Andie is a senior in high school. With her tall, wide frame Andie is a bit overweight. But she is stunning. She never thought she would get into a relationship, because let's face it, who likes big girls? All of that changes the last week of high school.


9. 9

As I finally pulled into Ethan's driveway, I sighed. That whole conversation was depressing as hell. Why aren't Ethan and I dating? We should be.. I mean, we hold hands, we kiss, we've even cuddled for fucks sake. Maybe I should make the move...

Nope. Definitely not. Never mind. I'm way to awkward and shy for that shit.

I walk up to his door and open it. There are streamers hanging from the ceiling, all different shades of blue, my favorite color. On the floor are bright neon cardboard arrows, tapped down and in a line pointing in a path. I'm curious now as a smile creeps on my face. I follow the arrows all the way to stairs. On the wall against the stairs, are more arrows pointing up. I run up the stairs, as fast as a fat girl can, and continue following the arrows until they stop in front of a door.

I look at the door and it's been decorated with blue hearts around the border, and one great big question mark in the middle. I laugh and push open the door, totally having an idea of what this is about.

As soon as I get in, the song "Check Yes Juliet" by We The Kings is playing from small speakers.

"Holy shit!" I exclaim.

"Please please, will you be my girlfriend?" Ethan stands in the middle of a circle of CDs, and chocolate kisses.

I throw my hands over my mouth and squeal. I walk up to Ethan and put my arms around his neck and kiss him, with everything I can.

"Is that answer enough?" I smile.

"Definitely." Ethan says and leans over to pick up a kiss, he unwraps it and drops it in my mouth.

Ethan stopped the music and brought me over to a small area set up with a tv and bean bag chairs.

"I can't believe you!" I exclaim. "This is almost to romantic. It was a lot of work, it seems more appropriate for a marriage proposal."

Ethan looks down and smiles. "I know, but really. I should have asked sooner.. I wanted this to be amazing to make up for the time I spent not dating you."

"Well, it was perfect. Is perfect." I giggle.

"What do you want to watch? I have lots of movies to choose from." Ethan says standing up and pointing to a collection of movies.

"You're such a boy! All of these are and fighting and stuff." I look through the movies. "Woah..never mind. I spoke too soon. This one, definitely."

Ethan grins as he takes the movie from me. "You're a cutie, you know that?"

We sit next to eachother, watching Where The Wild Things Are in our beanbags eating chocolate with one hand, and holding eachothers with our other.

This is perfect. I have a boyfriend, who is everything I want. He doesn't care that I'm bigger, he still makes me feel beautiful. This is what I've always wanted. And I have it,


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