The Story Of Afraid Adriana


2. Mum's New Boyfriend

My mother soon got a new boyfriend by the name of David. I didn't like him from the start. He seemed slightly edgy.

He was a 6 foot Liverpoolian. (I think that's how you spell it)

My mum seemed happy with him until she got pregnant (Two years later) with my little brother Andy. He was so cute! I was very happy to have someone to play with.

Soon after Andy was born we moved to Liverpool. Our little 'family' lived with David's mum. She had 5 other grandchildren who came over every Sunday. My mum felt as if Nelly left me and my brother out when it came to certain things. It was proved true when it was one of the grandchildren's birthday and did not invite us to the family party (we had moved out by then) David argued saying that we should come, in the end we went.

David started to get more aggressive. He would shout at me and my mum.

My only safe place was with my grandma and my Aunty. My Aunty would drive up to Liverpool every weekend to have me over. That's one of the many reasons I loved staying over at my grandma and Aunty's house.

My mum soon found out that she was pregnant (3 months after she had Andy) She had another little boy called Reece.

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