since the beginning

everyone new they were meant to be when they do get together they find they were meant for each other



i disidendto forgive mason and tell him the truth about me not having a boyfriend but he doesnt like dylan for some reason after school dylan came over to study "can i ask you something" dylan said with a serious face "sure" i said but what the hell is he going to ask i throught in my head "can i hear you sing i have never ever heard you sing" "well tiana and reece and mason havent heard me sing" "plz come on" "fine" i went and got my notes and my guitar  "1 2 3" i was so nurves (i sung you found me by fray) after i finished he started to clap "that was amazing" "what ever" "it was" "ok lets study i put up my guitar and started to study he was still looking at me with his blue eyes i looked up "what" he shook his head "nothing lets study" i rolled my eyes the next day at school chloe (popular girl) was saying things about me so i walked up to her and punched her in the face "i have never seen her be so vilant" dylan said "i wish i saw her after she saved me" mason said with a grin dylan looked at him mean will chloe got back up "what the fuck was that for" she punched her again chloe got up and grabbed paiges hair they were having a full on cat fight.after a wile the princelble came and was holding chloe back and dylan had to grab me because no one else could hold me back i was the first one in the office "i am sorry but you are expelled i can not handle you anymore" he yelled "wait expelled thanks" i said he shook his head "now get out" he yelled i stormed out of his office again with dylan following "so what happened" he said with his amazing voice "i dont want to talk about it" i walked faster when i got home mum had already got the call "i am sorry but you can no longer live here" "what are you serious" she nodded i walked into my room and started to pack my things i was going to stay with my brother but he was in perth for some god nows reason so i went to masons house he let me stay but that night we where watching a movie he was looking at me then all of a sudden he kissed me i let this one slip but it got to weird "for fuck sack we are friends nothing else ok so just stay away from for ever" he stood up and grabbed my shoulder "paige come on just have a little fun  "no just stop dont even talk to me" i angrly said i grabbed my stuff and walked out it started to rain where to go dylans he is the only place my hair was wet and i was crying all my make up was running down my face i got inside and he gave me a towel to dry off 

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