Best Friend (5SOS's Fanfiction)

An average Australian/British 17 years old girl, Kaitlyn Wilson, had one boy best friend, Luke Hemmings, for six years on Australia High school. You know why? That she's half Australian and half British? Her mother is full Australia, and her father is full British. But when Kaitlyn was 13 years old, her parents told her they moved out to London. Does she want to see Luke again? Kaitlyn hated to say goodbye. But she has to.

"Goodbye, Luke!"

But now, Luke has forgotten about her only best friend and Kaitlyn still remember about Luke. Luke is in the band 5SOS. Kaitlyn wants to go to One Direction's concert because of opening act..! is 5SOS!!! So, she went to that Concert with her friend, Melissa. Melissa's a fan of One Direction. When they met, face to face, will Luke remember Kaitlyn in his past?
Let find out to read!!! :)

Before Luke is famous..!

A fantastic cover made by @Zireee


13. Argument!

Chapter 13








Earlier that day, I was about to say something like 'What's up?' to my new best friend, Melissa but she cut me off and she storms away from where I followed her.

She sounded angry.

I sigh out of depression, and I walk to get to my locker.

To tell you what?!


Today's not the best day ever in my life, well, I think you all know what I mean, don't you?

I sigh out of exhaustedly, and I opened my locker when I was getting to it.

I have done nothing to her but keep asking her to cover for me whenever Ashton want to talk to me, and I didn't tell her what's going on with my life, and I didn't have time to catch up with her.

It'd been one month!

I was so busy to helped Luke Hemmings to be back his memories of our best moment in the past, and I ruin our friendships.

Even now, she probably hates me and this time I will go to the class where we go together.

I was about to enter the same class, but the person comes toward when I walk toward English class and call my name.

"Kaitlyn Wilson." That was head of this college, Miss Peyton, calls me.

"Yes, that's me, miss..." I say calmly as I look up at Miss Peyton's face.

I wonder what does she want from me because I was confused and-

She cuts my thought by leaning down toward my ear.

"Ashton want to talk to you in room 201." She whispers in my ear.

Ashton, he was here?!

She pulled back to see me, and I sigh out of sorrow.

"But what about the class?" I whine.

She shakes her head, and I was confused.

"No need to go the class because 'He'..." She put her two fingers on both hands up in the air. 

I think she means 'He' is Ashton!

"... Want to talk to you because it's important!" She continues.

I look down at the floor when I sigh sadly, and I nod slowly.

I know, Melissa, I have to go to see him and also, Ashton has to come here to see Miss Peyton and me.

She knows about us, our relationship and she also know that I went to see Luke so early.

So, the reason that Ashton wants to talk to me is that last night, and I slept with Luke.

I tried to explain to him that 'It's not like that' and I was heartbreaking as I saw Ashton as he looked sad by last night.

The only reason is I, in the front of, saw Luke's nightmare sleeping and I only held his hand. 

"Now go! Ashton will be waiting for you to come..." She shouts turns into whispers.

I started to walk away after I take what she order and I began to look for 201 in the classroom.

I wonder what if Ashton would mad at me and what he's doing here? 

I walk in and saw him as he was standing at the window.

I don't know what did I see because he was standing in the front of the window but he seems mad at me.

I sigh out of sadness.

"Ashton, look... I know you're mad at me because last night, you-" He cuts my blabbing out.

"I'm not here for being mad!" He chuckled.

Then what is it?!

He turned around to see me with his smiley face, and he left me from walking toward the door by confused.

"What is it?" I ask calmly.

"Well... We have an idea that you have to sleep with Luke. Since he doesn't have a nightmare until the next morning, he seems to be back from himself..." Ashton blabs while I look down on the ground and thinking.

I don't want to do it!

Since Ashton's and mine are in the relationship in a month, he's still blind as he doesn't know how to treat his girlfriend instead of sending me to his one of the best mate.

I sigh out of sorrowfully.

It seems weird to do it in the front of Ashton.

You know I'm right!

Ashton notices my sad look on my face, and I look back at his face after I sigh sadly. 

"Can I say something? For you... I would not do that in the front of my boyfriend!" I start to shout.

"We tried to help Luke-" I cut his talking.

I scoff annoyingly.

"We?! Since when you say it to me that 'We' aren't a boyfriend and girlfriend? Or since when do we go out for dates? You used me to staying with Luke, who was my old best friend. I loved him so much in that time but you don't love me at all. You're blind!" I shout at the end of the sentence.

Ashton says nothing, but he looks mad and walks toward me as I walk backwards. 

What are we doing here?!

Step by step, we came on the wall, and Ashton stood up straightly as he was tall enough to look down on me.

Then he hits the wall to push me, and I look up at his face as I was fearless. 

Oh, he looks so mad, and he didn't make me a fear person as I'm not scared!

"Look... I don't care about that because I'm done with this 'Helping Luke' thing! What I do care is you! Why are you mad about last night?!" I pause as the tears popped up on my eyes.

I look down on the floor, and the tears flow down on my cheek.

I don't want him to see me with the tears!

Maybe I have a feeling for Luke-

What am I saying?!

He pulls my chins to look at him and wipes the tears away from my face by using his thumb.

"I was very mad to see you slept with Luke but I stop because what I see is Luke was sleeping happily. We make a decision that you were able to sleep with him. Until then, he's back to being himself..." He stops to make me realise.

"That's because of me, I was his old best friend." We look at each other.

I sigh out of sadness and look down on the floor.

"I think we need a break from now on, Ashton." I say hopefully.

"Yes. Until we need to figure it out, Kaitlyn." He says.

It's weird to hear that Ashton can call me Katie or Kat but it's so odd to call me Kaitlyn either!

But for Luke's lost life, that's okay to call me Kat because he needs a memory of why this nickname label on my name.

I think it's time!

For next time, I see him and explain to him why did it label on me.

Until the first bell's ring, I can hear the girls go past this classroom and chatted a lot about Ashton and his new girlfriend.

"You need to go!" I say.

"Yeah, you're right..." Ashton says.

Okay, then!

I need to go!

I was about to get away from Ashton, but he stops me by grabbing my wrist and pulls me to hug him tightly.

"Ashton?" I whisper softly

He hugs me squeezy.

"Ashton?!" I whimper.

Then I've been finally released by embrace moment, and I was walking away from where Ashton stands there as I ignore him.

I want to see his face but I can't because seeing him is too painful.

With that, I walk into the room where my best friend and I were taking a class together, and many people come in my way, blocking to look for my best friend.

They say:

"Where are you?" or "We were worried about you!"

They were talking at the same time, and I wasn't listening to them as I look down on the floor. 

I shouldn't be in a relationship with Ashton before I met him and I should've not seen Luke as well.

"Listen, all of you, I was in the toliet and call my mother." I look up at them with a small smirk.

Also, I shouldn't lie to everyone, except for my best friend, she only knows that I'm up to something, but she doesn't know that I met Luke Hemmings.

But I lied a lot!

If I haven't seen them, none of it will be going on like this, being late for a make-up-excuse.

With that sentence, I went to take my seat behind Melissa's position, and they went to make their spots.

She looks so cute when she was confused to see the door as I look at her direction and I put my books on the desk quickly as I was smirking when I have an idea.

"Hey!" I can hear her shocking sound, out of her mouth.

"Hey!" She greets back.

I can hear her annoying voice, and it makes me wonder why did she be annoying.

I'm sorry to ask you, Meli...

"Wha- What's up with your annoying voice?" I ask.

"'What's up?!' Seriously?!" She pauses as she turns around to see me with her angry face.

I thought so...

She knew I was up to something that I didn't tell her about Ashton and helping Luke.

I made an excuse to tell her that I went home, but I wasn't.

"Where were you when I need a best friend the most?!" She shouts.

"Excuse me! I was busy to doing homework and home wife since my parents' away for their business!" I lied.

I have to lie for the boys that I have fun with and the one that I loved the most as a best friend.

With that, everyone was looking at us, and I was embarrassing myself because they were looking at us like when they were interrupted our conversation. 

"Look, you know I don't like you to lie in the front of my face and you're lying fire in a pant! Tell me where were you?!" Meli shouts.

I sigh out of melancholy when I look down on the floor and look up at her face while I was thinking.

"None of your business! If you don't become my friend, be my guest!" I shout.

I storm away from this class and ignore her calling out to me.

"Miss Wilson!" I heard the teacher, Mr Richard when he comes in.

But I ignore him and keep going as I was outside of the college.

I stop because the tears were in my eyes and it flows down on my cheek.

Maybe I didn't deserve it, but it's better this way.






I follow Ashton as we went to Kaitlyn's college campus, well not together, and I found her outside of her college as I take a step by step toward where she stood. 

When she turns around to see me, that shows me that she has the tears on her cheek and I was shocked when a memories hit me back. 

I remember!

It was me who was there for thirteen years, and she just has the first heartbreaking as I was there.

After that, I remember why did I argue with her, that's because she kept a secret from me...


That's what it about!

I understand but what I don't understand is this part...



I just was thirteen, I was jealous and stupid as well, but I'm glad she told me straight away!

I hugged her for a while, and she cried on my shoulder.

"I promise you that I will be here for you..." I continued to say softly.

I was angry and confused as well, but no, I wasn't because of her first heartbreaking.

I went too easy on her, and I was me, helpful and kind guy.

"Next time, you have to tell me or someone who wants to be your friend in the future, either they already hurt. Lie to them or me and we all hurt ourselves. Understand?" I say as I pulled away from the embrace moment.

With that, she nods softly, and I shush her as she was starting to cry it out.

Flashback end


I was staring at her face as I saw the tears flow down on her cheek and I sigh out of grief when I look down on the ground.

"I understand why you don't want to do it. Trust me, lie to the people, who you have already, hurt... I can't tell them either so I broke my promise!" I was trying to cheer her up.

I give her a small smile, and she looks down on the ground when I explain to her.

When I say 'hurt', she looks up at me with her surprised face, and when I finish rest of my sentence, she looks confused.

"Tell them about what?" She asks confusedly.

I'm not sure about telling it in the front of her face, but she's not ready for it, and maybe she will be willing!

One day, I'll be telling her how I felt, and I don't know when did I do it.

"Tell them about going out to see you. I was telling them about going to this game shop but I lied to them!" I lied to her.

Half of it was the truth, but some of it is a lie.

I sigh out of sorrow, and we look at each other.

"Welcome to my world." She sniffs.

"Why not, will you come with me to see me with a different side?" I ask.

She sighs out and thinking about it while we were standing there.

She knows I'm right!

She had never seen me before she had seen me from thirteen years.

"Yes, I would love to!" She gives me a small smile.


I told you so, and I saw it on her face as she wishes that she would see this side of me.

I bit my lip, and we were staring at each other.

"Come on!" I grab her hand and we run away together.


We had a fun time when we were talking about something I've seen in her, and she's a real person!

I just like her because I never smile like this.

Lucky the old me!

If I remember something important to her, then I maybe confess my feeling toward her!

We were walking home but don't worry, my hotel is 15 minutes away to walk, and the girl goes first.

See, I was such gentlemen.

I broke her curfew rule so that I may be giving her a bad influence, but hey, I am a man.

"I'm sorry about your curfew rule!" I apologise.

She has cute laughs.

"Don't be! It's okay! My parents don't care about me but they love me. it's my first time to broke the curfew." I noticed her face that she has a frown.

I give her a charming smile and grab her arm by stopping her walking.

Then I look down on her hand, and I leant in when I reached out to the side of her hand.

I look up at her beautiful face, and we were standing here in the corner.

"Ready to tell me what's going on in your college?" I ask.

She lets a sigh out of sadness and opens her mouth to say something but her mum, I think, was calling her name.

Damn, I want to get it either!

"Kaitlyn!" It was a familiar voice.

Oh, it was Ginny!

And I met her face when I turn around to see her as she sees mine.





Ginny (Kat's Mum)

I was looking for my daughter, Kaitlyn because she never breaks our rules and Melissa told us that they have an argument in the college but they have never broken their friendship.

I wonder if something's happens since they went to One Direction's Concert and Meet and Greet with 5 Second Of Summer.

When I found her, I shout her name and run toward where she stood there as I was surprised to see that Luke and Kaitlyn were talking in the corner.

"Kaitlyn! We were worried about you, young lady!" I shout, losing my temper.

"Give me a second to talk to him, Mum." She says shyly.

"It's so nice to see you again, Ginny!" Luke says nicely.

Kaitlyn and I were surprised to hear this.

How did he remember that's my name?

I was still shocked, and we were still staring at each other.

"How? You- Remember me?" I shutter.

Then I realised that Kaitlyn have to spend time with him and she looks at me with her sad face.

"I have been helping him to remember by using his old memories since..." She pauses as she gives Luke a smiling face when she turns around to see Luke.

It was weird to see them!

Don't tell me that she fell in love again!

"Come on!" I cut her talking as she was about to say something.

I grab her arm and drags her down into the house. 

"We have a chat about this friendships..." I pause.

I know a lot about him, but he's a bad influence toward my right girl. I smile wildly.

"And your someone special!" I say.

"You have a girlfriend?" Kaitlyn half questioned confusedly.

Luke was about to say something, but I cut him off and walk away with my right daughter.

I know, Liz!

Love is weak!

Don't forget that I have been there!

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