Adopted by Louis Tomlinson

Elizabeth is 16 years old and was just adopted by Louis and Eleanor Tomlinson. What will happen next for Elizabeth? Will she fall head over heels in love with her adopted fathers band mates? Or will Louis stop it from happening? What other dramas could come up during this time?

Read to find out what happens! ;)


7. Leaving on Tour

"Louis hurry your sassy butt up! We were suppose to be at the airport 20 minutes ago!" Niall yelled at Louis who was clearly taking forever.

"I'm coming calm down!" Louis yelled back

"But Louuuu I'm hungry!"

"I'm ready!" Louis said while walking out the door.

The boys and I all got in the car and drove to the airport. I tried to ignore Harry the whole ride because of what happened yesterday morning. I was so confused about what happened, I didn't know what to think. I mean yes I like him but he's my father's best friend...that's weird...right?

We arrived at the airport and rushed onto the plane to avoid the mob of fans.

I sat at the back of the plane hoping to avoid Harry. Instead he sat right next to me.

"Hey Liz" he said

I didn't respond.

"Are you still weirded out by yesterday?" He asked

"A little" I muttered

"I'm sorry I just couldn't help myself. I mean your amazing and beautiful. But your my best mates adoptive daughter it's not right for us. Don't you agree?" He said

"I don't know" I said and turned away

He pulled my face towards him so i was facing him.

"What is it about you, that makes me believe that this is okay?" He asked

I couldn't resist him anymore. I kissed him. And the kiss turned into a heavy make out session. He pulled me onto his lap so I was straddling him. And he placed his hands just above my bum.

I pulled away when I heard the distant laughter of Louis I'm the front of the plane.

"This isn't right" I say as Harry kisses my neck

"I agree" he says against my neck

"But it feels right and soooo good" I said

I let out a small moan from the pleasure he was giving me by kissing my neck.

He pulled away and looked into my eyes

"Don't stop" I said

"If I don't stop I might just pull you into the lavatory and make love to you. That would be so wrong right now."

"Alright" I say while sitting back on my seat. I rested my head on Harry's shoulder and fell asleep.

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