since the beginning

everyone new they were meant to be when they do get together they find they were meant for each other


3. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when i got home mum was standing there talking on the phone i am going to my room" i said walking past wait why is your face so oh my god you got into a fight again" arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr noooooo i said whiel walking to my room wait' mum yelled i turned around i am on the phone to your school and they said you got sespended for 2 WEEKS WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she said angryly i dont want to talk about it ok so just leave it alone i said as i kept on walking into my room mum was talking about something but i slammed my door  and put my ear  phones in and put it as high as it could go. about 2 hours later my brother just got home (sam) he pulled my ear phones out and said hey i heard you got into a fight to day" yeah i did i said with i smile so who won he asked me of course" i said laughing i got my laptop out and tiana had recorded all of it i showed my brother he sent it to austins sister (its his girl friend) i was sitting there all night looking at photos of me and mason should i text him or talk to him in person i said to myself but i desided to text him he had a week off school because of his inguries i texted him:

hey you should

come over since you

have a week of for

inguries and i got sespendened

for 2 weeks



on my phone i can see if someone has seen it and it said that he has seen it but he did not replyed i sat there for 2 days for a reply on thurseday he texted me back it said:

hey sorry i have 

not text back

you got sespended for me

yeah i should come

over and go for a swim 

in your pool if thats ok


i looked at that message saying why wouldnt it be ok oh ok i replyed:

sure come over today 

and you should

stay over to it will be

so much fun


about half hour later he came over we jumped in the pool he had no stirt on his mucles i only had my becreenies on you could see the big bruse












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