Best Friend (5SOS's Fanfiction) (Complete)

An average Australian/British 17 years old girl, Kaitlyn Wilson, had one boy best friend, Luke Hemmings, for six years on Australia High school. You know why? That she's half Australian and half British? Her mother is full Australia, and her father is full British. But when Kaitlyn was 13 years old, her parents told her they moved out to London. Does she want to see Luke again? Kaitlyn hated to say goodbye. But she has to.

"Goodbye, Luke!"

But now, Luke has forgotten about her only best friend and Kaitlyn still remember about Luke. Luke is in the band 5SOS. Kaitlyn wants to go to One Direction's concert because of opening act..! is 5SOS!!! So, she went to that Concert with her friend, Melissa. Melissa's a fan of One Direction. When they met, face to face, will Luke remember Kaitlyn in his past?
Let find out to read!!! :)

Before Luke is famous..!

A fantastic cover made by @Zireee


17. One Year Later

Chapter 17


One Year Later






It'd been a year that I left Kat again, and now we're in London in the same place, a fair old city that I'd ever come here.

I don't felt pain wherever we went to anywhere link to our tour, and I love this without nightmare!

But it's Stanger, huh?

Anyway, back to London!

Yes, this is our second home because of Kat.

We're going back to the hostel as the same hostel that we lived in for three months and..!

Where are we?

We were in the black van, and we were about to get a fan mob, but we manage.

I wish I could know if Kat's okay with that if I could come back, after all, I didn't listen to her obey.

Even so, I came back for her.

JUST I'm doing it for her! 

I sigh sadly, and I look down on my lap as I shake my head.

Of course not!

I called my cousin, Melissa and she told me that some guy name David had drugged Kat.

And he raped her recently, she avoids my dear cousin, even ditches Meli wherever she wants to hang out with Meli but to ditch her to go to a date with David.

Her parents already blame on me because of her second kiss, and she started to avoid me when I tried to call her to apologise.

I sigh sadly, and I lean my head on the window as I put the earphone on my head.

I was afraid to lose the fabulous, precious, best friend of mine.

What happening to her?

Where is her good personal?

Where is she, kind and so pure person that I need her the most?

I watched outside when the car passed by so many houses and mowing machine. 

Meli said that's because of me, she wants to forget about me and everything we did.

It's my fault!

But now it may be too late for her to change back to be herself like me.

Once I arrived London, I've been hurt but only inside of my mates and me!

I turn my head to see their confused and sadden faces.

They don't know what happens to Kat, and they only see that she's okay which is she's not fine at all. 

"What?" I ask when I take my earphone away.

"Don't 'what' to us. Just tell us what happening? Why do you want to go back in London once again?" Ashton, who sits on the back seat, whine/asks.

I sigh out of dramatically and watch back at the window as I roll my eyes.

I don't want them to know, and they would do it as, you know, they shame on me as such as I wish they would leave it alone.

"Luke... Please! We want to know! What happening?" Calum, who sits next to me, whine.

I say nothing to them.

"Yeah, please just say something to us! Because we were worried about you, Luke."  Mikey, who sits next to Ashton, whine.

I cross my arm and say nothing to them with my sad face.

I sigh out of sadness when I turn back to see them, and they look at me with their optimism face.

"It's nothing. Okay?" I ask.

Adam turns around to see us and then he locked my eyes as I look at him with my sad face.

Of course, he heard us, doesn't he?

Adam gives me an 'It's time' sign, and I nod at once as I put my earphone in my ears.

The music blasts in high volume so I can't hear them and it calls America Idiot by Green Day. 

I watched outside again, and I got the tears building up in my eye as I sigh sadly.

I'm here for one reason, and I'll make sure that she doesn't die. 

I'm here for you, Kat.


Everyone in this band gets out of the van, and I get out at last as I look down on the street.

I sigh out of sadness, and I went to pass through the fan of mine.

They all just scream at me when they thought I'm on their way, stupid, huh?

Not really, I just want to go into the hostel, and I don't want to see them. 

But then that was Ashton who grabs my wrist and turns me around to see them.

How did I know that it was Ashton? 

Just before he grabs my wrist, I can hear that someone's step toward me and it was him who starts to call out toward me just like that.

"Luke! Where do you think you're going?" Ashton asks.

"I don't know what's going on with you but be happy if you want them to smile and if you do it, then the fans would so worried..." Calum explains.

I was confused that they didn't know about Kat's thing and I found Adam that he was standing at the van where is the driver side as he looks at me.

Adam gives me a mouthed that he 'didn't tell my mates about this' and I don't want to know about this!

He's only one that he knows about what's happening, but he's the manager.

I sigh out of dramatically, and I force to smile on my lip when I turn back to see them.

"That's better!" Mikey says.

Since when they are so worried?!

At the same time, we walk through the fans and take a picture with fans while I look up at the same window that I stood in three months to look around London city as I put my hand on my chest.

That's not okay.

I can feel like the pain is inside my heart get growing up so much and I was thinking of my dear best friend, Kat Wilson who knew me too well!

I sigh sadly, and with that, I walked inside the hostel as I breathe slowly.

"Luk-" Calum was about to call out to me and I stand in the front of reception but someone interrupted him.

"Leave him." That was Adam.

I was starting to go to the toilet, and I went instead as I look down on the white floor.

Thank you, Adam, I wish I could never come back as all of it never going happening if I shall not see her again, so yeah, this is my wish. 

I sigh out of dramatically.

I want to see her, not too close but close. 

While I was here in this toilet, or around in London, I just need to stay away from her.

I look into the mirror, and I scoff.

I look so horrible than before, and oh, yeah, I think I'm taking it to kiss her lip too fast, but I don't want to feel shame!

"What are you looking at, Luke?" Talking to myself in the mirror.

Of course, I want to see her in my eyes like how's she going on in her life or how's she.

She never calls me, that's why.

She's about to drop her college, but her parents save her from going to college by every day.

I sigh sadly, and I look down on the tap.

What am I thinking?

Kiss her?!

I started to blame on myself after I kissed her but I love it.

Adam enters the bathroom and saw me as I turn around to see his worried face.

"Are you okay?"

I nod quickly, and I lean on the tap sink as I rest.

"Look, I understand that you don't want to talk about this but you have to talk to your mates about this by yourself. No one is going to blame on you-" I interrupted him.

I scoff, and I cross my arm.

"But, Kat's parents already blame on me and they didn't-" Adam interrupted me.

"-have done nothing to Kat but you. I know, Luke."

I sigh out of sadness and look down on the floor. 

I think he's annoying because I kept to say it when we were on tour!

"Oh, come on, Luke, I know you too much. But now, you have to talk to them about this "Kat's Thing"." Adam explains.

I sigh out of sadness and uncross my arm as I put my hands on the tap.

I realise that Adam's right and in every band, there's no 'I' in the band, no 'if' and no 'maybe'!

I sigh out of grief and look up at Adam's face.

That's all about 'me', and I should talk to them.

"Yeah, I should have told them before," I mumble.

"We're here for you, buddy!" That sound Ashton who opens the door.

I was in frozen and look behind Adam's back as I was shocked to see my mates stand by the door, smile like nothing going to happen.

But, they do going to blame on me just like Kat's parents.

I just hope they didn't.

With that, Adam left us alone to check on reception and stared at each other. 

Silence come along with us, and we just stand here.

Anyone break this down!

Oh, well!

"I'm sorry about this. Not telling you the truth. So... Anyone can interrupt me. Just hear me out, okay?" I explain.

They look each other and look back at me according to they were listening to me.

Here it goes!

With that, I open my mouth to say something, and they stand in the front of me.






It's been a year after I say goodbye to my favourite guys, Mikey, Calum, Ashton and especially Luke.

I hate Luke even more.

Where am I?

You know where?

I'm at David's place.

I went to a party last night, so I had to avoid my parents every night to be with my boyfriend, David.

Yes, I'd been drug by the dealer...

And I loved it.



No, I don't want to see Luke again. 

"I want to steal the stuff that we went to the mall last time..." I explain shortly.

We take to sit a sofa each other, and I was laying on his lap.


I want to take a rest because we took a long walk, and then we take a seat.

With that, I look up at his 'Luke-illusion' with his famous confused face as I was shocked and I shake it off in my mind as I just saw David. 

"Whoa... Where's my good girl?" David asks with his 'Luke's' voice.

"What?!" I nearly scream.

When I screamed, I sit up to see his Luke's face with my scared face as I see my beautiful boyfriend and I sigh relief.

I wonder why did I see Luke for a second, not David? 

I sigh sadly.

I want to hate him more than liking.

I still like him. 

I am slowly laying down on his lap and put my arm on my forehead with my sad face.

Why do I think about Luke..?

"What?" He sounds curious.

What, he asks me, didn't he?


I have no word to escape from my lip.

I sigh sadly, and I take my arm away my forehead to see David.

I smile like an idiot, and I was shocked to feel the tears already fall out of my eyes.


I don't want him to see me like this!

With that, David kept asking "what?" repeat as he bothers me and I still have no word.

He seems like he wants to know what is it.

"It's nothing!" I finally say softly.

"It doesn't seem nothing to me. Why are you lying to me? Tell me-" I cut him out.

"I don't want to talk about it!"

After I say it, I sit up quickly as I turn away from David's face to see the sofa and I wipe the tears off as I run away from him.

I don't know what's wrong with me...

It'd been a year!

I want to forget about all of this.

With that, I run to a home where my parents are as I have nowhere to go and I open the front door as I bump into the unexpected person that I see him by every day, and every time that I help.

It's Luke Hemmings.

I was shocked to see him with this idiot smile again, and we look each other.

I thought that this is an illusion...

I sigh dramatically, and he was about to hug me, but I stop him by snap his cheek.

"How about this, Luke?" I say sarcastically.

"Ow! What's that for?!" He whines.

I was confused to see that it seems real and I realised that was true.

What does he doing here in my house?!

With that, I see his mates ran toward what that noise and I was shocked to see them come out of the front door.

I look down on the street with my angry expression, and they all saw me as I was hurt to see them.

What are they doing here?!

I look up at Luke, and he looks at me as I got the tears in my eyes.

"Honey?" That was Mum says.

I tried to avoid my parents and this time, I still avoid them as I storm away, but Luke grabs my wrist.

I tried to get it off, and I want to run away, but he's strong than I thought.

"Just hear me out... Kat!" He says with his perfect Austiatina accent. 

"This 'Kat' that you used to know is gone forever." I pause to turn my face to show him my teary expression. 

His annoying face has gone and went soft expression.

There is no way to hate him so much!

I still like him!

He was so lucky to have a good friend before his mate, just like Kat.

"She loved you so much. Why do you kiss me, just you kiss your best friend?" I say.

My parents?

I turn around to see them look shocked and I sigh out of dramatic as I turn back to look back at Luke.

With that, he chuckles slightly, and I was confused as I look at him.

I want to hear it from his lip, so I just want to listen to it!

I mean, she tries to kiss him again.

"What are you, a five? I just trying to kiss on your cheek but you moved and it's too late to take it back. That was good night kiss, well, on the cheek." He explains as he gives me a nice smile.


He comes here to explain that, and I don't know if he's telling the truth, but he did with his handsome sad face.

And I'm back Kat once again.

I wish we could go back in time...

Here we go..!

That was Mum calls out to me.


With that, Luke still hold my wrist, and I turn my head around to see my parents as I sigh sadly.

"Get in..." Dad orders soft as he points at the house.

I giggle nervously, and I look down at the hand of his on my wrist as I look back at Luke's worried face.

I guess it could be last time that I see him.

I quickly give him a tight hug after he loses his grips and Luke hugs me back.

He looks surprised after I break the embrace moment and I giggle as I pull away.

With that, I nod as he looks confused and I turn around to walk toward my house. 

I wonder he could stay by my side!

I have sort out with David thing that I have done with that thing!

Everything went well with his friends and us as well.






Name's David, I'm 20, and as you know, I'm Kaitlyn's boyfriend!

I sigh out of annoying, and I look down on the floor as I sit down on the sofa.

I waited two hours for her to come over and I was anxious because I was expecting!

The phone interrupted my thought, and I pick it up next to me as it's an old fashion telephone.

I don't have a cell phone if you might ask, and I just used Kaitlyn Wilson for money.


That's right, and I'm a child grooming.

Anyway, I just hope it's Kat who might call me, but that wasn't her...

"Hello?" I put it on my ear.

"Hi... Isn't it David Bond?" That wasn't Kat's voice, but some 30s woman.

"Yes, that might be me! Who is it?" I ask curiously.

"Oh, I'm Kaitlyn's mother. It's finally nice to meet you!"

I could feel that she smiles, but it wasn't a friendly smile.

Wait a minute!

It is her mother, isn't it?

No, shut up!

I was in frozen, and I stand up as I wasn't comfortable in sitting. 

I couldn't find another word because I don't know what to say and I have to say something to escape from shutter! 

"It's an honor to meeting you, but right now-" She cuts me off.

"Save it!"

I went silence after she says that and I walk panicked like the wall toward the door.


I'm panicked!

"I want you to leave her alone and I know what are you planning on my daughter! You want to go to Jail, do you?" She says.

What, jail?!

"N-no, madam! I'm a child grooming... Just want to take the money from her-" I palm my hand on my mouth to stop me from say something.

Shit, now, she knows.!

"Kaitlyn... Honey. Are you even listening?" She calls my girlfriend's name.

Oh, shoot!

And Kat knows my secret!

"Kat! Please! Just hear me-" She cuts me out.

"Back off!" She cried.

I heard the footsteps of her, and she slams the door hard.

Wait, I'm a fool!

Why am I on the message machine at her house?

"It's good to hear your voice. Now, It's time for me to go! Goodnight!"

"Hey-" She hangs me up after I say something.

Oh, no, I can't go to Jail!

I throw it away on the floor after I was angry and confused.

How fool I am?

How did that woman know my name?


Why did Kat explain to them about us?

How could she?

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