Hinata's love and the Kyuubi's Rage

A story of Naruto and Hinata. Hinata realizes she must change if she is to get Naruto to notice her


1. Chapter 1

After a long training session on a warm summer day Neji and Hinata sit and rest under the shade of a tree. Hinata gazes at the sky watching the clouds go by as thoughts of Naruto enter her mind. Neji turns to her and says:

"You did well today Hinata-sama your skills as a shinobi are quickly improving." Hinata's eyes opened wide in surprise. "D-Do you really think so. I don't think I can ever live up to anyone's expectations no matter how hard I try. Sometimes I think it's pointless to keep training."

Neji responds saying "If you believe that then why do you still keep trying day after day" Hinata stays silent looking at the ground. Neji continues saying "You know I once thought like that. I thought that no matter what, our fates were already decided. That a failure is always a failure. Till he showed me I was wrong."

Hinata looks at Neji as he stares at the sky. Neji continues "I thought of myself as a genius forever cursed as a member of the side branch, unable to change my fate. I thought that with my byakugan that I could see and understand all, but ever since my defeat my eyes have been opened to the truth. That truth is that one can overcome anything, never give up and keep fighting for your dream. That is what he taught me. Ever since that day I see clearly."

Neji turns to Hinata and then says "Do you want to know what I see when I look at you….I see a person who is strong, kind and brave." Hinata responds "Do you really see all that in me?" "Yes, but you don't, you're still unconfident and timid. You need to change that about yourself Hinata-sama or you'll never have that which you truly desire" Hinata looked at him in shock" "Yes I know, with my eyes I see it clearly. The feelings that you have for Naruto."

"He is…..the reason why I keep going, but I don't think he sees me the same way" said Hinata. Neji responds "You don't know for sure, but you shouldn't give up just because you are afraid, the life of a shinobi is too short to have regrets." Neji stands up and says "News has spread that Naruto is leaving for a while to train with Jiraiya. This could be your last chance Hinata-sama don't let it go, don't live your life with regrets."

Neji leaves Hinata alone under the tree. Hinata remains there gazing at the clouds thinking about what Neji had told her. Would she be able to face Naruto and tell him the truth, she wondered. Hinata then got a determined look in her eye and got up and said. "I have to try" Hinata looked for Naruto all over the village till she heard that he was already leaving. She rushed to the village gate and saw Naruto, but when she did her face turned red and she quickly hid herself like always. "I just can't do it I can't!"

Tears started to swell up in Hinata's eyes when out of nowhere came Naruto. "Hey Hinata I thought I heard someone following me. I'm glad I saw you before I left. I'm gonna go train with the perverted hermit for a couple of years." Hinata's face turned red and was about to faint when Neji's words echoed in her head. Naruto looks at her ands says "Hinata are you having another fever you look red and dizzy."

She kept herself up and said to Naruto "Naruto-kun there's something I need to tell you…. something important" Jiraiya yells from a distance "Hey come on if u don't hurry I'm leaving without you." Naruto tells Hinata " Sorry Hinata I gotta go we'll talk when I get back." Naruto was about to leave when Hinata grabbed him from his sleeve.

Naruto turns and looks at her and she looks into his eyes. Her heart starts pounding harder and harder and her face turns redder than ever. She then says nervously. "P-Promise me you'll come back Naruto-kun please." Naruto looks confused at Hinata and says "I promise, then we can talk." Naruto smiles then turns and runs after Jiraiya who already left and yells "Bye Hinata" Hinata watched Naruto leave and couldn't fight it any longer. She fainted in the middle of the street.





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