Hinata's love and the Kyuubi's Rage

A story of Naruto and Hinata. Hinata realizes she must change if she is to get Naruto to notice her


2. Chapter 2

Hinata wakes up in a strange room. She sits up and sees Kurenai. "Kurenai sensei where am I?" asked Hinata. Kurenai answered "You're in the hospital you were late for our team meeting so I came looking for you. The fifth had given us a mission." Hinata responds "I'm sorry sensei it seems I'm always a hindrance."

Kurenai responds "That is not true Hinata, since I have met you I have seen you grow into an exceptional kunoichi and I know you'll keep improving." Hinata stares down at the blankets of her bed while Kurenai continues "Besides the mission was an easy one. It was escorting a delivery to the Grass Village so I sent Kiba and Shino they should be enough."

Kurenai smiles and says "So I suppose you were able to say good bye to Naruto right?" Hinata looked up surprised "You know!?" she asked and Kurenai answers "Ever since the Chuunin Exams I've known." Hinata began to twirl her fingers. "Neji told me that I must tell Naruto how I feel and I tried, but I couldn't!"

Tears begin to swell in Hinata's eyes and Kurenai answers "Hinata you've changed so much since the day you became a Genin. You've faced many challenges and never gave up even when things looked bad and you always made it through fine."

Hinata answers "That's because he was always there watching me motivating me if it wasn't for him I would be nothing." "Hinata it was also your own strength that pushed you not just Naruto and that same strength and inspiration should push you to face your toughest challenge, telling him how you feel."

Kurenai continues "Hinata you will never truly change, to the person you want to be, until you face him and confess yourself to him and if you wait too long you may lose your chance. The life of a shinobi is a short one and for Naruto it could be even shorter."

Hinata quickly got scared and asked "Why!?" Kurenai answers "There is something about Naruto that not many of the people his age know about. I can't tell you everything, but I will tell you he is wanted by an evil and dangerous organization called the Akatsuki……. Hinata in 2 years Naruto must face that threat that is why he left with Jiraiya."

Hinata clenched her fists and said "So that's why Naruto is left" tears fall from Hinata's face "I can't let him face it alone! I won't!" she continued "Kurenai Sensei please help me I need to grow stronger than ever before." Kurenai answers "Hinata these are S ranked ninjas each one dangerous do you realize what your saying."

Hinata responds "It doesn't matter even if I can't confess myself to Naruto I can't let him face this alone. He has given me so much I must be there for him!" Kurenai smiled "Alright then Hinata starting tomorrow we will train like never before." Thank you sensei I will do my best I promise."

Meanwhile Naruto was walking with Jiraiya when he was asked "Naruto what's wrong your unusually quiet." Naruto answered "It's Hinata she wanted to say something to me. I've never seen her look at me like that before, it was weirder than usual. I wonder why."

Jiraiya shakes his head and said "You really are a knucklehead Naruto" Naruto gets upset and says "What do you know about girls you stinking closet pervert!" He yells "More than you, you ungrateful moron!" The two of them argued for a while until they finally stopped and everything was quiet. Naruto began to focus his mind for what awaited him: his search for Sasuke, his fight against the Akatsuki. He thought to himself

"I will save Sasuke and I will beat Akatsuki. I will not die. I will keep my word!" They find an inn and stay the night. The following day back in Konoha Hinata's fierce training is about to begin. "Naruto this is my promise to you, no matter where you are, I will fight along side you. I will not abandon you. No matter what it takes I will not let you die because…………I love you


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