I'll Catch The Stars For You

Emma nearly dies in a car crash. She comes into a new familiy. Her new older brother named Zain Malik, is in a band called One Direction. He protected her from the first moment he sees her.


4. Chapter Four

Louis' P.O.V

When I first saw her, I was blown away. Her black hair was curled. And her brown eyes looked deep into mine, like she could read my mind. Well I hope she didn't.

I drover her with Zayn to our home. I laughed when I saw her face. She smiled at me and shoved me playfully. Harry and Liam shared a chocolate. Well, they played more and less with it. 

When we walked in they stopped. They jumped up and carried Emma to the sofa. She squeezed and laughed loudly. Her smile was just this beautiful. I sat down next to Zayn who wrote a letter for a fan. 

I suddenly started to dream about Emma's and my first date. Even though I knew that I didn't ask her yet. In my dream she wears a black long dress. Her hair is still curled but put in a bun. She comes closer and...

"Louis? Dude, where have you been?" Zayn shook his hand in front of my face. "What?" I sighed and stood up. I walked sadly into my bedroom. Now hear me out, I am not saying that I was sad because she wasn't mine. I was sad because I had no one I could talk to. 

I lay down into my bed and let the tears fall. My heart hurted. I cried until I fell asleep.

Zayn's P.O.V.

Louis seemed to be in his own world. I asked myself why he walked out. After an hour I decided to make sure that he was okay. I knocked at the door. When no answer came I opened the door quietly. Louis slept. I smiled and closed his curtains. Suddenly he woke up. I turned on his night light and sat down next to him. His eyes were red. "Why were you crying?" I asked. He shrugged. "I was sad." A tear rolled down his cheek. I laid down beside him. "Dude, what's wrong?" He cried into my shirt. His whole body shook. "I am not that strong Zayn! First Eleanor broke up and all the haters!" "You can't let them destroy your life, Lou." I didn't know how to react so I just put my arms around him. "It'll be alright some day." When he fell asleep I stood up gently and got out. 

Harry looked up at me. He sat on the floor and played Monopoly with Emma. "Zayn! What's wrong with him?" Emma asked and jumped up when she saw me. "He is a bit depressed. We should let him sleep for now." She nodded.

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