since the beginning

everyone new they were meant to be when they do get together they find they were meant for each other


5. new guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i ran around the corner i had my books in my hands with some singing notes but i wasnt watching where i was going and i ran straight into this guy all my books and notes fell out of my arms "i am so sorry" this guy said he had blue eyes bluer then the sea blonde hair that was pretty long that he flicked away from his eyes he was helping me pick up my books his eyes "hello"  heard his voice "sorry i was never mind" i couldnt finish my sentance "hey am new i am dylan" "paige i am paige" "so you sing" "sorter but i sound horrible" i said as he handed my notes and books back "do you know where this class is" "yeah thats my class i am going there now so you want to come" "sure i like your hair its probly not nature" "how did u know" "well you would look way better with lighter colour" "well it use to be a red colour" he smiled i smiled "well this is your class well our class" we went in and sat down he sat next to me all the girls were stairing at him "well are you se to all these girls stairing" i whispered "no" he whisped back after class i went to walk off when "paige" i heard my name i looked back it was mason "can you do something for my" "sure what"dylan replyed "well i need you to act like my boyfriend" "why" "well a friend has a crush on me and he keeps on trying to kiss me so plz" "ok what do you want me to do" "act like your my boyfriend" be grabbed me around the wast i looked at him he looked in to my eyes "paige who is this" "i am her boyfriend dylan" dylan said to mason mason just walked of sadly i moved his hand from around my wast"can i hang with you and your friends" 'sure"at lunch tiana nearly past out when she saw dylan was hang with us for



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