Hinata's love and the Kyuubi's Rage

A story of Naruto and Hinata. Hinata realizes she must change if she is to get Naruto to notice her


8. Chapter 8

As Team Kurenai rushes to catch up to Team Kakashi, Shino asks, "Team Kakashi is still missing some members, so who's covering for them? We need to know who we have to rely on." Kurenai answers, "They replaced Sasuke with a ninja named Sai. I know very little about him and Naruto has rejoined the group."

For a brief moment Hinata's heart stopped, but she remained quiet. "So Naruto has returned. It will be interesting to see how far he's come," said Neji. Kurena looked towards Hinata and said, "Hinata, stay focused, remember what our mission is, don't let your mind get clouded. A ninja requires a sharp mind." "Yes Kurenai-sensei." Farther away, Team Kakashi was nearing the source of the dark charka that the hounds spoke of.

Naruto speaks up "Look theres a village, maybe that's where this guy lives." Sai answers sarcastically "Brilliant observation, nice to know you have a brain after all." Naruto angrily yells back "Hey if you wanna fight I'm ready anytime!" Sakura knocks Naruto on the head "Enough Naruto we don't have time for this and we got to work together." Naruto trailed the group rubbing the lump on his head.

The team arrived and was surprised to find the village deserted. Sakura confused said "This is strange theres no sign of life anywhere and it seems this place has been abandoned for years." Sai adds "It seems that way, perhaps the Akatsuki have been here already." "I don't think so Sai, according to my hounds, that chakra in the air is still very strong, if their mission is to hunt down the jinchuuriki then I doubt they've been here yet," responded Kakashi.

"Well I say we find this guy, then we can protect him and ambush the Akatsuki," said Naruto. Kakashi answers, "Wait Naruto it's true we have to find him, but we don't know if this ninja is dangerous or not. We must take every possible precaution otherwise we die and the Akatsuki takes not only that jinchuuriki, but you as well." With that Team Kakashi caustiously made their way to the source of the dark chakra, making sure to avoid any traps that might have been left behind by the jinchuuriki.

When they arrived at the source what they found was a cave on a mountain side nearby the village. They snuck inside without making a sound; making their way through the cave and spotted from a distance a young man sitting by a fire. He was in rags and appeared very nervous. "Do you think that's him?" asked Naruto quietly. Sakura answered "It has to be, the chakra is coming from here."

Suddenly, the young man jumped up and yelled "WHO'S THERE!?" "How the hell did he know we were here," asked Naruto quietly and surprised. Sai answered "No doubt this is your fault." "COME OUT! PLEASE I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" cried out the jinchuuriki in a desperate plea. Kakashi volunteered to go out alone while the rest of the team stayed hidden. "Alright calm down, I didn't come here to hurt you. I'm on a mission to find someone and was following a trail of chakra that seemed to be coming from this cave." The jinchuuriki answered nervously, "He doesn't believe you, he says there are more hidden. Bring them out or you'll die."

Kakashi seeing the deranged look in his eye signaled for the rest of the group to come out of hiding. Sakura quickly says "Our sensei is telling the truth, we didn't come here to fight you. We're searching for an evil group of ninjas called the Akatsuki, we found you by accident." The jinchuuriki ignored Sakura's explanation and nervously looked at Team Kakashi and when he set his eyes on Naruto the dark chakra disappeared and he immediately calmed down. He fell to his knees and was out of breath. "Are you okay?" Asked Naruto as he tried to help him up.

The jinchuuriki then said to him in a nervous tone, "So you are the king, thank you so much for coming." Naruto and the rest of the group were confused. Meanwhile back with Team Kurenai. Shino asks we've been going full speed for hours now and my bugs haven't spotted them, what about you two. Have your byakugans spotted any of them ahead?" "Unfortunately not.

They seem to be much further than we thought," answered Neji. Hinata was troubled and said, "I have a bad feeling about all of this. What if all of this was a trap to catch Naruto, we have to go faster." "We're going as fast we can already Hinata. There's nothing more we can do," said Kurenai. "Have faith in them, they can take care of themselves until we arrive."

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