since the beginning

everyone new they were meant to be when they do get together they find they were meant for each other


7. fun

after i dryed off dylan asked "why did you come here" "well long story mum kicked me out because i got expelled he said he can not control me anymore like i am a little kid or something" i answered "so you live alone" i asked "yeah well my mum didnt really care much and dad was everywhere" "yeah i know how you feel" hes blue eye stared into my eyes "i have a spair room" so he showed me to the room "make your self at home" "only until my brother comes back ok" "ok jeez ok my rooms just down the hall if you need me" i rolled my eyes and started to un pack that after noon we sat down to watch a movie i had really short shorts with a shirt that is way to big for me dylan walked out with out a shirt on he has abs wow "um dylan you need a shirt" i said biting my lip "i am so sorry i always walk around with out a shirt on so sorry" he apologized so he went and put a shirt on so finially we got to the movie "night" "night" we both said i was lying in bed only thinking of him with out a shirt on shit i am falling for him i am so stuffed the next day i was getting dressed in my room when dylan just came in all i had on was shorts and a bra "oh my god" i said "i am so sorry" he explained after i got FULLY dressed i walked out "sooo" "sooo"" we both said"what do you in the mornings" i asked "i go for a run" he answered i nodded i got dressed into my running outfit thing "ok so who ever wins has to bye lunch for the other person" he explained i grinned we where racing when i won "danm it" he said with sweat running down his chest when we got home i had to get ready because i had to go take my bags to my brothers house (hes back yay) but then after that we were going out for lunch after my room was done at my brothers house i went straight to that little cafe (thats the name of the cafe) i was sitting there for an hour then i got a text saying he can not make it i was so upset he didnt go i sat in my room looking at my phone every second to make sure he had text back but he hadnt but then my phone went crazy i got 2 messages from dylan and a call i didnt reply to the messages or answered the phone

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