I'll Catch The Stars For You

Emma nearly dies in a car crash. She comes into a new familiy. Her new older brother named Zain Malik, is in a band called One Direction. He protected her from the first moment he sees her.


3. Chapter Three


I led him to her room. He was nervous I felt it. I knocked at the door. "Yes, come in!" Emma said. Zayn walked in first. "Hey, this is Zayn. I have to go now, sorry. See you later." I walked out of the door.


When Zayn came in I realized where I knew the boys from. "Hey, you're from One Direction, right?"

"Yes, you like our music?" "Oh my gosh, I am crazy for you music." He laughed. "Good, good."

He sat down next to me on the chair. "What brought you here to me?"

"Well I thought my parents can...err...adopt you?!"

"That would be awesome, so you will me my big brother?"

Zayn laughed and nodded. "And well maybe we can get to know each other a little bit more, because with luck I will spend my life with you."

I looked at him as the door swung open.

"Zayn! VAS HAPPENING!" That was Louis Tomlinson. "Oh did I interrupt you?"

I slowly shook my head. "No it's fine. Come in."

"Thanks. I am Louis..." "I know, I am Emma."

He shook my hand and blushed. His brown hair was everywhere and his grey eyes looked into mine.

When Zayn coughed we let go. "Uh, uhm...well we have to go to an interview in 10 minutes." Louis said.

A nurse came in. "You can go. Mrs. Valley signed the papers." I nodded. The nurse took the cables from my hands and nodded me to go. I stood up.

I felt dizzy. Louis grabbed my arm. "It's okay I can do it." Louis smiled.

After I got change I went out of the door. "Hey do you wanna come to our place?" Louis asked. "You can meet the other boys." I nodded and grabbed the arm Louis reached out. Zayn grabbed my bags. "You guys are too cute." I gave both of them a kiss on their cheeks. We drove to their home and I was blown away...

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