Hinata's love and the Kyuubi's Rage

A story of Naruto and Hinata. Hinata realizes she must change if she is to get Naruto to notice her


9. Chapter 9

Naruto stared at the young man in confusion. "What do are you talking about, who's a king?" Asked Naruto. "You are. You are the chosen host." Answered the young ninja. Kakashi interrupted "I think it's best if you explain everything to us." The young man sat by the fire and asked the others to do so as well. "My name is Shin, and I am the last survivor of this village. We were weak.

We didn't have many strong ninjas, so we could not defend ourselves nor were we acknowledged in this country." "Our leader knew we were vulnerable to enemies and that rest of the countries would not protect us since we were so insignificant to them. So our leader decided we must strengthen ourselves." "Long ago a horrible beast known as the Shibi rampaged this whole country, it was in the shape of a giant Cobra, but from the middle of it's body sprouted four tails, but the strongest from each village came together and were able to seal it away.

Our Leader remembered this tale and with the strongest men from the village barely made it to the hiding place of the seal." "He lost all of his men that day and knew he was too old to take the Shibi into his body so he chose the child of his strongest ninja to bear the curse of the Shibi for the sake of the village." There was a moment of silence and Sakura said, "and that child was you, wasn't it?" "That's right, they forced me to take the Shibi and my mother couldn't stop them. Once they were done implanting that thing in me a power erupted inside me and I couldn't control it.

I lost consciousness after that and when I awoke the village was destroyed and I was alone." "Ever since then that demon has tortured me with its hunger for death, constantly telling me to hunt down more humans to kill. No one could come near me." Naruto interrupts, but if that's the case how come we were able to approach you and why did you call me King?" Shin answered, "Because you are the king's host. You have that which the Shibi fears most…. The Kyuubi, king of the bijuu."

"Please you must take me to someone who can remove this curse from me, I beg of you, when that curse was placed on me I died and went straight to Hell!" Kakashi says, "Unfortunately we don't know anyone with that kind of power, but there is a group of ninjas who wish to take that demon for their own desires." Shin asks "Do they wear black capes with red clouds, because if they do one with a mask came and tried to attack me, but the Shibi over powered him and he barely escaped." Kakashi was surprised and answered "Yes that's them, no doubt he'll be coming back with reinforcements and if they succeed in removing the Shibi it could mean disaster, so we need you to cooperate with us until we can defeat them."

"If that's the case then I'll surrender myself to them!" "The world has betrayed me and I'd rather die than go through another day with this curse!" Naruto yelled "Stop complaining! I've been through the same hell as you have, but I'd rather keep the curse then give in to anyone, to protect the people that finally acknowledged me!" Shin answers "I have no one to call a friend, so I have no attachment, my only comfort is knowing that someday I will die and be free." Suddenly a voice echoed in the cave "We'd be happy to make that wish a reality he he he."

The group looked and saw two figures wearing black capes with red clouds. One was wearing a mask with a hole where his right eye should be and the other had long blond hair. "The Akatsuki! We couldn't sense them coming at all!" yelled Sakura. "We were here the whole time listening. What a bonus, two jinchuurikis for the price of one." Said the blonde Akatsuki. "Allow us to introduce ourselves. I'm Diedara and the weirdo standing next to me is Tobi and we'll be taking you both with us."

Back with Team Kurenai, Hinata suddenly clenched her heart. "What's wrong Hinata?" asked Neji. Hinata answered I don't know, but I suddenly had this horrible feeling run through my whole body." "Something's happened!" with that Hinata went faster then ever, even faster than she thought she was capable of. "Hinata, stay with the group we'll catch up to them!" Yelled Kurenai. "I can't something's happening and if we don't hurry it'll be too late!" Kurenai noticed that it was no use in trying to convince Hinata to conserve her energy and had an uneasy feeling herself. "Alright then everyone we must go faster!"

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