since the beginning

everyone new they were meant to be when they do get together they find they were meant for each other


8. i was not expecting this

i heard a knock on the door my brother was out getting food and stuff so i got up and answered it it was dylan great i thought in my head "why havent you been answering my calls i thought something was wrong" he said sadly "yeah when you think there is something wrong you come running but when there isnt  you just go and hide "what has gotten into you" "what has gotten into me you dished me remember at lunch" "paige" he said i went to walk off then he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him and then he kissed me "i like you ok there i said it i like you ALOT!!!!!!!"he said with out losing eye contact "you really mean it" i said looking into his eyes he nodded he kisses me again and my brother had to walk in at that moment "wow sorry but paige i need some help" he asked i looked at her and rolled my eyes so i walked over and started to help unpack them after that me and dylan hang out in my room its ok nothing happened i was lying on my bed like side ways and dylan was sitting in my spiny chair with my desk next to him (by the way dylan just got new glasses they are like the dorky glasses but not to dorky) i was lying there "who look different with glasses" i said i had to go because my brother needed me i came back in "what are these' he said with a big grin holding my glassses "give them back" i said with a grin i went to grab them but then all of a sudden he kissed me again but when he was kissing me he put my glasses on (there the same glasses as his but mine are girl ones) "great know i look horrible ....................and i can see" i said laughing "i am suspose to wear them all the time but i dont" "why you look beautiulur if that is even a word but still you look way better know" "what evs" we both laughed the rest of the after noon we spent together  dylan had to go because sam (brother) didnt let him stay we had dinner "i dont like him"sam said "why" i asked "theres  just something with that kid " i rolled my eyes and the dirty plate away "hang on your differet are you wearing your glasses" "maybe" i said with a smile

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