Guardian Angel

Annabelle is a senior in high school. One day her guardian angel Faren appears. Hes been wanting to appear in front of her all her life. But he never could. When he finally can he makes an effort to befriend her. His antics irritate her naturally. And theres something hes keeping from her. Some sort of secret.


1. chapter 1

I awoke in my bed with a gasp. Gripping the sheets of my bed i looked around frightened. It had only been a dream.

Just a dream.

So why was i so startled?

I took a deep breath and i got up. 6:15 am on a thursday morning.

Great. Time for school.

As i got dressed into a pair of skinny blue jeans and a big wool blue sweater i couldnt help but continue to think about the dream id had that previous night. In my dream id been walking in the woods holding his hand. I looked over at him and smiled. He smiled back. His teeth nearly sparkled as if it were some orbit commercial. We were the "perfect" couple in the dark forest green woods. The deep dark woods hollow and...beautiful. And he was holding my hand so gently...

Damn. Those hands tho. They were honestly so soft...

I shrugged the thought off and slipped on my ankle boot moccasins. I grabbed my backpack and headed for school. All that day i kept thinking about the dream. Ugh somebody kill me now. I couldnt get it out of my head. I kept my face dug up in a notebook and doodled all english, which was my last period at the end of the day.

I stared absent mindedly at swirls oak trees lightning bolts wierd ass clouds and flowers.

"Ahem" my teacher said tapping my notebook with a pencil.

"Anything about shakespire in that notebook Annabell?"

"Well im sure you wish there was" i said looking up with an attempted smile.

He frowned.

"Its a good thing theres ten minutes of class left" he said. "This is your warning. Do not lolygag in my class"

"Lolygag? Did shakespere say that?"

His frown deepened.

"Okay im sorry" i said trying not to smile at my own humor.

"Anyways class" Mr.Claire turned to his class. "You can end early. Your lucky Ms.Evergreen got you out of that one"

The class began packing up as i did. Finally. School was over. When i got home i was going straight to my tv, to my dvr, to my episodes of my beloved show, to my fridge, to my ben and jerry container of marshmellow fudge ice cream, back to my tv, and to a couch with cushions for my bottom specifically.

The bell finally rang. I began walking home. It was my senior year and only september. Joy!

I was walking home when it began to sprinkle.

"No!" I cried covering my head. "Im not an ice cream sundae. Dont sprinkle on me!"

I began jogging akwardly towards my house which was thankfully close by only a block or so down. When i arrived i unlocked my front door and walked in.

The rain outsde began pouring miserably. Lightning and thunder added on after. Storms were fun. I loved storms.

I threw off my shoes and slid my backpack off my back and danced into the kitchen.

"Ice cream" i sang. "How has your day been? I hope it was as desirable as mine has been- in fact ive desired you" i grinned and pulled open the freezer. God i was being such a wierdo today. I naturally was crazy, but today just seemed extra crazy. I went straight to my tv but it wasnt working. The power must have been out. And yet the lights were on. Wierd.

I sighed and sat down at the dinning room table. I began eating my beloved ice cream, feeling so lonley.

"I need friends ice cream" i said as i ate it, looking down in my humorous sorrow.

"Congratz. You just made one" he said. I screamed throwing my ice cream backwards.

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