Adopted by Louis Tomlinson

Elizabeth is 16 years old and was just adopted by Louis and Eleanor Tomlinson. What will happen next for Elizabeth? Will she fall head over heels in love with her adopted fathers band mates? Or will Louis stop it from happening? What other dramas could come up during this time?

Read to find out what happens! ;)


8. Drunk Liam

"Harry I'm serious" I heard a familiar voice say

"I know Louis, she just fell asleep on me. Nothing happened" Harry replied

Oh shoot. Are they talking about me? I opened my eyes to see that I was asleep on Harry's shoulder and I could tell Louis didn't like it.

"Hey Sleepyhead" Louis said to me

"Hey Lou when are we landing?" I asked

"In a few minutes actually" he said. With that he got up ave Harry a glare and walked to the front of the plane.

"What happened Harry?" I asked

"What did you hear?" Harry asked

"Don't mess with me right now Styles. What did Louis say?!" I half yelled

"He saw you asleep on my shoulder and talked to me. He said that I'm never allowed to date you. And to make sure that you won't fall for me." He said clearly annoyed.

"So what?" I said seductively and turned to face the window.

We were silent until the plane landed.

We got off the plane, into a limo and drove to the hotel. Once at the hotel Liam gave us our rooms keys each of us had our own room and I was happy about that. So I didn't have to share with anyone.

The boys all decided to go to a club. And since Louis was being overprotective again. I stayed behind in my room. I didn't mind it either. I watched movies all night.

At around 12 o'clock I decided to go to bed. But just before I got into bed I heard a soft knock at the door. I opened it to find a clearly drunk Liam in front of me.

"I saw you and Harry on the plane today" he slurred

I pulled him into the room and shut the door.

"Liam what are you talking about!?" I yelled

"Don't play dumb love, your too smart for that. You too were making out getting hot and heavy!!!" He was now mad and yelling at me

Just when he was about to say something else he ran to the bathroom to throw up.

I ran in behind him. I found him by the toilet puking his guts out.

"Why can't I get a chance with the girl I love before Harry. It's not fair I loved you first!" He yelled and with that he was out like a light bulb on the bathroom floor.

W-wait what? Did Liam just say he loves me? What is going on?

I grabbed a blanket and put it over Liam and got him some water and Advil. I knew he'd need it when we woke up.

I crawled into bed, trying to fall asleep but I couldn't stop thinking about what Liam said to me. What did he mean by I loved you first? Next thing I knew I fell asleep.

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