Never Leave You (Sequel) | Louis Tomlinson

Love can be a complicated thing, especially when your heart has been broken by the one you are madly in love with. Every love story has its beginning. What started out as friends has turned into something more. A simple girl who was lost and broken fell madly in love with her brother's best friend. He fell in love back, but he knew he couldn't. Rules were broken, secrets were kept but soon were told, and love conquer everything (or so it did). So, what if one stupid mistake ruined everything? Brooke and Louis were in love with each other. They knew it was wrong to be dating, so they kept it a secret until Louis made a terrible mistake. Louis had to tell Harry everything. From telling the rules, to dating, to the cheating mistake Louis blames himself for. Brooke had never been put in this situation before, so what does she do? She runs. After being found missing, the lads go on an adventure to find Brooke. Louis is determined to find her even if it means to travel across the world until he finds her. Will they ever find Brooke? What if they don't? How will Harry and Louis take this? Most importantly, where is Brooke? Join Louis and the lad's on a journey that they will never forget.


"No! I will not stop!" I shouted. "Louis, we looked everywhere! What else do you want us to do? We heard nothing from her," Harry roared with anger. "Harry, this is your sister we are talking about. I'm not leaving," I said through clenched teeth. My fist were clenched to my sides, my face was beating red from yelling, and anger took over me. How could he give up on his own sister? "I love her to death Louis but this is your fault. You caused this. You should have told her. You are the one to blame for her disappearance!" Harry yelled. I kept quiet from any words I would regret saying. I shook my head in anger and walked towards him. Our face were inches apart. No words were spoken. "But I still love her Harry. Always will. You leave then. I'm not," I said through the silence. "Fine, I will."


3. Never Leave You Chapter 2

Never Leave You Chapter 2

Louis' Pov:

"Alright lads! let's think this through," I said, pacing around the coffee table in the loving room. The five of us sat in the living room on the couches beginning to plan and think everything through.. "Where could have Brooke gone?" I asked myself. "We don't know," Niall said and shrugged. "Shh. I'm thinking," I shushed him. He raised his hands in defense.

I have to think hard about this one. Did Brooke ever tell me where she wanted to go? No, she couldn't have. I would have remembered. I looked at the lads. They were all a mess including me. Each and everyone of us was stressed out, scared, angry, and tired. Harry was the worse of us all. His hair was disheveled, he had dark bags under his eyes, his eyes were bright red from crying, and his eyes no longer sparkled that bright green color. He looked almost dead. . . His eyes were dull and emotionless. He would stare blankly at things and fall into a completely different universe. It was like he was another person. I couldn't blame him. He lost his sister due because of me.

I sighed and rubbed my face with my hands. I sat down and shook my head vigorously, trying to forget those awful memories. "Think you guys. Where could Brooke have gone?" I asked them. I looked up from my hands. Harry ignored me, his eyes were avoiding my stare. I sighed and looked at the others. "Anyone?" I raised an eyebrow. The stayed silent. I groaned and pulled my hair in frustration.

I stood up and turned my back towards them. A tear fell from my eye and slowly fell down my cheek. I wiped it away and sniffed. "If you guys will not help, then leave. I'm not going to waste my time if you will not help," I snapped. I looked at them over my shoulder to see they gave me a solemn expression.

"We're sorry Louis. We are trying but it's too much on us. We should try Cheshire if that helps," Zayn sadly shook his head in shame. I sighed and hung my head low. A soft sob escaped my lips as tears fell from my eyes. I felt a hand on my shoulder which surprised me. It caused me to look up to see Harry giving me a sympathetic smile. I pulled him in a hug as I cried.

This time he was the one comforting me and I was grateful for that. "Don't worry. We will find her. Like you always say. Never give up," he whispered. I ignored him and clutched onto him as I sobbed on his shoulder. His t-shirt was soaked with my tears. I took a deep breath to calm my self but I cried more.

"I am so sorry Harry. You don't know how awful I feel about all this. This is all my fault. Brooke left because of me. From one horrible mistake that I wish I can take back," I sobbed. Harry didn't reply and instead he rubbed my back to comfort me. I was the frail boy crying right now. My eyes were red and puffy due to the crying. There was an excruciating pain in my chest from it being heartbroken. I felt it both mentally and physically. It was the worse pain I have ever felt.

There is this part of me giving up hope but a tiny part of me told me to keep going and not to give up so soon. That possibly I will find Brooke in this massive world. Maybe fate will come and find its way through this horrible mess. I believe that part of me: I will find Brooke. I knew I couldn't give up.

I stopped crying and stood straight up from Harry's grasp, I wiped my eyes and took a deep breath. "Right. We can't give up. Now not and not ever," I said as I looked at the four boys in their bored and tired eyes. "Where shall we look first?" I asked. Liam smiled and stood up. He gave my back a pat before speaking, "There is the strong Louis." I smiled at him. "Definitely not Cheshire," Harry slowly spoke. "Why not?" Niall asked as both him and Zayn stood up. "Brooke would know we would look there first. She'd go somewhere where we know she wouldn't go to," Harry explained.

"Plus we can't tell Anne about this. She and Gemma would flip out," Zayn added in. "But that's her family. They have the right to know," I said. "Not always Louis. I know my mum. We can't tell them. It would be chaotic," Harry said, he grabbed my shoulder and gave it a light squeeze. I nodded and wandered off thinking. "Where do you think she would go?" Liam asked me. "I don't know," I sighed. I grabbed the back of my neck and gave it a small massage.

"We will sleep on this tonight. Tomorrow we will begin," I said. Everyone gave me a small nod. "We will wake up early and start," Harry said. "Agreed. The sooner we start the sooner we will find her," I said. "Sounds good," Zayn said. I gave them all a small smile. "We will find her. I promise you that," I said. "We believe you Louis."

Who knew those three words would change everything?


I tossed and turned in bed all night. I was not going to sleep. It was hard for me with the many thoughts on my mind. I sighed and rolled on my side. I looked at the time on the bed clock side that read three am. I sighed and flipped over on my back. I played with my fingers as I looked up at the ceiling as I tried to close my eyes but couldn't. Every time I did, Brooke's smile would pop up in my head causing me to open my eyes and let out a quiet scream and sob.

I sat up deciding maybe showering wouldn't be such a bad thing. It will help get my mind off of things. I tossed the blankets off my legs. The cool air hitting my skin causing me to shiver. I planted my feet on the carpet and stood up. I walked to the bathroom- me and Brooke would share- and I turned on the shower and waited for it to heat up.

I looked in my reflection in the mirror to see a different person. It was still me but I didn't feel like me. I had stubble on my face from not shaving. My eyes were blood shot red, I had bags under my eyes from not getting sleep lately. Tears stains were still visible down my cheeks. I placed my hands on my cheeks and I looked closely in the mirror, still not recognizing myself. It was like looking in a mirror and seeing a total different person.Who am I kidding? I'm not myself anymore since Brooke left. I am miserable.

I turned my head in the direction towards her door. I sighed and hesitantly walked to it. I lifted my hand up and hovered it over the door knob before I gripped onto it. I swung open the door to be face to face with an empty, quiet bedroom. Everything was gone. The things Brooke left, we packed them and hidden them in her closet. None of the lads and I have been in here for the last six months. I was met with the sound of silence. You could hear my breathing become heavier by the second. My lip quivered as I held back the tears that threaten to fall.

I looked down then up again. A tear slid down my face as I quickly wiped it away. I walked in and saw the empty walls that now didn't have pictures on them. Her bed was perfectly made and organized. I walked to her closet and opened it. Her things were packed neatly in boxes with words written on them in black sharpie.

I gasp as I saw a box that read Brooke and Louis' memories. I looked behind me for a split second, making sure Harry wasn't here, and grabbed the box. I walked to her bed and sat at the corner of it. I placed the box down on the floor by my feet. I stared at it, debating whether or not if I should open it. Will I have the strength to see our memories? Probably not.

I looked at her closet again then at the box. I bit my lip as I grabbed the box and tore it open. It revealed pictures, a photo album, and much more other things. I shakily pulled everything out and laid it on her bed. I saw the photo album we made together and I picked it up and I turned to the first page, hesitant at first. There was a picture of me and her in Cheshire. It was before all the dating began. Back when there was nothing wrong besides the fact of the rules, of course.

Her arms were wrapped around my neck and one of my arms were around her waist. She was smiling wide as we stood in front of the house. I smiled and turned the page. A picture of me and her standing out front of a restaurant. We cut this picture out of a magazine and glued it in here. She loved the way I looked in there so we cut it out. The page was filled with pictures of us from magazines. Brooke claimed she loved them because it brought back memories of how protective I can be.

I chuckled and turned the page. More pictures of me and her were there. Pictures of us goofing off. Pictures of us in the bathroom. She was taking a picture of herself in the bathroom mirror with her camera and I snuck up behind her.

A picture of us finally dating, us Iceskating, us kissing, and us cuddling together on the bed as we took pictures of ourselves. I turned the last page as it almost caused me to drop the album. It took me surprised as I remember this memory so clear. The memory was of us dancing out on the balcony at her birthday. We looked at each other with adore in our eyes. Anne took this picture as we weren't looking. Next to it had a small caption. "Forever and Always," I whispered to my self as a tear fell from my eye. The tear slid down my cheek and fell on the plastic wrap around the photo.

I looked next to the caption as I saw the necklace I gave her. I taped it in here about five months ago so I wouldn't have to be reminded of it anymore. I quickly closed the album and placed everything back in the box besides the photo album. I kept it and took it to my room. I slid it in my bookshelf. I looked at it once more before I walked back in the bathroom. I closed the two doors before I undressed myself and stepped into the shower.

I let the hot water fall all over me. I rolled my head around as it was stiff and sore. The hot water instantly let it loosen the tight, aching muscles. I let my head fall back as I rinsed my hair. I ran my fingers a few times through my wet hair. I closed my eyes and lowered my head as the water fell on me. My tensed muscles were immediately relaxing. I laid my head against my arms on the wall as I let the water fall on me.

Pictures of Brooke filled my head. Her eyes, her smile, and her laugh. Everything was coming back. I clenched my jaw and balled my fist. My breathing became heavy from the tightness in my chest and throat. My hands started to shake from the anger inside of me. I was lost, hurt, broken, and lonely but most importantly confused. Anger boiled through my veins. I don't know whether it was because of the brunette or how Brooke is not here besides me.

The next thing I know was I broke down in tears. Loud sobs escaped my lips. I cried out loud at how weak I am. I have never been so hurt before. "Why Brooke? Why did you have to leave?" I cried silently. Suddenly, I stopped crying as an idea popped in my head. I shot my head up in surprise. I quickly shut off the water and stepped out. I wrapped a towel around my hips and ran out of the bathroom. I shook my wet hair with my fingers.

I quickly pulled out a pair of clothes. A pair of briefs, black jeans, a hoodie, a graphic tee, and socks. I dropped my towel and pulled on my briefs. I slipped in my jeans and threw over my shirt. I slid on my hoodie. I sat down on the bed and pulled on my socks and vans. I jumped up and ran to my bookshelf. I scanned the many different books before I found what I was looking for then, I ran out of my bedroom door. I flicked on all the lights and started shouting and yelling.

"Everyone up!" I yelled. I ran down to Harry's bedroom and swung open the door causing him to jolt up. He rubbed his eyes and squinted at me. "Louis, what are you doing?" he groaned. "Up now. I think I know where Brooke may be at," I said as I turned on the light and ran out to the other lad's rooms. I swung open each of the doors with a loud slam as I yelled, "Up now! Downstairs immediately!" Everyone walked out of their rooms looking upset. "What Louis? What could you possibly want at four in the morning?" Zayn grumbled. Niall rubbed his eyes and let out a yawn. Harry came stumbling out as he pulled up his jean pants. "Where!? Where could she be?" he asked.

"Who?" Liam, Zayn, and Niall muttered. "Brooke," I said. "Now listen, it may not be where she is but it's a start," I cleared things a bit up. "I don't care where would she go?" Harry rambled.

"Well," I grinned. "Lads, get dress and pack your bags because we are going to New York!"

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