My One Direction Life

Amy Middleton is a 12 year old student who goes to school everyday and loves her lessons she loves different celebrities, she loves singers and actresses she could listen to them all day but also she gets bullied in school because of her clothes and her looks she got fed up and decided to stand up for herself but she couldn't she felt scared and thought the big kids would beat her up. Her heart is filled with pain, sorrow, stress and anger. In 2010 she saw these 5 different boys on X Factor, and they were her favorite on the show, do u think she will get bullied again because she's seen these 5 boys and they are really talented let's see and find out!


1. My Story

Hey there my name is Ariana and i am an 12 year old student in a secondary school called Middleton School, my home town is Bradford but i live in London but me and my family always go and stay in Bradford during my summer holidays.I have 3 sister and they are very annoying at some times but i still love them and my parents too. I love watching my favorite Celebrities and listening to their music it's amazing because it feels like am in their position being famous.However i get bullied at my secondary school it's very scary for me because am new at the secondary school and i don't have friends to back me up so it's very hard. But guys this is my One Direction Story so hope you fans or people out there enjoy.....

7:00 in the morning: As i woke up early for school, my heart was beating very fast because i was scared and nervous at the same time because i got bullied yesturday now today. I couldn't take this anymore i had to be strong not weak or scared strong.

My sisters came up shouting" wake up your gonna be late".

"!Okay! Okay! Am already up calm down guys".

I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom to brush and have a shower. Then i got dressed and got all my equipment ready in my bag and ran downstairs to have my breakfast with my family.

"Ariana It's 8:00 you have to get to school".

"Alright! Mum am coming".

However, i got out of the house waving at my parents and sisters, i got to the bus stop and sat down reading my book. Then the bus came and i got onto the bus finding a seat people staring at me thinking what clothes am i wearing i felt very embarresd because this clothes is the one i always wear when am going out with my family and it means the world to me. I got off the bus and went through the secondary school gates feeling happy in the inside and scared on the outside

Class: I got to class and sat on my desk a girl from the back i didn't know shouted "Hey you nice dress i bet your grandma brought it for you for your birthday ha ha ha ha" i was afriad to talk back because i know she's strong and can throw me in the dust bins.

The other girl from the back called Gemma said" Do you really think that's funny cause you wouldn't like it when someone comes to you and said something bad about your style or looks would ya so stop"! But at that moment i felt okay because a kind person told her to stop cause she wouldn't like it when someone said something bad about her clothes" and anyway the girl that was being rude to me her name is Frankie and she's a tomboy, yuck i hate tomboys they act like they are cool but they are not. I had had Maths lessons, English lessons and science lessons.

Break time: It was break time i brought some snacks and ate them on a bench as i turned around Gemma came towards me and said how sorry she was about Frankie that she is always like that when someone is new to the secondary school. We both introduced ourselves and talked about our Family's and Hobbies it was so fun and amazing too, we even talked about our favorite celebrities.

Class 2: My next classes was Spanish, Geography and PE my favorite classes they were fun and also interesting.

Lunch time: I got my lunch and sat down on a table of my own then Gemma came with her nice smile on her face, we both had lunch together and introduced ourselves.Also we talked about TV Shows my favorite stuff to talk about especially X Factor amazing.

Home time: It was Hometime and i was so amazed because no one wasn't bullying me at break or lunch that's good news. Me and Gemma went home together we talked and talked and talked and made silly jokes WOW a friend that i just met today to talk to and also understands what am going through.


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