My Life

My name is Clare and I go to a school called Roeway High School. My friends are Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, Hunter Hayes, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Demi Lovato. My dad is Scooter Braun the manger of Justin Bieber so you would already think that me and Justin are best friends, well your right there and you would think that i have a perfect well life too well your wrong. I get attacked by the paparazzi and i get hated on by fans of my friends. I for one am not a singer i just model but still my friends and i manage to hangout with one another. This is by me my friends Jose and Ana


3. My House


         Clare POV

        Justin just parked in our driveway and all 3 of us hopped out of the car and headed to the front door, we went are separate ways. Hunter and Justin went to Hunter's room while i went to my room as soon as i got in i flopped down on my big king size pink bed, i took out my phone to see if i had any modeling jobs today i pick though my emails i had nothing today so i was free. I heard the front door open and close i race down stairs to see that it was my dad. I ran over to him give him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey Clare bear is Hunter here" he asked 

"Yea he is up stairs in his room with Justin i'll go get them" i said running up the stairs

"Thank you sweetheart" my dad said. When i got to Hunter's bedroom door i heard talking so i just ignored it and opened his door it looked like they were writing song lyrics down.

"Clare what do you want" Hunter asked 

"Dad wants to talk to you guys" I replied back

"Ok" Justin and Hunter said at the same time. I walked down stairs to find my dad sitting in his office, i walked in and sat down in chair waiting for Hunter and Justin. I heard foot steps racing down the stairs knowing that it was Justin and Hunter. They saw dad and i sitting in his office once they came they sat down in the chairs next to me.

"I have some good news and some bad news what do u want to here first" my dad asked. We looked at one and agreed on the bad news first. 

"The bad news first" Hunter said 

"Ok, 7 of you guys wont go to prom tomorrow" dad said. Our mouths feel into an o shape 

"Dad i have to go i promised Luke" i said 

"Yea, and i promised Taylor" Hunter said

"Wait u said 7 people also aren't going who are the other 4" Justin asked

"Ok i know u guy made promises to boyfriends and girlfriends and Justin to answer you question the other four are Michael, Calum, Ashton, and Luke, also the reason why you guys aren't going is because of the MTV awards" dad replied. Justin, Hunter and i had big fat smiles on our face as a sign for my dad to continue talking.

"Hunter is nominated for 3 awards witch are best male singer, album of the year, and teenage heartthrob, as for Justin you are nominated for best male singer, album of the year and artist to watch, as for you Clare u will present 2 awards and that is best male singer, artist to watch, so that is why you are not going to prom this year" dad finished saying. The smiles from before never left our faces.

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