Hinata's love and the Kyuubi's Rage

A story of Naruto and Hinata. Hinata realizes she must change if she is to get Naruto to notice her


7. Chapter 7

At the hospital: "I'm relieved that you and Akamaru are alright Kiba-kun." Kiba smiled and answered, "It's all thanks to you Hinata for protecting me against that rain ninja and the medicine u gave me. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be here." Akamaru barked happily in gratitude as if to say that he agrees with Kiba. Suddenly they heard a knock on the door and in came Kurenai. "How are you feeling Kiba?" asked Kurenai.

"I feel great the doctor said my injuries aren't too serious and I should be out of here in a few days." Kurenai smiled, but quickly turned serious. "We have a new mission everyone, we are going to the Earth Country to help Team Kakashi capture an Akatsuki member that has been spotted there, so get some sleep Hinata we leave first thing in the morning."

Hinata replies: "What about Kiba? He needs a few days before he can go." Kurenai answers "Unfortunately we can't wait so I'll recruit a temporary replacement for this mission. We will meet at the front gate 5 a.m." Right after Kurenai finished her sentence she suddenly vanished in a cloud of smoke before Kiba or Hinata could ask any more questions.

Kiba quietly said "This sounds dangerous Hinata, you have to be careful tomorrow because there's no telling what those Akatsuki ninjas are capable of." Hinata stayed still for a few moments then turned to Kiba "I will, I promise Kiba-kun, I have to go now good night."

With that Hinata went home to bed. As she lay on her bed looking up at the ceiling she thought to herself: "This is my chance to capture them and learn more about Naruto's enemies. I can't fail; I have to do my best for Naruto's sake. I just wish he was there, it'd be easier to face this with him by my side."

Hinata lost in thought finally fell asleep. As for Team Kakashi, they were getting ready to sleep as well. Naruto frustrated by all this says "We can't afford to waste time here sleeping we might lose them." Kakashi responds "We can't do anything now Naruto and if we face the enemy exhausted we would be at a disadvantage.

However, I did send my ninja hounds ahead to try and locate them. It'll be difficult without knowing their scent so there is no guarantee that they will find anyone." Sakura added "Kakashi-sensei is right Naruto, we can't just rush in there we need to plan." Naruto quietly said to himself "She's always sucking up to sensei, it's so annoying."

Sakura heard it and in an instant knocked Naruto out of his sleeping bag and into a tree." Naruto, in pain, thought to himself "Sakura hasn't changed a bit." The next morning at the front gate in Konoha, Shino and Hinata wait for Kurenai. It didn't take her long to arrive and standing next to her was Neji. Kurenai says " Good morning everyone, with Kiba still in the hospital I asked Neji if he would help us and he generously agreed."

Hinata was pleasantly surprised and smiled, Shino of course had no expression. "Alright!" said Kurenai "Let's head out we have a lot of ground to cover!" With that the team rushed out the gate. Back at the campsite, Team Kakashi were already awake when the ninja hounds returned. They reported that they didn't find the Akatsuki, however they did sense a dark chakra coming south from their location a chakra similar to that of the Kyuubi.

Kakashi realized what it must have been and the team left immediately. Sakura noticed the urgency in Kakashi's face and asked, "Kakashi-sensei what's wrong, do you think that dark charka belongs to an Akatsuki?" Kakashi answered, "No, the hounds said it was similar to the Kyuubi which could only mean it's jinchuuriki." Naruto went ahead and yelled "We need to go faster, Akatsuki is after him." "Slow down Naruto!" yelled Kakashi

"Stay with the group. We'll get there in plenty of time then we can plan our next move there." With that Team Kakashi rushed to the village where the mysterious jinchuuriki resides, hoping to get there before the Akatsuki.

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