The Art of Being Hurt

This is my life.
I went through this a couple years back and I wanted to write about it.

*I edited some things to protect the identities of people within this*


8. That First Christmas


Oh you thought I was finished? Not, Even, Close.

Right so, it was round about 'The happy couples' first Christmas together when it happened... 

Things, at first, were going great for both Bryce and Rhee. The dog was still alive which was an obvious bonus, they were managing to scam my mum for money by making her feel awful and they also took my Grandma's Christmas Decorations without even saying 'Thank you'. Sucks to be us right?

But then it happened. 

Bryce lost control of his car. 


I'm not going to bore you with the details of that night, mainly because it won't help anyone to remind ourselves of it. Basically what happened was Bryce was driving on the road in winter, hit some black ice wrong with some dull tyres and "killed his baby". 

Rhee?...Stop being such an F***ing drama queen. He did not kill your "baby" because you weren't even pregnant in the first place, jeez. 


So anyway, 'long story short', about 2 months after this Bryce and Rhee broke up. Thank the Lord. But you know what the funny part of this whole drama is? We were stupid and naive to believe that Rhee would let us be, that she would just leave us alone. 

And boy were we sooooo wrong. 

Not long after Bryce moved back in with us we/he received a letter from *I think it was the court?* to attend his trial for the attempted killing of Rhee. Like WTF?!

Apparentally she had gone to the police claiming that he had deliberately tried to spiral out of control to kill her. I was like "Unlucky". I'm just kidding...  But seriously, How low can you get? Just leave him be. But she still wasn't just content with saying that to get him in trouble, oh no. She also claimed that he had tried to abuse her. Right, so obviously none of you know Bryce so let me just lay it down for you too understand... My brother is as built as a pencil and as lanky as a willow tree. He's also about as threatening as a marshmallow. 

Get your facts straight, Rhee. 

These whole shenanigans have actually only been recently finished, he was originally going to be sent to jail but he only got banned from driving, he had to retake his test and he was also given like 170 hours of community service. *Winning*

(You know when people walk away like bad asses with there middle fingers up in the air? I felt like doing that)


I actually saw her like six months ago... It was the best moment of my life.

'If you are sensitive don't read this part'.

I legit remember this like it was yesterday...

So I was walking around with my friend in town, JUST MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS, when my friend nudges me and says "We should go, look whose coming this way". I turn around and guess who is coming towards me? Rhee. Arm in arm with this massive built guy that I thought was gonna 'woop' my butt if I didn't move, so I did the gracious thing and turned away. I was trying to be the bigger person, okay? 

I then hear the snide comment "Nice to know you have such an abusive brother" right at my back as she walks past... And I was like 'HELL NO' it's one thing to insult me, but to insult my family right to my face?! I don't think so babe. It was awful because I could feel my teeth grinding together and I got so angry in that moment that I spoke without thinking or the consequences, but if I'm perfectly honest? I haven't regretted saying it to her. Not, one, bit. 

So what do I do? I whirl around to glare at her, my friend holding back my arm and I yell at her "Nice to know you're such a slut, oh wait, half the population know that already!"

It was silent in the Cafe. 


But this isn't the point... This doesn't help the story at all. 

Since then Bryce has met someone new, fiance number 3. 


And in some ways she is worse than the last two.





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