My Life

My name is Clare and I go to a school called Roeway High School. My friends are Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, Hunter Hayes, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Demi Lovato. My dad is Scooter Braun the manger of Justin Bieber so you would already think that me and Justin are best friends, well your right there and you would think that i have a perfect well life too well your wrong. I get attacked by the paparazzi and i get hated on by fans of my friends. I for one am not a singer i just model but still my friends and i manage to hangout with one another. This is by me my friends Jose and Ana


5. The Awards part1


               Clare's POV

Today is the day of the MTV awards i was so happy but still upset that i cant go to prom. Taylor, Demi and Ariana are coming over to help me get ready for the show but that isn't for 3 more hours , mean while Hunter, Michael, Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Justin are hanging out today. Witch leaves me alone for the day, i heard the door shut i raced down stairs to see who it was and it was no else but Hunter and the boys.

"Hey Clare" Michael said 

"Hey Clare" Ashton said

"Hey Clare"Justin said 

"Hey Clare" Calum said

"Hey baby" Luke said

"Hey guys" I said walking over to the couch sitting next to Luke. When we all sat down on the couch Hunter put the tv on witch was Mrs.Doubtfire. I snuggled up to Luke resting my head on his chest as he rest his hand on my thigh. 

2 Hours

There was silence in the room i open 1 of my eyes to that everyone is asleep, Hunter and Michael are on the floor sleeping, Calum and Ashton are on the couch sleeping, Justin was on the stairs sleeping and Luke and i were in the same position as before but this time holding hands, Luke was asleep. I thought it was funny so i took out my phone and took a picture of them and posted to instagram, when i was done with the picture hunter and the others i took a picture of Luke and posted that on instagram too. I guess he heard me laugh and woke up.

"Hey sleepy head how was your nap" i chucked but in a quite tone so i wouldn't wake the others 

"It was fine" he said giving a me a kiss on the head then he took his phone out i hid my smile in his chest so he wouldn't it. 

"You took a picture of me sleeping" he chuckled 

"And of the others too see" i said we both laughed 

"Well now that you got me i have to get you back" Luke exclaimed 

"Ok what- before i could finish my sentence Luke flipped me over so i was on the bottom and he was on top of me tickling me.

"Luke *breath* stop *breath*" i said in between laughs 

"Ok then say i love you Luke" he said 

"Ok *breath* i *breath* love *breath* Luke" i said when he stopped he got closer to my face and said :

"Forever and always"

"Forever and always" i replied back he got closer to me and then we started to make out, Luke started to bring his hand up my shirt till we got interrupted by Michael and the others.

"Wow guys keep it PG" Michael 

"Whatever i got to go get ready for the awards bye" i said blushing and giving Luke one last kiss. I went up stairs and flopped on my bed pulling out my phone to text the girl that im ready for them to come over. A few minutes later i heard the door open and shut and heels racing up the stairs just then my door opened knowing that it was the girls. We gave some hugs then got right to work. Demi opened a bag witched had a black top laced witch was half blue.

Then Ariana pulled out some black heels that would match my dress, but before i put the heels on Taylor did my hair and makeup. She regular curls and then put on my mascara and blush on once i was done i grab my heels and phone and went down stairs to meet the others.

" Well someone looks gorgeous tonight" Luke said in his tuxedo 

"Why thank you guys look sexy too, wait were are Hunter and Justin" i said

"They are still getting ready" Ashton said 

"Ok" i said walking over to Luke 

"Lets go guys" Hunter said. Since there were 10 of us we had to take another car that my dad was driving. Justin, Hunter, Luke, Ashton and I went into Justin's SUV and while the others went with my dad.


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