Never Leave You (Sequel) | Louis Tomlinson

Love can be a complicated thing, especially when your heart has been broken by the one you are madly in love with. Every love story has its beginning. What started out as friends has turned into something more. A simple girl who was lost and broken fell madly in love with her brother's best friend. He fell in love back, but he knew he couldn't. Rules were broken, secrets were kept but soon were told, and love conquer everything (or so it did). So, what if one stupid mistake ruined everything? Brooke and Louis were in love with each other. They knew it was wrong to be dating, so they kept it a secret until Louis made a terrible mistake. Louis had to tell Harry everything. From telling the rules, to dating, to the cheating mistake Louis blames himself for. Brooke had never been put in this situation before, so what does she do? She runs. After being found missing, the lads go on an adventure to find Brooke. Louis is determined to find her even if it means to travel across the world until he finds her. Will they ever find Brooke? What if they don't? How will Harry and Louis take this? Most importantly, where is Brooke? Join Louis and the lad's on a journey that they will never forget.


"No! I will not stop!" I shouted. "Louis, we looked everywhere! What else do you want us to do? We heard nothing from her," Harry roared with anger. "Harry, this is your sister we are talking about. I'm not leaving," I said through clenched teeth. My fist were clenched to my sides, my face was beating red from yelling, and anger took over me. How could he give up on his own sister? "I love her to death Louis but this is your fault. You caused this. You should have told her. You are the one to blame for her disappearance!" Harry yelled. I kept quiet from any words I would regret saying. I shook my head in anger and walked towards him. Our face were inches apart. No words were spoken. "But I still love her Harry. Always will. You leave then. I'm not," I said through the silence. "Fine, I will."


13. Never Leave You Chapter 12

Never Leave You Chapter 12

Louis' Pov:

A high pitch noise woke me up from my sleep. I had awaken from a deep slumber that I was somewhat enjoying. I opened my eyes only to be blinded by bright lights. I had to quickly close my eyes, and hold my head from the sharp pain in my head. I slowly opened my eyes again and blinked a few times before I looked around the room. The four lads were fast asleep on the chair and on the hard floor. I was in a white room. I am guessing it was a hospital, because I looked down to see I was covered with a thin blanket and a gown. The heart monitor stood off to the side of me. I examined my arm to see I had an IV hooked into me. I pulled it out and the heart monitor on my finger. The heart beat line in the monitor went straight and a loud pitch blared though the room.

It caused the lads to wake up in a heart beat and the nurses to rush in. I tossed the blanket off of me, and I stood up from the bed. "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to please remain in your bed," one of the nurses said as she gently caressed my arm.

I pulled my arm back and walked to where my clothes were laying. I gathered them and made my way to the door. "Sir! Get back in your bed," another nurse demanded. I ignored her as I grabbed the handle to the door. "Louis, please get back in bed. They need to know if your health is okay. Then, you can leave," Harry tried persuading me. I shook my head and slammed open the door.

All eyes were on me as I exited the room. I was very notorious in the hallways filled with people. "Sir, get back here," a male doctor spoke. His voice was loud and in control but I paid him no attention. I walked down until I felt a few pairs of arms grab ahold of me and tried to pull me back. I thrashed around to be set free. "Let go!" I yelled. "Louis, listen to us," Zayn spoke. "NO!" I screamed out in agony. I struggled to be set free. "Let me go! I need to find Brooke!" I cried out in misery. Compassion was shown through the lad's eyes.

A few doctors came rushing to my side. The next thing I knew was I felt something sharp in my neck before I slowly closed my eyes.

Pathetic. Was what I thought before everything went black.


"When is he going to wake up?!" A thick Irish accent yelled- Niall. "Shh. Quiet will you? Louis is knocked out," Zayn spoke. "That was crazy what he did," Liam said. I heard Harry sigh. He was probably shaking his head at me. "What happened again?" Niall asked. "He woke up and was going to leave to look for Brooke," Zayn replied. "Man. . . he is crazy in love with her," Niall said. "How did he end up here?" Liam asked. "I found him out at the dock in shock. Then, he passed out. Something must have hit him hard. I've never seen him in shock before. I couldn't get him to speak," Harry explained.

I opened my eyes to be, once again, shined with bright lights. I blinked a few times until I was met with a four pairs of eyes looking down at me in concern. It was silent until Niall said: "Are you alright, lad?" I sat up and held my head from the pain and thumping coming from one spot. The lads watched me. "Ow," I muttered as I held my head in pain. "What happened? Why am I here?" I asked as I looked around at the white hospital room. "Stay here. I'll go call a nurse," Harry said. He rushed out of the room, and I looked at the three pairs of eyes. I raised an eyebrow before speaking: "Well, are you going to tell me why I am here?" Zayn sent me a weak smile.

"Something happened when you were with Harry. And when you were here you tried leaving to look for Brooke." He sat next to me on a chair as he told me these things. "I was?" I asked, extremely confused. "Yeah." Niall nodded. "You fought the doctors and us. They had to give you some shot for them to knocked you out. It was hectic," Liam said. "Oh. . . Well, I'm ready to leave now," I said and smiled. "You need to be check, then we can go," Zayn said and chuckled. I nodded in response.

The door opened and all of our eyes diverted to the door. Harry and a nurse walked in. "I'll just take a look at your tests." She was looking very wearied. I wouldn't doubt it. She has to stay over night here and not have time to rest. She came over by me and took the clip board off of the wall. She scanned through the list before at me. I flashed her a smile to try to get her to set me free from this place.

She set the clipboard aside and checked my IV before saying: "We want to keep you over night. In case something happens again. Your cause of faint is still unknown." My smile faded. "It may be because I was drunk," I said. She shook her head. "It could have been but you were in a state of shock. It's one night. We only want to make sure you're going to be okay," she said and gave me an assuring smile.

I sighed and reluctantly nodded. I gave up; knowing it was no use to argue. She did a small nod before exiting. It fell silent once again amongst us. "Lads, can you give us a minute? I have to ask Louis something," Harry said. The three lads nodded. "We will be in the cafeteria," Niall said before they all exited out to the cafeteria. It was silent again until Harry walked towards the chair by the bed. He scanned the room before his eyes landed on me. "Louis," Harry spoke, "what happened at the dock?" My eyes fell down to my hands and I suddenly became interested with them. "N-nothing," I whispered hesitantly. "Something happened. Now, what was going on to cause you to go in utter shock and faint?" he asked, more sternly.

I sighed and looked up at him. Tears brimmed at the corner of my eyes. My lip quivered, then I gasp for air. I felt arms pull me in a comforting hug. "I was dancing with the brunette and the I saw her. She had some man dancing on her. She wore this really short dress with the tallest high heels ever could be worn and she had more make up than usual. It was her but it wasn't. She was different. She let the man's hands roam her body like she was some one night stand. She caught me staring back. The next thing I knew was I followed her out to the dock. She started to cry and ask me things. Bloody Harry! She asked me if I still love her. Hell I am still madly in love with her. Then, we were both crying and soon she vanished out of thin air. I don't know if I was seeing things or not but what ever it is I am going crazy," I sobbed. I gasp for air as I blurted everything out. "I'm seeing her. I dreaming about her. Maybe that phone call wasn't even real. Who knows?" I cried.

"What phone call?" ge asked after a moment of silence. He pulled back and stared back in confusion. I shook my head and said, "I left the hotel a few nights ago to get some fresh air. She called and we were both crying. She told me this was her last phone call with everyone. I asked her why she wants to leave us and her family. We were arguing and she told me she doesn't want to argue. We were talking a little until she told me she still loves me. Then, she hung up. I haven't heard anything else since," I said. My voice cracked at each word.

He pursed his lips together as he grabbed his phone. He dialed a number and put it on speaker. It rung a few times before it went straight to Brooke's voice mail. "Hey it's Brooke! I'm sorry I can't get to the phone right now. I'll try to call back when I can. I'm busy at the moment as you can see. Anyways bye!" Her usual bubbly voice echoed through the phone. It beeped for a second before Harry spoke. "Brooke, as you can see it's Harry, your brother, calling. Your family. . . Where are you? We are getting tired of this. Bloody hell Louis is going crazy. Please just answer. We miss you and want you home. What ever happened between Louis and you needs to be worked out. Now! This needs to end. You know who to call. Bye," he spoke out of frustration.

"Why didn't you tell her you know about her and me?" I asked. He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose in concentration. "Get your things. We are leaving now," he demanded. I looked at him as if he was crazy. "What?" I asked. "We are leaving from this hospital. We are looking for Brooke so we can end this disaster," he said as he gathered my clothes and tossed them to me.

"Slide them on underneath. We are sneaking you out of here. One way or another," he said. I slid on my pair of sweats and a black t-shirt. I tore off my hospital gown and I took off the IV and heart monitor. The same high pitch beating went off and we took no time in wasting our time. We grabbed our phones and opened the door before running out and not looking back. We ran down to the cafeteria where the lads sat and enjoyed a meal.

Niall was happily eating a burger. The other two were eating a sandwich. We opened the door and ran in. "Hurry. We are leaving now," Harry spoke urgently. The three lads looked at us. "Now!" I exclaimed. They vigorously nodded and gathered their things. We ran out of the back door of an exit and quickly made our way to a taxi. We whistled for one before getting one came to a stop and we sat in and buckled up. "To Fisherman's Wharf," Harry said. The driver nodded and began to drive. "What are we doing?" Zayn asked with a horrid and worried expression since we snuck myself out of the hospital. Harry had his eyebrows furrowed and he was in deep conversation.

"We are ending this nightmare."

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