Andie is a senior in high school. With her tall, wide frame Andie is a bit overweight. But she is stunning. She never thought she would get into a relationship, because let's face it, who likes big girls? All of that changes the last week of high school.


6. 6

"That's hot.." Ethan's voice got raspy and amazingly sexy.

"Uh..Heh.." I laughed nervously. I have no idea where this is going.

"You're so cute! You got nervous didn't you?" I could hear the smirk in his voice, the dark sexiness just gone.

"Maybe! I didn't know where this was going.." I said.

"I'm not gonna lie, thinking about you naked is probably the most amazing thought I've had all day, and I may have had a moment.." He laughed, "but I'm not going to try anything with you.. Not yet."


"Are you saying the thought of me naked turned you on? That's funny, really." Oops.

"What did I tell you? Confidence, Andie! You're gorgeous. Of course thinking about you, naked, is gonna turn me on. That should be a confidence booster right there!" He was serious.

" is really. Thanks..I think. I'm so awkward wow."

"No, it's just cute.." He said.

After we got passed that AWKWARD conversation we talked until about one am.

"I was supposed to be asleep hours ago.." I yawned.

"Me too." Ethan said is the most perfect sleepy voice.

"Goodnight?" I asked.

"Goodnight Andie." Ethan said and I hung up the phone, a huge smile on my face.

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