I'm Here For You

While being on xfactor solo and put into a band with four other lads Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn. Harry never knew he would be falling for one of them. while struggling through depression and jealousy will harry get Louis to fall for him


1. Chapter 1


Part 1


Harry's pov


The sun was shining through the window I opened my eyes and pulled the covers over me I didn't want to get up we have an interview today. "I hate interviews." I muttered while getting up and walking towards the bathroom steping in the shower turning the knob and feeling the warm water against my body I squirted the shampoo out and washed my curls, I knew the boys would be coming soon in the van to pick me up, so I turned the shower off then stepping out and grabing a towel and wrapping it around my waist looking up at my reflection In the mirror my fingers tracing the fading scars and newly fresh cuts on my stomach. I know I shouldn't be cutting but ever since grade school cutting helped no one knows I cut not even the boys. sometimes i feel like like no one cares about me Liam and Zayn are always with there girlfriends Danielle and Perrie and louis never hangs out with me that much anymore but when we do sometimes he will get a call and have to leave somewhere even before we start the movie or he will be texting throughout the movie he never tells me who he is texting or why he has to leave and where he is going I mean i thought me and Louis kinda had something like special but i guess not anymore its different now and as for Niall I feel like he mite be the only one who cares he is the only one who knows i have a crush on Louis. I walked out of the bathroom and grabbed some khakis and a white shirt put them on and then headed downstairs a put on my converse shoes the van pulled up in front and i opened the door and ran to the van and got in the van. No one payed attention to me Louis was busy texting on his phone, Zayn was listening to music and Niall and Liam were talking about something funny I just sat in the back and starred out the window of the van as it drove off. I put in my headphones listening to coldplay's new album as I close my eyes I opened my eyes from someone shaking me it was Niall "Harry come on where here" we finally made it to Monday Morning Talk for our interview I got out and followed the bodygaurds to go inside i ignored the fans that wanted autographs and photo Iwas inside the building people were guiding us to our dressing rooms I couldn't stop starring at Louis hoping maybe He would notice me starring and look at jme but no he hasn't kept his eyes off his phone. they showed me my dressing room i sat down in the couch that was in my room wanting to just go back to my house in my warm bed hopefully this interview won't take long.




Hello and we are back on Monday Morning Talk our. next guest are the #1 band in the UK have a sold out tour and new album take me home please welcome One Direction *crowd cheers* we have Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn.


so I heard you guys just performed at Msg how was that?


Niall: it was pretty amazing it has always been our dream to perform at something so huge and great.


well you guys also realeased your new album called take me home can you tell us your favorite song off the albumn?


Niall: Last First Kiss I think it's brilliant.


Harry: Heart Attack when I listen to it its just a great track.


Liam: I'm going to say Loved You First everything I listen to it just makes me want to dance.


Zayn: I like Summer Love cause it's a little different from some of the other stuff we have done.


Louis: Back For You


Now I bet all the lady fans out there would like to know which one of you is single.


Harry: single


Niall: I'm single as well


Zayn: I'm currently In relationship with Perrie from the group little mix.


Liam: in a relationship with a beautiful girl Danielle.


Louis: well actually I''ve been in a relationship with someone for a while now her name is Eleanor.


*End Of Interview*


I quickly ran off the stage and then faced Louis " What the fuck Louis why didn't you tell us about this chick Eleanor". " I didn't think i would have to tell you guys?" "YEA BUT YOU LIED TO US LOU!" tears were now streaming down my face as i was yelling at him "I DIDN'T LIE TO YOU GUYS I JUST NEVER TOLD YOU!" it hurt me so much and i could tell that the other lads were upset with Lou too i took one last look at him and walked off to my dressing room i slammed the door and sat on the couch im so upset i really like Louis ALOT and to find out he has been with someone for awhile now and it to be a girl A GIRL which means he's straight and probably dosen't have a thing for guys. i just layed on the couch crying into the pillow i heard someone walk in my dressing room it was Niall "Harry are you okay?" wow Niall is really asking if i'm okay does it look like I am " NO I'M NOT OKAY NIALL I'M REALLY UPSET WITH LOUIS BUT IT'S LIKE NONE OF YOU GUYS REALLY CARE ABOUT ME ANYWAY!" i have to get out of here i got off the couch and made my way to the door i turned the knob but Niall grabbed my wrist "Harry listen we do care about you alot." "NO NIALL JUST LEAVE ME ALONE OKAY!" I slammed the dressing room door and ran out the studio not giving a fuck about getting in trouble for leaving i just wanted to get out of there i pulled my hood over my head and put my sunglasses on i was walking down the street until i came across a bar i just wanted to forget about everything i walked into the bar making my way over to bar and stools and told the bartender "the strongest you got please." and after about aleast 6 drinks or more i was really drunk my vison was a little blurry and i could barley make out what i was saying. as I stumbled my way out of the bar i didn't really know which way to go or how to get home. I started walking across the street a car was coming towards me i stood still not sure what to do the lights shining in my eyes then i heard someone yelling my name it sounded like Louis "HARRY WATCH OUT!"

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