My One Direction Life

Amy Middleton is a 12 year old student who goes to school everyday and loves her lessons she loves different celebrities, she loves singers and actresses she could listen to them all day but also she gets bullied in school because of her clothes and her looks she got fed up and decided to stand up for herself but she couldn't she felt scared and thought the big kids would beat her up. Her heart is filled with pain, sorrow, stress and anger. In 2010 she saw these 5 different boys on X Factor, and they were her favorite on the show, do u think she will get bullied again because she's seen these 5 boys and they are really talented let's see and find out!


2. The X Factor

The next day of school the show X Factor was gonna be on today at 9:00 i was so exicted because it was one of my favorite TV shows and i couldn't wait to see who is gonna be my fav.

I told Gemma at school and she got exicted too, we both jumped up and and down and screamed but then Frankie and her mates came towards us i felt frightened.

"Hey you Ariana whats this noisy shouting for your gonna make my ears pop"

"Ha Ha Ha Ha! all of her mates laugh and went away"

"yeah but it's not my fault you can't hear properly" I shouted out, but they couldn't hear they where to far down the play ground.

As all the lessons past i was so happy in the inside because i really wanted to watch The X Factor but it starting at 9:00 today but i couldn't wait that long it was to much.

Lunch time: I went and sat next to Gemma and we talked about the TV show starting at 9:00 but then we decided to talk about something else because it was kind of boring talking about X Factor when we haven't even watched the show yet and don't know what is gonna happen.

Home time was in 5 minutes so me and Gemma decided to get all our equipment ready in our bags and our books so we don't forget anything.

"Hey em Gemma would you wanna come over to mine so we can watch The X Factor together and see who is the best" Smiled Ariana.

"That would be a great idea okay".

"Yes we are gonna have the best day ever today yay can't wait".

"Me too"

It was home time and we both came running home because the show was gonna start in about 30mins. So i introduced Gemma to my mum and dad quickly so we can head to my room and start getting ready for the show.

The show was starting i screamed and cheered then a man with some of his mates came on stage playing different intruments it was so awful Simon Cowell had to stop them that was an disaster. The next person came up on stage his name was Harry Styles he was amazing but Cheryl Cole didn't like the song he singing but i thought it was good. The next person was a boy called Zayn Malik and he is very cute he was good too and he was my favorite i really loved his voice, the next person was called Niall Horan he was good and cute Gemma really liked him because she's Irish and he's Irish. The next boy was called Liam Payne he was owesome and had a great voice,  and the final person was called Louie Tomlinson he was wowed by the judges and everyone loved him.

"Wow i really enjoyed  today's X Factor it was amazing but even amazing with that cute Irish Niall boy singing" Amazed Gemma.

"Okay Calm down Gemma they are all good" Whispered Ariana.

"oh really then why did you say Zayn Malik was your favorite"Stated Gemma.

I said that because he has an amazing voice and he is em whatever you know.

Okay i do know anyways they are all cut and amazing too.

I can't wait to watch the second X Factor tomorrow,

"Me too" Shouted Gemma.



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