since the beginning

everyone new they were meant to be when they do get together they find they were meant for each other


10. can it be true

after the most amazing date i came home  to finding  that tiana and reece had split up i text tiana to see what had happened she didnt reply this must be really sus so  i went to her house to find out what happened she was sitting in the shower crying but she was fully clothed i helped her out and got her a towel when she was getting dressed i made her some hot coco when she came down the stairs i looked at her and i knew something was wrong but what was it she sat down and started drinking her hot coco slowly "so what"  "i dont want to talk about him" she said as i got cut off  "you have your nose pieced and your lip pieced thats pretty cool isnt it she said holding back the tears "yeah i got it done with...........dylan" i said slowly after our hot coco i left but there was still something strange about thing normaly she would say heaps of stuff like he said this and i said that and she would be really talkative but not this brake up all night i was trying to figure out why she didnt say anything the next day i was just sitting there when reece  came out "hey i need to talk to you about your boyfriend dylan" he said seriously "i dont want to here it there is nothing wrong with him ok and what happene btween you and tiana" i said  with a high tone "paige can you just shut up for one second ok" he said raising his voice i shut up because he has never yelled at me before so i sat there "theres something sus about dylan ok" he said "theres nothing sus about him" i said reece  gave me the evil eye so i shut up again "are you serious where were your glasses i now you and you would put your glasses away somewhere deep and personal where no one can find them ok and he just fond them so think about it ok i dont want you to get hurt again ok i care about you and your well being so i hope you choose the right option ok" he said getting up and walking off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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