The Art of Being Hurt

This is my life.
I went through this a couple years back and I wanted to write about it.

*I edited some things to protect the identities of people within this*


6. The Wool Was Pulled Over Our Eyes


When Bryce returned, so did the gaping hole in the family. 

Or so they thought...

Despite the current circumstances, Katherine had a broken heart. She had changed and it's questionable whether or not it was for the better, for both her and her family.

Katherine's whole personality had changed. She no longer was a sweet, innocent girl who wore her heart on her sleeve... She had an edge. A sharp tongue which didn't care whom it made remarks to, or whom it hurt. She had a short patience span which developed into fiery temper which could last for hours.

She was a monster...


Due to Katherine's temper, she no longer would take any of Bryce's "crap". Every conversation held, between them both, would end up in an argument filled with venomous words, intended to cause each other immense pain. This was how it begun last time. 

Katherine didn't seem to know how to stop. Her subconsciousness was constantly battling again her skull, it was almost as if she wanted her pain to be transferred onto Bryce. I guess, in someways, you could say that she was hurt beyond words...


A year passed by and things were much the same. 

Katherine was an angry, selfish person that nobody could stand to be around. Her friends could no longer handle her nature and the only person who truly understood what she was going through was Cam. Cam was her best friend and even then he didn't understand why she was taking her emotions out on everybody else. He, was the only one who could calm her down...

Isn't that sad? 

Her only friend in the world was her little brother who didn't understand what was going on. What sort of life is that? 

Oblivious to the damage that he had caused, Bryce then began seeing another girl which, as you can imagine, caused plenty of arguments. Katherine, of course, was at the root of the whole thing. The problem that she had with this girl was, 'Rhee' was already going out with one of her closest friends. Yes everybody, this girl was cheating on one of Katherine's friends with her brother... Sticky situation, huh?

Katherine of course put a stop to it all which earned her a black card from Rhee 'and' an unforgiving friend who believed that it was all her fault... Wasn't life great?


Bryce then proposed to Rhee and they became engaged... ONE WEEK AFTER THEY MET! WHO DOES THAT?! WHO DOES THAT!!!

And then after countless sleepless nights, Bryce moves out to be with his 'One true love'.


So, just to sum up Bryce's situation so far;

-He left home

-Married Bex

-Had a child

-Got divorced

-Moved back in with his family and treated them all like crap

-Met a girl with a reputation for sleeping around

-Gets engaged to her and then moves out, again.


If you don't think that it can get any worse? 

You are completely wrong.


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