Andie is a senior in high school. With her tall, wide frame Andie is a bit overweight. But she is stunning. She never thought she would get into a relationship, because let's face it, who likes big girls? All of that changes the last week of high school.


3. 3

We ate our lunch, which Ethan was not impressed with. He ate it all though, I'll never understand why. When the bell rang, we went to our classes the rest of the day. I'd told Ethan to meet me at the main doors so he wouldn't have to ride the bus and I could drive him home.

Bree came up to me while I was waiting.

"What are you doing just standing here?" She asked.

"I'm waiting for the new kid. I'm taking him home." I explained. Bree just stared at me, and then a huge grin crept across her face.

"So fucking cute. I can't believe this. Oh my gosh..." She was rambling on and I didn't care to listen anymore. But I smiled and looked down. It is cute. Ethan is cute. He called me beautiful. I felt my face start to flush and and then I giggled.

"Andie! Hey you." Ethan came up from behind me and smiled.

"Eyy." I said with a huge smile on my face.

"Too fucking cute! You guys have fun." Bree winked and then grabbed James' arm as he walked by.

"What was that about?" Ethan asked.

"Uh, apparently we're a cute couple." Fuck. I shouldn't have said that. Comments like that are the reason boys don't like me.

"Fuck yeah we are." He said. And then I laughed and led him to my car. He's too perfect. How is this real.


"Take a right.." He was directing me to his house.

"So, you can't explain to me why you moved while we're in the car?" I asked

"Nope. I want you to call me. It'll give me something to do, I'll get to talk to you." He said with a cute grin.

"Whatever man. Okay, so who do you live with?"

"Myself.. I uh, moved out of my parents house." He looked out the window.

"Oh, okay. May I ask why?" I glanced over at him.

"Tonight, on the phone." He nodded his head. "Here. This is it.. Do you wanna come in?"

"Erhm, yeah. Sure." I shut off the car and followed Lee into a small, but nice house.

I looked at the walls, and there were framed posters sighed by many bands.

"Dude, this is sick!" I exclaimed looking at a poster closest to me.

"Heck yeah. I bought most of them off the internet." He laughed.

He led me to the couch where we talked about many things. We were sitting really close, and I was freaking out, just a bit. He's hot. He talked about his ex, and he talked about his old school, and his favorite bands and tv shows. Even stupid stuff, like his favorite color. I can see myself falling for this new kid.. I can see us together. I hope he feels the same.

"So.." He looked at me as our conversation died down, " do you have a boyfriend err..?"

I literally laughed out loud. "I don't..haven't since freshman year, but even that wasn't a real relationship. It's hard to find a guy that likes me, I'm well, huge. I'm fucking fat. No guy is into that.."

"Shut up, don't say things like that. Maybe your attitude about yourself is why you aren't with anyone.. That's a big deal. Some guys don't care but.. Confidence is key. You shouldn't think bad about yourself. You are not ugly, you aren't fat, you're perfect. Just, deal with it." He got really animate explaining this.

I got a little freaked out.

"Okay, okay. Calm down.. It's just hard to act confident when you can barely stand to look at yourself. It's just.. I don't know. But, thank you..for that. I uh.. Yeah." Gosh, I'm so awkward.

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