Who am I?

The world your living in now is all a lie. The fairy tales and myth are real you know?
How do I know? Well let's just say I'm part of it and so are my friends. And we watching for you well actually I next to you. BOO!

Anna is a "normal" girl. Well that what she thought until she finds the truth of the world and who she really is.


12. 9

 Ashton Pov

"So, um the closes place near us is-" Liam said.

"THE CAFETERIA!" Niall scream.

"Well someone excited." Anna said. 

"Well, it's my favorite place besides the kitchen and Nandos." Niall said.

"Well , let go check it out before night time." Harry said. We started to walk over there.

"Why before night time?  "Anna asked.

"Well the tour still going on and we have a show later on so yeah." Zayn said.

"Oh" Anna said.

"You should come watch us" Micheal said.

"Wait what?"Anna said looking at us.

"You heard the guy" Louis said.

Anna rolled her eyes at Louis. "Well that would be amazing" Anna  said.

"I bet you would enjoy seeing Ashton playing his drum. So you can see his muscle and him whipping his hair back and forth." Calum said smirking at Anna.

"Wait what?" Anna said confused yet blushing.

"We saw you and Ashton together this morning. " Louis said looking at his nails.

" I had a nightmare and I asked Ashton if he could stay with me.' Anna said blushing even more.

" Mhm sure you did." Louis said putting his hand on his hip.

"Do you want me to make you go in the corner again?" Anna said raising an eyebrow.

"No," Louis said putting his head down.

"That what I thought" Anna said. "Come on now boys. Let's get this tour on the road."

"And here we are" Niall said.

"Where a vending machine?" Anna said.

"Right there" I said. Pointing to the corner.

"Omg,they have Charleston Chew and on chocolate too!" Anna said.

"Yup Niall said.

Anna put the money in the vending machine and got the bar.

"Can I have some?" Niall said.

"Get your on money and buy some yourself." Anna said biting into the bar.

"Liam do you have a dollar I can barrow?" Niall asked.

"Get your own money and get it your self." Liam said.

"Here" I said getting out my money and handing him it.

"Yay! Thank you! Ashton" Niall said giving me a hug. 

"That was nice of you Ashton"Calum said.

"He just trying to impressed Anna." Louis said smirking.

I slapped the back of his head.

"No, if we didn't give him the money he would never stopped begging." I said. I was starting to blush a bit.

"Ashton my hero" Luke said giving me a hug.

"Don't get Anna jealous Luke" Micheal said. 

"Yeah she'll make you sit in the corner." Louis said.

Anna smirk and walked towards" Oh , Harry your my favorite person right now" she said wrapping her arms around Harry.

"Oh, I shouldn't hug you or i'll get Louis jealous here." She said unwrapping her arms from his torso.

" You little bitch" Louis said.

" Louis" said Zayn. "That no way to talk to a girl"

"Well if she didn't hug my man than I wouldn't call her a bitch now would I." Louis said furiously. Harry blush a bit.

Anna went on her tips on her toes and whisper something to Harry  making him smile and blush a bit more, She was about to turn but wink at Harry and walked towards Niall.

"Okay let go to the next room." Anna said, "We don't have all day."

We walked down the hall to another hall till we reach the next room.

'This is where magic happens" I said." The Spell Casting Room."

I opened the door to show where the potion and the spell book is. 

"Wow" I hear Anna said, looking around in amazement.

"Your gonna learn this real soon you know?" I said, looking at the spell book.

"Really?" Anna asked ,looking at me.

"Yup" I said.

"Cool" she said.

"Okay next room now" Zayn said.

"Okay" Anna said.

"This is my favorite room that we have," Zayn said.

"What room is it?" Anna asked.

"The weapon room," Zayn said opening the door. 

*****Anna Pov***

The weapon room? I thought.

Zayn opened the door. I walked in slowly, my mouth opened a bit to see guns on one side of the wall head to toe. On the other wall swards, and grands.

"Wow," Was all I could say. I looked around until my eyes landed on a pair of ordinary fans. 

"Why is there normal items here,Zayn?" I asked. Looking at the fans.

"They have hidden weapons just in case they take our original weapon in case we are taken as hostages." Zayn said.

"Cool," I said smiling.

"Can we show the next room?" Harry said.

"Um.. sure?" I said not really wanting to leave this room.

"Zayn, bring a weapon of your choice." Harry said walk to the next door in the room.

Me and the other followed while zayn brought a gun.

"Okay, so here is the um..where we practice our..um... shooting." Harry said. "Zayn here...is going to show you."

"Zayn got some ear plugs and so did we. He so in a position. You could tell Zayn was concentrating really hard. The target came up and..BANG BANG BANG!

"And that how you do that"Zayn said.

"Dang" I said looking at the target Harry brought. He the shot the target in the middle three times.

"With a little practice you would be able too do that too." Zayn said.

"That would amazing" I said.

"Don't you mean Amazayn?" Calum said.

Everyone laughed a bit.

"Ok lets go to the next room." Liam said.

We walked out of the room. We were in another part of the building I don't know well.We walked down a hall to another door that said Fitness.

"Well," Liam said,"As you can tell this is the fitness room. " 

"Cool.." I said. Let me just say I'm not a really big fan of exercising.

"The weights are on your right and the running machine are you left" Walking towards another door.

"Oh this room where we train if we are endanger or try out our new skills." Louis said.

"Sweet," I said smiling.

"Here the best part about the place," Micheal said.

"There a pool," Luke said.

"And since you are our special guest you can come here whenever you want," Calum said. 

"Really?" I asked smiling.

"Yup ," The boys said.











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