My Life

My name is Clare and I go to a school called Roeway High School. My friends are Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, Hunter Hayes, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Demi Lovato. My dad is Scooter Braun the manger of Justin Bieber so you would already think that me and Justin are best friends, well your right there and you would think that i have a perfect well life too well your wrong. I get attacked by the paparazzi and i get hated on by fans of my friends. I for one am not a singer i just model but still my friends and i manage to hangout with one another. This is by me my friends Jose and Ana


8. Water Park


         Clare's POV

         We arrived at the water and spilled out of Justin's SUV, we went on some wild water rides like the typhoon, watery grave, high peak mountain and s much more. Then later on we went to the pool, we sat our stuff down and the girls and i just sat on the chair talking while the boys jumped in the pool having the time of their life's. When the girls and i were done taking we lok over at the guys who seemed to be whispering. 

"What do you think they are talking about" Taylor asked

"I don't know" i answered back. Just then Ashton came up behind Demi and throw her into the pool then Hunter did the same to Taylor and so did Calum did to Ariana, I sat back and laughed at them till Luke tapped my shoulder i got up to run but Justin was in my way grabbed me and then Luke came up to me and grabbed my legs and they both tossed me into the pool. When i came up for air i saw Luke and Just laughing their ass off, then i started to splash them with water when i was done laughing i got out the pool and sat on my chair in the sun to get a tan.


 We got changed into lazy clothes and stayed at my place till it was 3:00 because Ariana, Taylor, Demi, Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael had to go to the studio. We sat on the couch and watched Rocky, Hairspary, 42, and Mortal Instruments City of Bones.

"Alright guys it's time to go" my dad said walking down the stairs

"Why can't we stay here where they party is" Ashton said in a whining voice. We all laughed at his comment, then Luke got up and said bye to the guys while i said bye to the girls then he walked over to me and gave me kiss.

"Stop making-out and lets go" Demi chucked

"Ok bye love you" Luke said leaving, i shut the door behind him and turned around to Hunter and Justin making kissy faces. I laughed and sat on the couch next to Justin while Hunter put on a movie called SuperHero Movie we were laughing our ass off. It was getting late so we turned off the tv and went upstairs but before i went to my room Justin grabbed my wirst causing me to spin around.

"Hey Clare since were on summer vacation i was thinking we could hang out since you are always busy with modeling and spending time with Luke" Justin said

" Umm yea lets hang out tomorrow" i replied back, we hugged and went different ways since he was sleeping over. When i went to sleep I had this feeling in my gut saying that i belonged with Justin and not Luke it was crazy so i shook the feeling off.

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