since the beginning

everyone new they were meant to be when they do get together they find they were meant for each other


2. great

the next day at school reece and tiana ran up and said theres a fight follow" i foolowed them when i got to the front of all the people there mason mason being beat up by austin and his boys austin went to punch him when i ran and grabbed his arm then he yelled let go of me' no stop pick on someone your own size" then he turned around and throw me to the growned i got back up and pushed him he turned around and said guess what" what i said worriedly" your the same hieght as me" he punched me i had my hand on my face and then punched him back by then i figured out that my face was blooding and then his friends grabbed me and he came up and put his hand on my face your such a pretty girl for someone who has nbeen expelled fro 5 schools from bullying and picking fights but know its you who is going to get hurt' i shoock my face to get his hand of my face he went to punch me when mason screamed NO!!!!!" austin punched me in the gut i could hardly breath let go of me your playing unfair' so austin nodded to his boys they pushed me to the ground i stood up he went to punch me then i was to quick for him and i got hi in the nose i pushed him into the ground how do you like it " i said not relising a teacher was behind me then i kicked him um paige look behind you mason said with a worried look great is mrs hamington behind me everyone nodded> the princeble talked to austin and his mates first mason and me got sent to the school nurse> i had a busted lip a big cut on my chick a blood nose and a cut threw my eye brole a black eye and a big bruse on my stomach mason only had a blood nose we were sitting there the nurse had left and mason said you didnt have to do this for me you know" its fine your my friend i should look out for you" i said getting rid of the blood from my nose i sat next to him look at you do you have a marck where he punched you in the stomch" he said plitly yes sort of i lifted my shirt revelling my stomach there was a masive bruse look what you have done to protect me he said then he touched it ow" i said in pain sorry did that hurt" he said looking into my eyes i looked down he put his hand on my chun and lifted my head up i had a tear in my eye where you really expelled form school for that reacen i nodded he looked into my eyes i looked back into  his he got close to me as if he was gong to kiss me i pulled away i am sorry" i said wyping the tear away i stood up and left in a rush paige come back" mason said i was walking so fast i ran into my princeble can i talk with you plz he said with a deep voice sure i replyed when we were in his office he said that austin said that i started it WHAT i said paige plz i know you can not get expeeled from this school other wise you will move to the other side of the world and i am kind so i wont" he said trying to be kind I DIDNT START IT" i said then i planked out when i saw mason walking down the hall way he looked sad paige did you hear me he said angryly sorry no i didnt i said with an attuide well i am sespending you for 2 weeks he said GREAT i said has i rolled my eyes i stood up and stormed out and slamming the door on  the way out was austin and his mates pour little girl you got in trouble they said with a gigle i went to punch them again when i heard PAIGE it was the princeble they smirket i walked of as calmly as i could

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