Never Leave You (Sequel) | Louis Tomlinson

Love can be a complicated thing, especially when your heart has been broken by the one you are madly in love with. Every love story has its beginning. What started out as friends has turned into something more. A simple girl who was lost and broken fell madly in love with her brother's best friend. He fell in love back, but he knew he couldn't. Rules were broken, secrets were kept but soon were told, and love conquer everything (or so it did). So, what if one stupid mistake ruined everything? Brooke and Louis were in love with each other. They knew it was wrong to be dating, so they kept it a secret until Louis made a terrible mistake. Louis had to tell Harry everything. From telling the rules, to dating, to the cheating mistake Louis blames himself for. Brooke had never been put in this situation before, so what does she do? She runs. After being found missing, the lads go on an adventure to find Brooke. Louis is determined to find her even if it means to travel across the world until he finds her. Will they ever find Brooke? What if they don't? How will Harry and Louis take this? Most importantly, where is Brooke? Join Louis and the lad's on a journey that they will never forget.


"No! I will not stop!" I shouted. "Louis, we looked everywhere! What else do you want us to do? We heard nothing from her," Harry roared with anger. "Harry, this is your sister we are talking about. I'm not leaving," I said through clenched teeth. My fist were clenched to my sides, my face was beating red from yelling, and anger took over me. How could he give up on his own sister? "I love her to death Louis but this is your fault. You caused this. You should have told her. You are the one to blame for her disappearance!" Harry yelled. I kept quiet from any words I would regret saying. I shook my head in anger and walked towards him. Our face were inches apart. No words were spoken. "But I still love her Harry. Always will. You leave then. I'm not," I said through the silence. "Fine, I will."


1. Never Leave You Prologue

Never Leave You Prologue

Louis' Pov:

That pain you have when you lost someone hurts like hell. It was like a hole swallowing you whole and you have no where to go or being able to breath because of it suffocating you just like my broken heart is suffocating me. Have you ever felt like you can't live with out someone, that they mean so much to you?That you would do just about anything for them. Never had I ever felt like that until now.

I've lost the most important person ever because of some stupid mistake. I regret that ever happening. Our first month anniversary was ruined by one mistake. That one mistake I wish I could take back. I regret hurting the one I love. She was already afraid to fall in love and I ruined that chance of her falling again or her even believing in love again.

When I first found Brooke, she was lost and broken. I knew that the moment I first laid eyes on her that I had to know her and be her's to love. I wanted to fix her heart and get her to open up to me and once I did, it all fell apart. I lost her from a brunette fooling me and making it seem like I was cheating. I knew the moment Brooke saw, I couldn't lose her. I had to fight for her and make her believe it wasn't what it looked it, but she didn't believe any of it.

After I tried to convince her and it wouldn't work, she told me that's the reason why she was afraid to fall in love. It crushed me to know that I was the reason why she was hurt. She told me she hated me. Imagine how I feel knowing she hates me. She didn't know how to handle this so she left. She left with out a word being spoken except she only wrote a note and left it for us to read.

Her brother Harry was a mess. He couldn't handle her being gone. He was miserable just like me. We knew we had to find her but didn't know where she could have gone. She could be anywhere in the world by now but we had to stake one step at a time.

I remember it took me forever to tell Brooke how I felt about her or how I felt when I'm around her. It was your typical love story. Boy and girl love each other but think they love someone else. To make it harder, her brother Harry wouldn't allow it. He made some silly rules that I couldn't break, but I broke them all. First rule was not to hurt Brooke. Which I did. Second rule was not to do PDA. Which I did that also. Third rule was not to date her. Of course I did that. They were foolish rules that an idiot like me went and broke.

Finally, when we told each other how we felt about one another, we kept it a secret. We didn't want anyone to know about us, but when the incident happened I had to spill everything to Harry- her brother. He was not happy. He stopped talking to me for awhile and we still haven't spoken a word to one another. I have never seen him so mad and hurt before and it was because of me.

Anyways, that's not the point. The point is that Brooke is gone. I can't stand not knowing where she is so I plan on finding her. No matter what it takes. I would do anything for her. So, that's pretty much it right? No, wait sorry. . . There is one more thing you should all know.

I'm Louis Tomlinson and this is my story how I lost the most important girl ever and plan on getting her back, even if it means to travel across the world to find her.

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