The Death Pact

Everyone wanted to be in a group in high school- the popular's, the nerds, the sporty ones-
but what if one group seemed to slowly shrink in size....girls found dead with no form of struggle, people gone missing after going to church, or even the supermarket?
The worst part, is that ever since these horrible things have occurred, everyone wants to join, And when more join....

more die.


1. chapter one- midnight.

It was obvious. No school ever had one group. The kids always seemed to separate into their own little cliques. Most of the time, the people in these groups got along, were best friends. Well like I said; most of the time. What if people became part of a group just to seem brave? Or rough? Or like a bad girl or bad boy to impress or scare other groups? You see, that happened at Chesterbrook High school. You had the Jasmines, also known as the populars, the bulldogs, the sporty kids, the dolors, those really smart kids...and then there were the hollows. Everyone had a form of leader, someone who would make the rules and make sure everything was In order. The Hollows were different in that sense. Nobody was a leader. In fact, nobody knew if someone was a hollow or not. Well, except for themselves of course. They never sat together, which mean that they were almost always in another group. The kids that joined always seemed to have some mental let down... anxiety, depression, anger, superiority... That's what gave them a reputation. A reputation which was neither bad, yet not good. You may be thinking, how do you know so much about these Hollows? Arent you sworn to secrecy when you join? Well the answer is yes. I'm telling you this to protect you. To keep you from being with the hollows, even if you are tempted...

Be careful with them. Including myself. We aren't normal people. No, honey. We are much worse. Bloodsuckers. Man eaters. Hybrids. 

They are miserable. Immortal, and sometimes its impossible for us to even fall in love. You may be wondering, "How is this loser different?"

You see, I was a witch when they changed me. Obviously some dumbo to do that. Now I'm Part Hollow, part witch. Because of that, I feel. I can't feed, because it hurts me to see someone in pain. But I'm not fully immortal until I feed on someone. And when I do, it's called the death pact. Some say that you only see red when you close your eyes instead of darkness. And the funny thing us that until you commit to the Death Pact, Hollows are out there trying to kill you. I've been killed. But I come back to life. Thats what baby Hollows have. Now people are finding out, and someone found a way to kill baby Hollows. Until I commit to the death pact,I'm not safe.




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