Best Friend (5SOS's Fanfiction)

An average Australian/British 17 years old girl, Kaitlyn Wilson, had one boy best friend, Luke Hemmings, for six years on Australia High school. You know why? That she's half Australian and half British? Her mother is full Australia, and her father is full British. But when Kaitlyn was 13 years old, her parents told her they moved out to London. Does she want to see Luke again? Kaitlyn hated to say goodbye. But she has to.

"Goodbye, Luke!"

But now, Luke has forgotten about her only best friend and Kaitlyn still remember about Luke. Luke is in the band 5SOS. Kaitlyn wants to go to One Direction's concert because of opening act..! is 5SOS!!! So, she went to that Concert with her friend, Melissa. Melissa's a fan of One Direction. When they met, face to face, will Luke remember Kaitlyn in his past?
Let find out to read!!! :)

Before Luke is famous..!


6. Meet And Greet To 5SOS...

Chapter 6


Meet and Greet To 5SOS...






Melissa and I went to backstage after I hold my feeling to meet 5SOS.

I got a bad feeling about this.

That's not okay at all, that's what I felt...

After I had met Luke's beautiful blue eyes in concert, I was in the toilet as I was crying and Meli wasn't looking for me because she thought I went to the bathroom.

I was crying because Luke hurts me and I got out of the door when I wipe the tear away from my eyes. 

I looked in the mirror, and I sigh sadly.

I look horrible...

The tear destroys my makeup on my cheek, and all I see is the black line composition was stuck on my skin.

Maybe, it could be..!

I sigh sadly.

I have no idea why am I crying, for Luke?

Then I went back to see Melissa stared at Luke with her worried look on her face.

I sighed sadly.

I did put a new makeup on my face again before I went and I don't want her to be worried about that.

I guess I could do a fake smile on my lip...

After he had collapsed, I was starting to worried about him, and it seems Melissa know something about that as I didn't know anything...

I wonder what was that?

I want to see him again.

Just then, Melissa read my mind.

"Do you want to see Luke Hemmings for the last time?" She asks worriedly as she sound like.


"I don't!" I lied!

I feel sorry for lying to her, but she's my friend, and when I need her, she will come to me.

I sigh sadly, and I look down on the ground with the sad look on my face.

"Actually... Yeah, I'm ready to see him..." I reply sadly as I look up at her.


It seems like he takes the blame on me to remind him and he collapsed.

Don't blame on me, Luke!

"Come on! I'll take you to see Luke Hemmings!" Melissa orders.

She took my hand and dragged me away.

It does remind me of Luke does it the way she does it.

That's when Luke seems jealous or something!

It made me happy back that time.

I sigh sadly, and I look down on the ground.

Why don't you remember me, Luke?

"At the moment, I wish your family told you before, but... As your friend, please forgive them and forgive me too. Luke has Amnesia!" Melissa explains quickly.

I was shocked.

That's why they brought me a VIP ticket to see 5SOS!

They knew it would be happening when I saw everything happening to Luke!

I sigh sadly.




I agree with Melissa that my parents should be told me before! 

"I forgive you... Because you're right about my parents being wired or something!" I say sadly.

I smile fake.

I know, my smile was a big fat fake...

I sigh sadly.

After that, Melissa stops at the 5SOS's dressing room, and she turns around to see me with her worried face.

I wonder what's wrong?

I can hear the groan and grunt sound from Luke's voice...

I sigh sadly.

"Oh, hey... I want to let you know that I'm here!" Melissa says.

"It's okay. I know you're here, but since he can sing with the guys... To be honest, I didn't know that he can sing and he didn't tell me about that. I'm glad I met you..." I explain.

She gives me an adorable smile and hugs me gently.

I did not see that coming because Luke did it when I was crying or happy like she did it!

I better take it, right?

I hug back, and for a while, she pulls away from the hug moment. 

"Are you ready to face him?" Melissa asks worriedly.

I nod when she asks me, and I was so sad.

She opens the door and enters the 5SOS's dressing room while I sigh out when I breathe in.

"Here is it for nothing..." I mutter under my breath.

I open the door and walk toward where Melissa stands there.

"I don't think I'm ready-" I heard the same sound again, groan and grunt.

That was Luke interrupts my sentence, right? 

I turn around slowly to see him with my worried look on my face, and I sigh sadly.

I saw him as he sits on the chair and Ashton put his hand to place on Luke's shoulder to shake him off.

"Oh, no!" Melissa says.

With that, I was about to say something, but Melissa grab my hand to walk quickly toward Luke, and I was shocked as she pushes me down to lean down and I look up at him.

"Say something, Katie..." She whispers as she leans down toward my ear.

Well played!

I sigh sadly.

"Luke!" I call him out softly.

He looks up at me, and he looks shocked.

Finally, his eyes met my eyes as such as very long time ago, and I want to see him so bad! 

I sigh sadly.

"Luke, meet this girl, Kaitlyn! Wilson. " That was Melissa says.

I sigh sadly.

Of course, he would forget about me! 

I was so sad and upset because of him; he makes me sad as he looks so confused.

"Kaitlyn? Kat..?" He called.

I was shocked!

Because of this nickname, he always calls me by this nickname when we met.

He pants heavily and groans as he looks down on his lap.

I sigh sadly.

That means he could remember me or not.

If not, then why did he feel in pain?

"I wonder who are you to him?" That was Ashton's worried voice.

I turn around to see him, and I get up.

"Well... I 'WAS' his old best friend, Kaitlyn Wilson in Australia, But he might be forget about me from 13 years before you guys came along. I'll be fine if you guys are his best mate. Thank you..." I explain.

"I'm sorry. Luke knows you when he told us about you after The Day You Left To London, Kaitlyn. Then, on that day, he got hit by the car..." Micheal explains.

"Right after that day..." Ashton finishes Micheal's sentence.

I sigh sadly.

Don't tell me; they want me to come here and pick him up for our good memory!

Because I already can see these face...

"Well... We want-" Luke interrupts Calum's say something.

I was shocked by this.

Luke grabs my hand and pulls me down on his lap as I was his lover.

At the moment, my face blushes it up when he pulls me down, and our face is very closer than what you think as nose to nose.

Oh, my!

He looks confused.

"I want you to know about the memory that doesn't belong them and yeah, it do belong to us..." Luke pauses.

He kisses me straight away!

It was a surprise kiss!



Happy New Year!

Have a fantastic year!!


See you later!

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