since the beginning

everyone new they were meant to be when they do get together they find they were meant for each other


12. nooo not you

i was just sitting there crying when sam walked and he heard the whole thing he sat next to me and gave me a long massif huge  after i had stopped crying my phone went off it was this singing comp i entered agers ago i answered it "hey we listened to your music and we want you to sing tonight at this night festival" the person on the other end said i started freaking out "yes yes yes yes of course ill be there as soon as possible ok bye" i got off and told him he was so exsited i got up and grabbed my guitar and got my jeans this green top that just showed my stoumch  with my boots plus i had my hair down my hair is so long it comes all the way down to my rib cage its black but i quickly added blue tips to the ends when we got there i had texted reece and tiana to come see me be form they were sitting on opposite sides of the crowd when i got on stage there where thousands of people there i sung multiple song at the end i went in to my change room and reece and tiana came in tiana looked mad "whats wrong tiana" she just stood there with her arms crossed i looked at reece like what the fuck and reece explained why they broke up we went out to a  privet  place tiana came with  "um i broke up with her  because i like someone else" he said tiana rolled her eyes "who???????" i said "THIS IS THE PROBLEM YOU JUST DONT HAVE THE BALLS TO TELL HER DONT YOU" tiana said angrily "wait what" i said looking at him "I STILL CANT BELIEVE HE WOULD PICK YOU OVER ME SHES NOT EVEN GOOD LOOKING SHES A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT" tiana said yelling reece walked over and punched her "DONT YOU EVER SPEAK TO HER LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN"he said yelling 

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