Fuck You Over

*Said I was a douche bag won't call back, worst hangover you ever had. Felt so good at first but you knew it would never last.*
I stared at the girl in the front seat. Was that really my only competition? I had to be up against something better than that, something more classy and less trashy perhaps?
"This is Violet, she goes to the high school down the road from ours." Ashton said smirking at me. I smiled and shook her hand.
"Hey, I'm Hunter. It's a pleasure to meet you." I said sitting back in my seat. Ashton stared at me questioningly before turning the car on.
"We're gonna make one more stop at my friend Luke's house real quick." He said to Violet. She nodded. Oh no, he knew he was on to me. I sighed heavily and did breathing exercises. I forgot about Luke's part in my plan. Pretend I wasn't madly in love with him… seems easy enough.
Hunter Masters is your regular high school teenager. She tutors for extra credit and sh


10. 9- Mystery Calls and Waterfalls


This chapter will be written twice. Once in Hunter's POV and the other in Ashton's if for some odd reason you don't want to read Ashton's POV you have full permission to skip that chapter. That will be they last update this week. If there are any other chapters you'd like me to do Ashton's POV just tell me.


9- Mystery Calls and Waterfalls

Ashton stayed over since my dad went in for an emergency round at the hospital. We were playing twenty one questions and telling stupid stories. It was like life had hit me with a ray beam of happiness and fries.

"Who was your first kiss?" I asked him. He plopped a skittle in his mouth and thought.

"Violet." He said. I nodded and took a handful of skittles and dropped them in my mouth one at a time.

"What's your favorite place in the entire world?"

"Here." I said pointing to my bed. He rolled his eyes and ran a hand through my hair. I watched as he let the hair flow out of his fingers.

"Are you going to let me finish what I was going to say earlier about how you aren't the same as my past girlfriends?" He asked. I chewed a skittle and looked away. I really didn't want to hear all the details of what he did with his other girlfriends. I didn't care if they were prettier or funnier of more willing than I was.

"No, I don't want to hear it." I said. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me to his lap so that my head was touching his chest. I could hear his heart beating. He took my free hand and wrapped it with his.

"I was going to say that you're stronger and more independent and you really don't care what I do. And your beautiful and smart and funny. You are the best person to talk to and you are..." He trailed off. He looked down at me and whispered in my ear. "Don't cry." He said. I chuckled. I hadn't known I was crying.

"Sorry, I- uh thank you."

"You. That's what I meant to say. You're you and that is my favorite part about you." He said. "Aside from your smile." He teased. The skittles were melting in my hand from the heat so I threw them away and went to wash my hands. I probably took longer than necessary. I was winded by Ashton's speech. I knew there was more he wanted to say I could see it in his face but I didn't care. What he said already, made this more real than it had ever been. I walked into the bedroom and walked to the bed. I pulled Ashton's shirt around me and snuggled close to him. He put his hand behind my knee.

"So Ally's your best friend?" He muses.

"Yeah, pretty isn't she?" I ask out of habit. Ally was always the reason guys talked to me.

"Sure, she seems distant from you."

"Yeah, she's not herself lately. Some pictures of her got around." I said. He didn't show that he knew anything about it. He simply sighed.

"That's dangerous. Sending explicit photographs." He said. It amazed me the way Ashton talked sometimes.

"Can we talk about something else?" I asked. I already had to talk about Ashton with Ally. I didn't want to have to talk about Ally with Ashton.

"Like what?" He asked.

"Nothing specific just anything." I wanted him to whisper it in my ear so it'd be easier to sleep. Him in my ear excited and relaxed me.

"I'm sorry about earlier at the mall."

Of course he chooses this topic.

"When you didn't kiss me?" I ask looking at his plain black shirt.

"Yeah, I didn't mean to make you upset with me I just want you to... I'm not going to let the first time I kiss you be in an empty department store." He said. I chuckled. Only him.

"I don't care where it happens. I-I don't know." I said. I turn so that we were staring at each other. He looked as though he was contemplating his options. I secretly hoped that his options were in my favor. It wasn't that kissing him would change how I felt about him. I just thought that I could confirm it that way. He pulled me closer and pressed his lips to mine. Everything inside was bubbling up. Every nerve in my body was tingling. I didn't know what to do with my hands. Kissing was doing so much more than confirming. His hands were on my hips pulling me closer. There was no closer and that was not what we both wanted. I didn't know what I was thinking about when he pulled away but I know I probably looked high. I felt high. I don't know what it feels like but kissing Ashton made me feel an out of this world kind of feeling. His hand trailed over my lips and my cheeks.

"I should've done that sooner." He mumbled. I laughed breathlessly.

"I feel high." Was all I could say. Ashton laughed at my reaction. I don't know what I was trying to say but whatever it was I was failing.

"You aren't high. You're beautiful." He smiled. I sighed. I liked hearing him call me beautiful.

"Can we do that again?" I asked wrapping myself around him.

"Later. Your equilibrium isn't at its best. But we will do that again." He smirked. I hummed an agreement. I would feel like that again.


When it was morning and the sun was relatively brighter than the light we left on in my room. Ashton was sleeping with his arms wrapped around my waist and his chin on my hair. I sighed in relaxation. I couldn't think of anything that was better than this. I wiggled out of Ashton's arms and jumped over to the bathroom. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Was this really happening? Oh god I'm falling for Ashton!

"Hunter?" My heart melts at the sound of Ashton's voice. All groggy and attractive.

"I'm coming." I said drying my face with a towel. Ashton is sitting up, leaning back on my headboard.

"Hey, beautiful." He smiles as I walk over to him. I squeeze in between him and the wall. "Tomorrow's Christmas." He mumbles playing with my hair.

"Yeah, the dinner." I said biting my lip.

"I think you're stressing to much."

"I know." I said. He pulled me close and brushed his lips across mine. I hummed in relaxation.

"That was a horrible kiss." He frowned.

"Mostly on your part." I teased.

"I refuse the accept that."

"Hmm, I think we should try again." I said pressing my lips to his. He moaned as my hand stroked his face. He moved me so I was straddling his lap. His lips roamed down to my neck. I couldn't describe the emotions that I was feeling at the moment. There were so many things we should have said. But it felt like we were saying them at the same time as we were kissing. Ashton moved so that he was on top of me and so he was controlling most of the movement. My phone was ringing and I silently cussed at it.

"Answer it." He said kissing my neck once more.

"Ignore it." I whined.

"What if it's important?"

"It's not." I said. He sat up and picked up the phone.

"Hunter's phone." He said. "Who is this? Melody?" He said.

"Melody?" I asked. He nodded and stood up.

"Melody, are you sure this is the right number? Hunter is here. Ok." He handed me the phone.

"Uh- hello?" I asked.

"Oh Wow! You've grown so much." The voice said.

"That happens."

"You probably have no clue who this is. Which is best." She said.

"Um, is there something I can help you with?"

"No I just wanted to say merry Christmas and happy new year."


"Well see you soon." She said hanging up.What the fuck?

"What did she say?" Ashton asked.

"Merry Christmas and happy new year." I said taking the phone away from my ear.

"That was weird." He said.

"I should ask my dad."

"Your dad might have a friend that just wanted to say 'hi' or something."

"My dad only has a few female friends. I've met them all." I said. We sat there for a second. I didn't want this strange phone call to consume my day.

"You want to go for a walk?" I asked him. He stood up and pulled his shoes on.

We walked down to the park which was basically covered in snow. Only downside to winter. Snow. The entire way there Ashton looked as though something was eating him up inside. I did what I could to try and calm him but it just made it worse.

"What's wrong?" I asked him. He was sitting on the end of the bench which was six or seven inches away from me.

"Nothing." He lied. I didn't want to push it. I did but I was going to. I rubbed my hands together. My fingers were basically frozen together by the cold air.

"Ashton, if there's something you want to talk about. Please let me know. I just want to help." His eyes were on the white floor. He wasn't even looking at me. I sighed and stood up. Leaving him to himself was my best bet. I shook the snow off my jacket and left. If I looked back I'd have to stay. I knew enough to say that he would call me and apologize. Say that he was angry or thought about something that wasn't true. If he there to tell him otherwise and it would be ok. We would be ok. I walked to Michael's. His house was always open due to the many clientele his parents had. They said that everyone loved Michael because he only told the truth. Which was true in theory. He told almost everything how it was so his parents clients benefited off of that. Maybe it was just because Michael was nice to look at. Had he been anyone else he might not have profited off of his great looks.

"You know I would be excited to see you but I'm always worried you're here to tutor." He said as I walked in. I fell back on the couch letting the warmth wrap me.

"Ok, just come in and ignore my remark? No eye roll? No scoff or witty comeback? You're just gonna take it?"

"I might have upset Ashton." I said sighing. I knew I was probably wrong but something inside said otherwise.

"I doubt it. He is probably just blown by how much he actually cares. He told me you're meeting his family. That's big." Michael said seating next to me.

"I know. But he's being distant."

"He's nervous. Give him time. Let it all sink in. He's taking this girl he's crazy about to meet his parents and aunts and grandparents. This is a moment he has to think through very carefully." I nodded in understanding. I had no family for Ashton to meet. My dad and I weren't much compared to what he was bringing to the table. I never gave him credit for how easily he had invited me.

"I feel like such a bitch now." I said letting my head fall into my hands.


"I left him at the park. Alone." I said groaning.

"You weren't thinking. It's ok. Call him later. You need to go home and think about everything for a while there's a lot to talk to him about. Luke has been busy with his girlfriend. Which you already know all about." He said.

"Why would you assume that?"

"You and Ally are best friends, right?" He asks. I nod slowly. She didn't.

"She and Luke are dating. They've been dating since you and Ashton got together. A little bit after. Everything clicked. He did like me. He was confirming it but I rejected him by not squeezing it. He chose Ally out of convenience.

"Goddamit!" I yelled hitting the couch. Michael looked at me confused. I wish I could tell him.

"I've gotta go. Thanks." I said running out if the house leaving my jacket where it was. Luke wasn't gone on vacation he was smooching it up with Ally. That bitch. I ran down the icy streets trying not to slip. I felt a tug at my heart. She betrayed me. What was she trying to do? Assure I didn't stay with Ashton. I stopped. Why did I care if she was with Luke? I liked Ashton. I might love Ashton. I was chasing after a boy who didn't even want me. I closed my eyes tightly and sighed. My feet carried me to my house. I sat on my couch and turned everything on. Hopefully I could burn out every light until I was in silence. I felt a tear stream down my face. I was being played and I knew it. I knew I was getting played by my best friend. She knew how much I liked Luke. She knew how much I liked Ashton and she knew that I wasn't worried about all that revenge stuff now. But I didn't want to lose. I started crying. I let the tears stream down my face. I didn't legitimately understand what was happening. I had feelings all over the place and no body I could talk to. I was trapped and helpless and vulnerable. I was right where Ally wanted me. I was rolling around in guilt and self hatred and she knew it. She was the puppeteer pulling the strings while I obeyed. I was doomed.


Ashton didn't call.

I didn't call him.

We needed to be apart. We needed to understand the importance of the situation. I locked myself in my room and cried. I couldn't handle it. I held in all this anger and frustration and now I was in my room destroying things. I was throwing books and tearing artwork. My dad didn't even come upstairs that night. He didn't even knock to see if I was alright. I sat on my floor and weighed my options. Call Ally and confront or ignore it and happily go along with this dating thing. Why was I crying so much over a guy? I kept asking the same question the only answer was more tears. I stared at my phone. I wanted Ashton to call. To tell him to come over and hold me and kiss me and make it go away. I wanted to still like Luke so that I didn't complicate everything. I wanted Luke to love me and I wanted Ashton to go back to his player ways. I wanted to be able to tell him. Tell him about my plan and about me loving him. Well kinda loving him. I wanted him to kinda love me so we could almost fall in love and sort of be together forever. I whispered his name into the silence. Maybe if I called out to him he'd hear me and come and get me. Come and take me away from all of this shit. Come and fly away with me. Fly. I closed my eyes and sighed. I pulled my shoes on and walked downstairs. What I was about to do is beyond stupid. I grabbed my car keys and looked in the grown up cabinet where Stephanie left her alcohol. I grabbed a few wine coolers and a bottle of scotch. I hopped in the car and drove off to Dew Point. As a stop light came I cracked open a beer and drowned it down. There wasn't a buzz in me yet. I needed to fly. When I pulled on the the road connected to the cliff I had finished off the last of the wine coolers and a half a bottle of scotch. I was drunk by then. I could feel myself falling into swirls. I pulled out my phone and dialed Ashton's number.

"Hello?" A female voice answered. I fell to my knees.


"Is that my phone?" I heard him in the background.

"Yeah, ash ash." I could feel the vile alcohol coming for a reappearance.

"Hello?" He asked. I hung the phone up and grabbed the last of the scotch and down it slowly. What the fuck!? I laid on the snow covered grass and pulled my shirt off. The snow pricked my body. I stood up and slid my pants off. God.

I stood at the edge and looked down at the ground. If I died then at least I would've lived a good life. I jumped off and spread my arms out. Wind took me up and I was touching the midnight stars. I was flying. I was flying in the sky far away from this shit. Far away from Ashton and Violet and Luke and Ally and my dad and Stephanie. Away from everyone.


Just like a slap in the face reality came crashing down as the cold water surrounded me. I was stuck in this mess I made. I liked Ashton and Luke. Who was worth it I didn't know.


So I have a favorite quote from each chapter so I'm going to put mine at the end of each chapter if you have one comment it and I might do a quote book full of you guys quotes.

Fave quote: I wanted him to kinda love me so we could almost fall in love and sort of be together forever.

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