I'll Catch The Stars For You

Emma nearly dies in a car crash. She comes into a new familiy. Her new older brother named Zain Malik, is in a band called One Direction. He protected her from the first moment he sees her.


2. Chapter Two


I watched TV when I heard someone rang my bell. I jumped up and went to the front door.

"Niall, my Bro! What's up?" I asked and patted his back.

"Uff, nothing. I was in the hospital today. And there was this girl. I guess she is 16..?! Well she nearly died in a car crash, her parents died...! I felt so sorry for her, because she don't have a family anymore." Niall got tears in his blue eyes. Even though they were more grey.

"So, and what happens now to her?" I asked and sat down on the sofa, Niall beside me and grabbed some gummi bears. "She is coming into a new home, with luck."

We looked at each other at the same time."I will try but I can't promise anything."

Niall nodded and looked onto the ground before he jumped up and said, "I bet you got food!"

I laughed and nodded. I followed him into the kitchen. "Hey this is my house!" I said laughing.

"So..?!" "So...why am I following YOU?"

Niall held his nose up and said, "Because I am Niall freaking Horan." While he said that he made these gestics all fans do.

"Haha shut up and get your food. When is your lunch over?" I said.

"Uhm...now!!" Niall grabbed an apple. "Can I come with you, Nialler?" I asked and made a pouty face. But I guess Harry made it best.

"Yes, of course! Aww wanna Zaynie show his social side?" Niall said and stroke my hair.

"Never touch my hair, or I will touch your food. And no, I wanna meet that girl. What is her name?"

"Emma Gray. She comes from here. She is okay after all."

We walked out of the door and made our way to the Memorial Hospital.



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