide.

"What?" Melissa asks.

She knows me well.

I'm terrible at the lying.

But to Melissa.

She's good at it! 

That's why she is going to teach me how to lie to them. 

"Oh! No! Don't tell me..." She scoffs.

I shake my head.

Melissa was walking away for few step and stop to walking away.

She sighs annoyingly and turns around to see me.

"Alright... After the college. Meet met here." Melissa said as she make sure I'm understand. 

I nod as yes.

The bell is a ring.

We walk to the class.

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After the classes, it was boring, and it was the same thing we all learn from the school.

It was lunchtime.

There has no break!

I mean I want to take outside. 


"Was it boring?" I ask. 

We walk to our locker.

"Yeah, I know right!" Melissa answer.

I sigh.

"Head to Subway?" She asks.

I nod as yes. 

"I know... You’re always there for me. But this time... I have to lie to them by myself and I kind have an idea." I said.

That's right! I have an idea!

I'll go to Melissa's house to sleep there.

While I lie to them, Melissa has to lie her parents to pretend to be sick because she has to go holiday with them.

So she stays there. 

Was idea great?

We put our bag in our locker. 

She looks at me annoyed then turn into a smile.

"What's idea?" Melissa asks.

I grab her arm to walking away to Subway.

The reason that we never go to the cafeteria is the food makes us sick.

So, that's why we become best friends. 

I just explain to her about what did I tell you all.

After the explanation, Melissa clapping her hand quickly like exciting and jump up and down.

"Alright!" I stand there awkward and walking away. 

She stops me from grabbing my wrist. 

"Katie! Wait! I'll stop, okay?" She said.

You might wonder whose Katie? 

That's right!

It's me, my cute nickname for London.


It's reminding me of Luke called me.

So, it's better to call me Katie. 

"Okay!" I said nervously.


Smell sweet!

I can smell chicken on the bread to the toaster.

I was standing there, outside of Subway.

Melissa cut my thought off.

"Hello! Katie! Earth to Katie!" Melissa waves her hand front of my face. 

I shake my head.


When I was smelling something's great, I was always daydreaming.

It's never stopped. 

I was listening to the song when we enter Subway.

It was a soft song.

I bet it was a new song.

I was shocked.

I notice an Australian accent. 


It's 5 Second Of Summer! (5SOS, if you say so) 

The new song is Amnesia.

Oh, no!

Luke's Solo! 

I run off when Luke's solo comes up.

I had been to pay for it. 

I just don't want to know about that.

Oh, man!

What if I'm going to cry over Luke's Solo?

What Melissa doesn't know about Luke was my old best friend.


I didn't tell her.

I run and finally, I arrive College.

I open my locker to pull my bag quickly.

I run to the roof when I close my locker.

I eat it when I reached the roof and sat there alone.

I sigh.

After Lunchtime's finish, It's class time.

I don't want to go because Melissa, and I was having a different level for major now.

I sigh sadly.

I stand up and walking downstairs slowly.

No way!

I'm going to class without her! 

Melissa called my name somewhere.

But I don't want to talk! 

I walk off and look down. 

Yeah, I'm sad.

I sigh.

The song reminds me of someone told Luke that she was leaving. 

It was me. 

I shake my head, and I hit my head with my hand.



Kaitlyn, come on!

It's just sad song! 


Did I say it?!

Of course, I did! 

I groan and calm down.

I guess...

It is.

I continue walking away to a different class.

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After the classes, I walk out of the class.


It's still annoying!

I sigh out of breath. 

I can hear that Melissa called my name for many times.

"KATIE!" She yells.

I stop to walking away. 

"What?!" I yell/ask.

When I say it to her, I turn around to see her confused face.

"Where have you been? What wrong with you?"

I open my mouth for twice.

"I can't tell you! But, it's not you! It's them!" I try to explain her.

"Them?" She looks so confuse!

"I-I-I." I open my mouth nervously. 

I groan loudly, and I walk away.

You know I'm trying to say something from her for understanding.

I just... 

I groan.

She just stands there and saying nothing except for..!

"See you at my house!" Melissa shouts.

After I had gone to my house, I lied to my parents. 

My parents, believe me, to go to Melissa's sleepover.


That's quick! 


What is it?

My stomach was feeling weird.

It goes to calm turn into messy in there.


It's guilty!

Oh, well!

I already was packing for two nights.

I am going to Melissa's house.

"Bye!" Melissa shout to her parents get in their car.

Dear God, I hope it'll be okay! 

Her parents drove off.


Here I go! 

I am walking to her and smile at her.

She just turns around to walking away.

But I scare her for the jump.

"Oh! Gosh!" Melissa said.

"Sorry!" I apology.

"Hey, Katie."

She gives me a huge hug, and I hug her back awkwardly.

I sigh.

Again, the huge remind me of someone hug me.

It was Luke.

I know!

It was four years ago! Let it go! 

I'm breaking the hug and pulled away.

"I'm sorry, Meli." I apology.


It's a cute nickname. 

I give her a sweet smile.

After we enter her house, I put my big backpack away on the floor.

Meli pulled me to her room.

Her room has pink wall and lot of posters is a cover on the wall.

Wow! The floor has soft but dark colour.


I look around.

Meli throws a dress to me, and I caught this dress.


It's beautiful!

Here is it! 

Also, she gives me a beautiful shoe. 

It's matched to this dress.

Here is it!

I can't wait to wear the dress and shoe!

I sigh.

I look down at my clothes.

I have a purple top with cat said 'Meow!’, ripped Jean and white Nike shoe.

I look up at her clothes.

She has a pink skirt, dark pink/red top and pink shoe with a flower.

I bet she looks cute.

"What's wrong?" She caught me to look at her clothes. 

I shake my head. 

"What? Nothing! You look... Beautiful." 

She's blushing. 

I open my mouth.

"I have no idea why did I saying it to you." I continue.

Meli shakes her head.

"No! It's okay!" She said.

She has makeup on. 

"I want to makeup on." I mutter.

"Sure! Right now! You need to change my dress, now!" She yells.

I change my clothes into her dress in her bathroom.

"Don't laughs at me, okay?! I'm coming out! I look like ugly or anything!" I shout.

I come out of her bathroom.

I hear the shocking.

"Katie! You look like Princess."

She looks at me.

Tomboy turns into girly! 

I smile a little.

"Nice try! I gonna change."

I was about to walking away, but Meli stops me.

"No! Trust me! You look beautiful. Make up time!"

I was shocked by hearing M word.

I never tried to put makeup on my face.

"Wait! Urm..." I said.

I never do it!

"Sure! Make up time!" I am clapping my hand. 

After Makeup, I stand up and hold their front of the mirror.

I was close my eye.

"Okay! Are you ready?" Meli ask.

I shake my head.

"Yes! You can do it! You look beautiful! Trust me!" Meli said. 

I sigh. 

I nod.


I'm ready!

I open my eye and widened.

I was speechless!

I look smoking hot!

I sigh sadly.

I take my hair down.

It was a ponytail.

Now it’s long curly brown hair.


I like it! 

I'm a girl!

I look different!

Meli pulled me to walk to this guy's house.


The house is full of the people.

"So... Who's this guy?" I ask.

"It is house of Jason!"



Jason was Melissa’s crusher.

She had been a crush on Jason for almost three years.

This year, he goes to Uni because he's a smart boy!

On Maths!

I sigh.

We are walking inside the house. 

Music goes blasting in my ears.

"Jason!" Meli shout. 

I turn around to see him to walking our way, blue/green eye and tanner skin.

He’s too way asking her out!


"Hi, Jason!" Meli said.

Jason gives her 'Hey' nod as yes.

"Hey, Melissa! Wow! You look pretty!" Jason said in shocking.

They're staring at each other. 

I'm clear my throat.

"Ahem!" I stand there awkward.

Meli looks at Jason and me at the same time. 

"Oh! Jason, it is my best friend. Meet Kaityn. She's from Australia!" She said.

"Hi!" I said.

"Hi, Kat! It’s nice to meet you!" Jason said.

I just feel Goosebumps!

I look down on the ground.

"What?! Did I saying something wrong?!" Jason asks.

"Call me..." I mutter.

I look up at him and give him a charming smile.

"Katie!" I continue.

"Okay?!" Jason said in confuse.

He's just walking away.

I sigh sadly.

I am having a real time.

Meli spreading time to find Jason to make out!

I just talk to a stranger person.

Her name is Juliet.

She loves Luke Hemming and their music. 

She seems like 18 years old or something! 

After the party, it’s 6.30 am. 

I want to go her house.

I yawn.


Meli was drunk!

So, I went to her house with drunken Meli.

"Come on!"

I grab her key home and put it in the door.

We're entering the house and walking to her bedroom.

I push her away on the bed.

I sigh annoyingly!

This month is September.

Next month is October.

Did you know what it is?

It's my birthday!

I yawn.

It's October 29th if you want to know. 

I sigh sadly.

I'm fallen over on the bed and fast sleeping. 

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