Who am I?

The world your living in now is all a lie. The fairy tales and myth are real you know?
How do I know? Well let's just say I'm part of it and so are my friends. And we watching for you well actually I next to you. BOO!

Anna is a "normal" girl. Well that what she thought until she finds the truth of the world and who she really is.


9. 6

  He grabbed one of them and took off. He went up and down the hall and around my room. I kept watching him being happy and all than I noticed Harry was also looking at him fondly. He slightly smile when he came past him. It was almost like he was hypnotized by him." Bromance alert lol. I thought"

 "Y'all know if I have a bathroom in here?" I asked all of a sudden.

"Did you just say y'all?" Liam asked

"Yup." I said proudly.

 "Um..Maybe" said Micheal.

 He got up and I followed. He turned the knob and opened a walked in closet. Their were clothes already in it.

"Nope wrong door" he said.

  "Woah." I said.

 "Well that your closet maybe it other door." He walked to the other door. And opened to a really huge bathroom,

"Damn" I said.

"Did you just say damn?" Niall asked.

 "Duh what did you think I said." I asked.

 " I thought you said I love Niall Horan." He said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes.

 "Imma change into my pjs" I said.

 I  grabbed my pjs  from my suitcase and walk to the bathroom. I walked in locked the door. I put on some Coco- Cola pajama pants and put on a tank top. I fix my hair and walked out and put my dirty clothes in a basket that I brought. I turned to see all the boy flipping through the channel on a tv... that wasn't there before.

 "When was there a tv here? I asked. 

" It was here but hidden" Luke said eye glued to the screen.

I walked towards my bed. As soon as I was near they all tried to make room for me.

"Thanks" I said.

 I was next Luke and Zayn. I put my head on Luke shoulder and her put his arm around me. They were watching family guy. I noticed my eyelids were getting heavier and heavier. I fell asleep but like two minutes when I heard "WHAT YOU GUY ARE WATCHING?"Louis said.

 "SHHHH " the guys said. I woke up immediately after that.

"Sorry" Louis said.

"Try to fall asleep again." Luke said. 

"Okay." I said. 

I kept trying to fall back asleep but that didn't work. After like a minute or two I decided I wanted to something about this. 

"Okay you guys I can't go to sleep and I'm kind of bored." I said

"We could play a game." Liam suggested. 

How about Twenty question?" Niall said, "Since we don't know you that well yet."

"Sure" I replied.

" Okay I'll start" Louis said, "Anna, are you a fan of ours?" 

"Yup," I said proudly.

 "Really?" Zayn asked.

" I'm a direntioner and 5sos fam forever,duh." I said.

***Ashton POV***

I took pictures of the mirror while Percy and Calum was looking around to see if the person left a trace.

"How could this person come in here? Isn't there supposed to be some type of force field that blocks evil energy or something?" Calum asked.

 " Yeah" Percy said.

"This person came and visit her earlier today also. You know?" The voice said. Startling me and the boys.

"Zeus, Athena , your here." Percy said.

"Yeah we are. " Athena said.

" Does this mean he could come back later on this week or something?" Calum asked.

"Yeah." Athena said.

"Ashton, Calum you guys can go back to Anna room." Zeus said.

Calum walked out first I followed behind. I was halfway out the door when I heard..

"Ashton, watch my little girl, stick by her, please." Zeus said. I looked back.

" I will sir. I promise." I looked in his eyes. He nodded. I walked to Calum. I really do mean every word.

We walked back down the halls. This place is really big and confusing. We finally got back to her room. We heard laughter.

"I can SOO beat you at that." We heard it must be Anna.

"You'll so lose to him." A voice sound like Luke said.

We knocked. We hear "I'll get it" . Anna said. The door opened.

"Hey" we said.

"Hey guys, come on in." Anna said smiling.

We walked in. Luke, Micheal were on her bed. Harry, Louis,Liam, Zayn were on the floor, and Niall was in the half bubble thing.

"Hey" they said.

"Sup bitches, missed me?" Calum said.

We all looked at Calum and started to laugh. 

"Well that was a little unexpected." Anna said, after a while.

She went walked towards her bed and sat in between Luke and Micheal. Calum sat on the floor next to Zayn.

"Nialler can I sit with you?

"Yeah you can." He said. He moved a bit. And I sat with him.

*niall whispered in my ear.*  "I can beat Anna in a pie eating contest" He said.

I started to laugh so did he.

"What are you guys laughing at? Luke asked.

"Nothing"I said.

"Spill it Irwin. " Anna said.

"And what if I don't?" I said.

"I'll hit you with a tortilla." She said.

"And where are you going to get one? I asked.

"Does anyone have a tortilla?" She asked.

They shook their heads. 

" I can make one appear if you want." Harry said.

"Please do, Harry." She said.

Out of nowhere a tortilla appeared.

"Here you go"Harry said handing her a tortilla.

"Okay tell me and the boys what were you laughing at or i'll hit you with it." she said.

 I looked at Niall and he shooked his head. 

"No" I said.

"Alright than" She said.

 She got up and walked where we were.

"Last chance tell us now or I'll hit both of you." She said.

"NEVER!!" Niall said.

I felt pain on my left cheek. I turned and saw Niall and the tortilla in his mouth.

"Niall you weren't supposed to eat the tortilla." she said.

 He swallowed a piece and said" But it food and I'm hungry."

Everyone started laughing.

"Okay but forreal what were you guys talking about?" she said after a while.

"Niall said He can beat you in a pie eating contest." I said.

"Oh hell nah, I could totally beat at that." she said.

******** After a while******** 

"Okay, you guys Im actually tired. Ether you guys can leave or you guys can stay and sleep on the floor or something." Anna said.

She crawled in bed and fell asleep. Luke and Micheal were off her bed.

"Okay so whats happening? Zayn asked whispering.

"How about harry and Ashton make a couch appear with blankets and pillows appeared. So we can sleep here. "Liam said.

"Alright" I bring the couch you with the blankets, pillows and inflatable bed. i said.

The couch appear and so did the blankets ,pillows inflatable bed. I'd made sure it was couch with a bed.

Zayn and Liam and Harry and Louis slept on the bed. Niall, Micheal, Luke, Calum slept on the inflatable bed. I slept in the half bubble thing. My eyelids got heavier than I passed out.

***Anna Pov***

Dark. Dark was all I could see. I tried to moved But I was chained up.

"Hello? Can anyone hear me? I asked.

I try to get the chain off me but they just got tighter and tighter.

"Don't move darling" The voice said.

"Who are you?" i asked

"Your worst nightmare" the voice said.

"What do you want with me. i asked fear starting to take over.

Your powers my dear" the voice said.

"My dad and  boy wi-' I said

"Oh you poor dear. I killed them" He said.

"No you didn't" I said my voice cracked.

"Oh yes I did. See the fear one their faces were amazing" the voice said.

"No. NO. Your lying to me. YOU'RE ARE LYING TO ME. I screamed tears running down  my face.

"Shh, you'll see them. soon on a few minutes." the voice said.

Pain filled me and I got stabbed. I took my last breath and died.

****WAKES UP****

I sat up hold my stomach. My breathing was fast. I slowly brought it down. The door in the bathroom opened. Which made me jump a bit. I saw Ashton just about to turn off the lights but he saw me. 

"Anna? Are you okay.?" He asked my whispering a bit.

"No I said running my hand through hair.

"Had a nightmare?" he asked.

"Yeah" I said.

"Try to go back to sleep me and the boys are here to protect you." he said.He was just about to turn off the lights when I asked him.

"Can you sleep with me? I asked slightly blushing. I really glad its dark enough not to see me blush. 

"Sure" he said. He turned off  the lights and walked towards my bed.  He went under my bed sheets. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. I tensed up at first but relaxed. I laid my head on his chest.

"Thank you for sleeping with me." I said

"No problem" he said.

"Night"  I said.

"Night" he said.


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