Fuck You Over

*Said I was a douche bag won't call back, worst hangover you ever had. Felt so good at first but you knew it would never last.*
I stared at the girl in the front seat. Was that really my only competition? I had to be up against something better than that, something more classy and less trashy perhaps?
"This is Violet, she goes to the high school down the road from ours." Ashton said smirking at me. I smiled and shook her hand.
"Hey, I'm Hunter. It's a pleasure to meet you." I said sitting back in my seat. Ashton stared at me questioningly before turning the car on.
"We're gonna make one more stop at my friend Luke's house real quick." He said to Violet. She nodded. Oh no, he knew he was on to me. I sighed heavily and did breathing exercises. I forgot about Luke's part in my plan. Pretend I wasn't madly in love with him… seems easy enough.
Hunter Masters is your regular high school teenager. She tutors for extra credit and sh


9. 8- Meetings and Malls

8- Meetings and Malls

I woke up later that day around two in the afternoon it wasn't as bright as you'd like for a dad and boyfriend meet and greet. I felt bad that Ashton wasn't going to know about it until he came over. I washed up and washed my hair. When I got out I threw on a blue mini dress and a long blue flannel shirt that stopped under my knee. I walked downstairs to the living room and plunked down next to my dad.

"Good afternoon."

"Hello Hitler." I sneered at him.

"Explanation." He demanded rolling his eyes.

"Would you rather I called you the devil?"

"I just want to meet the boy your spending all your time with."

"And I just want to date him." I said crossing my arms.

"Is he coming?"

"I haven't asked him yet." I said messing with the hem of my dress

"Well, invite him over for lunch. I'll start cooking." He smiled. I groaned and pulled out my phone.

Me- hey. My dad wants u 2 come over 4 Lunch.

I sent the message and waited. I wasn't interested in watching tv or bugging my dad or texting anyone else. I just wanted to forget about everything for a while.

Ash- ok...

Me- it's just a meet u kinda thing.

Ash- after we r going Xmas shopping.

Me- ...

Ash- plzz?

Me- k whateve don't want to stay with Hitler any longer anyhow.

Ash- Hitler?!

Me- come over quickly.

I stuck my phone in my pocket and felt myself fall back on the couch. What did people do in these situations?

"Is he coming?"

"Yes, I hope you're happy."

"Ecstatic." He smiles. My eyes stare into his. What game was he playing?

"I'm going to my room." I announced. Running up the stairs. I closed my door and then heard the door downstairs open and close. It can't be Ashton unless he was at Luke's house which he wasn't. I went downstairs and almost cringed when I saw Alyson standing in my kitchen. She looked good, or better than she had two weeks ago.

"Hey, Hunter!" She exclaimed smiling. Her voice and appearance made my stomach turn. I had put the plan behind me and focused on Ashton and I growing as a couple.

"Hey." I smiled through gritted teeth. My dad looked at me confused.

"Are you staying for lunch? We're meeting her boyfriend." My dad said. I prayed she would say no. That she would turn around and go back to wherever she came from.

"I thought you were in California." I said

"Are family decided that everyone else should visit us. We are holding a Christmas party. You and your boyfriend are invited." She smiled.

"Oh." I said

"And yes, I'd love to eat lunch with you all." She smiled. I sighed angrily. Was she trying to provoke me? Was she in the mafia and was trying to get her payment? He doesn't love me yet! But I don't want him to. If he does then I would have betrayed him. I'd hate to think of seeing him hurt and broken.

"I thought you were going to your room." My dad said frying something.

"I'm gonna go...give the dog a cookie." I said walking away. I didn't know how this was going down. If it would be a good lunch or an awkward your cover is blown, your a horrible person we are all gonna kill you and nobody cares kind.

"Lola save me." I whispered to her. The door bell rung and I hopped up. I shouted that I had it and ran to the door. I ran a hand through my hair and wiped my face. I couldn't shake my uneasiness or my frown but at least I looked decent. I opened the door and Ashton stood there wearing some ripped jeans and a red flannel. He wore a snow jacket and some red vans.

"Hey." He smiled. I sighed and walked into the house. Ashton took his jacket off and wrapped an arm around my waist. I tried to wiggle out but he had a strong grip. When I gave up he was holding me at arms length by the sides of my shirt. He pulled me close so I was staring into his eyes.

"Smile." He said trying to hold my stare

"Ashton," I whined.

"One smile." He bargained. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. His fingers trailed up to my hair and my face.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing." I said.

"I told you last night that I can read you. Don't lie."

"I'm just really stressed ya know. I spend most of my time alone and stuff. Which is probably not the healthiest since I always seem to be getting abandoned and great things like that." I chuckled looking down. His fingers trailed to my chin bringing my head up.

"I'll stay here if you'd like. Ya know when you need me." He said.

"Uh, yeah." I said smiling.

"By the way we are matching. But you look better." He whispered kissing my cheek. My stomach fluttered as he took my hand. I pulled him into the kitchen where my father was putting fries and chicken on a plate.

"Ashton, dad. Dad, Ashton." I introduced. Ashton smiled and shook my dad's hand. I noticed Ally in the corner smiling at me.

"And that's Alyson, Ally this is Ashton." I said biting back any bad or guilty feelings. Ashton's face was recognizably different he remembered her. Then it hit me like a wave crashing down. He remembered because he hurt her. He hurt a lot of people. I sighed heavily.

"I need to go to the bathroom." I said walking into the downstairs bathroom. I sat on the toilet and hyperventilated for a while. What was I going to do? Meeting my friends and family like we were really dating. Who was I kidding. Ashton would never date me. Even if I had asked on my own behalf. Even if in some parallel universe where I was prettier than Alyson and people noticed me when I walked by. He hadn't even heard of me. Luke had but more by force of his unfortunate living situation where we are neighbors. Michael was forced too. Not to be my friend or to kiss me or to hang out with me but to even know me. My dad was forced when he came in and saw me still alive in the bath tub. The idiot forgot to drown me. I wasn't something I was just a nobody with luck. I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

"Hunter? Are you ok?" I heard my dad ask.

"Yeah," I sniffed. God Hunter why don't you write him a letter saying I'm crying!?

"Are you crying?"

"Yeah, hormones. Can I invite like three more people?" I asked.

"Uh sure I'll make some more." He said. I pulled out my phone and dialed.


I invited Cassie and Michael for moral support. They came luckily right after dad had finished cooking the rest. I think Michael and Cassie put Ashton at ease. He didn't stress a lot and Ally just didn't get along with Cassie's bubbly and wise personality.

"Aye, Dr.M I'm here to vouch for my man here." Michael said taking a piece of chicken from the bowl.

"So Ashton, when did you move to America? Our neighbors are from Australia also."

"We all came at the same time. Luke, Calum, Michael and I." He said. I was holding Ashton's hand under the table.

"Yeah? It's really odd because I could've sworn the only guy Hunter liked was Luke. She had a major-"

"Dad! The fries are bland could you get me some salt?" I asked. Ashton looked at me but stopped trying when I wouldn't looks back.

"As I was saying Luke was a well common name here."

"And I slowly died." I mumbled to myself.

"Michael can tell you."

"Yeah Michael could tell you a lot of things." Cassie laughed.

"I feel like I'm being attacked." I said. I was eating with my knees up so my chin could rest on them.

"Yep, and Michael was her-"

"I'm going to go to my room for a few minutes I'll be back." I grumbled standing up. My dad chuckled and smiled at me.

"Use the pillow not the wall." He said. I shot him a look that I thought looked threatening. But obviously I don't have the best judgement. I locked my bedroom door and sat against it. If Ally and I were even remotely as close as we had been she would have followed me up here and we would've laugh at how annoying my dad was. But the only person who knocked on the door was Michael and Cassie.

"It's not half as bad as you think it is." Cassie laughed. I glared at her.

"She's right. Like he hasn't gotten to your addictions and shit. But anyways. He's still down there." Michael said.

"He is?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's being interrogated." Michael said.

"This is going to be such an awkward conversation later." I groaned.

"Come on. I don't think he's comfortable with Blondie and Dr.Doom." Cassie teased. I stood up and walked downstairs with Cassie and Michael. Relief washed over Ashton's face as we walked down the stairs. I sat down and chewed on a fry.

"Can I go shopping with Ashton later?" I asked my dad directly.

"Sure." Was all he said. I suppose he wasn't trying to test my patience. We all sat in an uncomfortable silence. Ally stared at me and Ashton while he stole fries off my plate.

"So Ashton, how's Hunter like your other girlfriends?" Ally asked. I saw Cassie roll her eyes and mouth 'bitch' to me. I stifled a laugh and sipped my soda.

"Well she's not. She's..."

"It really doesn't matter what I am." I said to Ally. She scoffed at me.

"Can we talk? Let's talk." I said standing up. Ally followed me into the living room.

"What?" She asked.

"What are you trying to do?"

"God! He's squirming in his seat. He remembers me and what he did. You're not...falling for him, are you?"

"What?! Psh of course not." I lied. Was I falling for him? I was and it was undeniable. He was and is the best thing that has happen to me hands down. Even if we don't make out or have sex just being with him is good enough for me.

"Good, he's totally falling for you. Don't worry this'll be over before you know it." She smiled at me. We walked back into the dining room to finish lunch. I had unanimously lost my appetite along with any and all will to live.


Ashton decided the mall was the best place to go shopping for his families Christmas presents. He had it all planned out. His siblings would get toys and his parents would get cards and memorabilia to recreate their past Christmases.

"What about Calum?" I asked as he loaded a Barbie and a Tonka truck into his arms.

"Eh, I'm not really into giving him presents. I just don't bug him for the day." He laughed at me.

"What about Michael and Luke."

"Oh you mean your future boyfriends?" He asked. The entire ride Ashton was bent on the fact that Luke was my crush and Michael was my first kiss. He had asked questions the whole time about what it was about them that fascinated me. I didn't know.

"Why can't you just drop it?" I asked playing with my fingers.

"I feel like you settled." He whispered in my ear.

"I didn't." I say kissing his cheek. He smiles and walks out the store with our bought items.

"I should get you something." He says.

"No, it's fine. I didn't get you anything either." I said. He laced his fingers with mine as we walked.

"Yeah, but I don't know. Something small like a bracelet or a necklace." He said

"What would I even get you?"

"Come to my house for Christmas dinner." He said.

"With like your family?"

"Yeah, and aunts and uncles and cousins. But it'll be cool like no interrogating." He promised.

"I need to get something to wear." I mumbled to myself.

"Well let's go." He smiled pulling me into a store. What do you even wear to Christmas dinners? Dresses or pants.

"So tell me about you family." I said. The store was empty. No costumers inside. The clerk was barely even alive.

"Um, well I'm the oldest even with Calum. My mom has her mom and dad and my dad will be there along with Calum's dad. So that should be fun." He says sarcastically. I picked up a red strapless dress that matched matched Ashton's flannel. I didn't know how to ask him to take off his shirt without sounding like I'm trying to make a move.

"I've got something." I said walking to a dressing room. I pulled my hair into a bun as I slid the dress up my body. The dress on it's own was cute. It was ruby red and and had a sequins skirt. The top was silky but not the kind that chaffed.

"Can I see it?" I heard Ashton ask. I automatically became self conscious. I wasn't the hot girls that he was use to. I wasn't extremely anything other than normal. What of he sees me and regrets even saying yes to dating me? I would die. What would I say? Jokes on you I didn't love you anyways?

I unlocked the stall I was in and stepped out. Ashton took in my appearance slowly. He held my hand pulling me closer to himself but not losing eye contact with whatever body part he was so intensely staring at.

"I like it. You look beautiful. But it's missing something." He said. Ashton pulled off his flannel revealing a black teeshirt. He wrapped me in the warm shirt. I was having a mini heart attack. How could one guy smell so good. He smelled like a dream. I couldn't help but feel that he liked me more when I was dressed in just short dresses and not when I was me. He tucked a strand of stray hair behind my ear and moved closer to me. His eyes darted from my lips to my eyes and then he stepped back.

"We should buy that and leave." He said. I tried to smile but looked disappointed.

"Yeah," I couldn't say anything else. I didn't trust myself with anything real at the moment. I paid for the dress. I kept the flannel. I wasn't mad he didn't want to kiss me. I knew he wanted to. I just didn't know why he wouldn't.

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